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Part 53: Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 - Inquirer pt.2

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.2

I've given up on making sense of the map. Where somewhere. Ok?

We have quite the formidable army, from last chapter. However both Team Horseshit and Team Bullshit suffered a casualty each.

Wait.. That's an Idorus Knight. I guess Idorus really is allied with the Rebels. I guess Toxa didn't get the memo.

This cannon makes taking care of the two enemies to the west a priority. At least that is what I'm going to assume that's what was the intention.
But since the AI is really bad, I bet the enemies would just run away. Like it always does.

Directly to the north is another cannon, and it's already manned.
It's also impossible for us to reach as the elevation is too steep for us move up to.
Right next to them is the new phantom, Satelles.

They are pretty shit. When we can create them, we could get A ranks in equipment, but since they can barely wield anyting, they're pretty shit.
They are going for a sort of glass cannon setup. As I've mentioned earlier, defense is the best offense.

And then we have this little area, guarded by Idorus Knights and Garorks.

Speaking of Garorks, I make this monster, with normal movement on Ground terrain and a further +2 movement.

I figure it's about time I also show off the levels from Lacryma's team.

Since Bachstail joined late, he is somewhat behind on levels.

Ele is.. There. I guess.

Since I've taken special care to feed xp to Ele, Troy is more streamlined with the rest of the group

Unfortunately due to Lpix having some sort image duplication filter, I can't show off Lacryma's stat screen. But she is lvl 15.

Once again, I split my team into two. I personally dislike having a huge army of +16 units where the majority of them will just wait every turn.

Let's start of our murder crusade, by burning some pot.

How fitting that we get smarter by taking drugs.

We also get this, but it's largely unexciting.

We treat the Idorus Knight, like pirate scum and drown them.

We also spit on them like small children. That'll teach them to do their job!

Meanwhile Troy starts building access to the second cannon. Earth magic will allow us to raise the ground so we can get up there.

The enemy doesn't take kindly to use messing up their carefull dug moat.

Err.. You know, Takeru Thunder is a spell we haven't seen before. Now I haven't experiemented that much with wind magic, but I'm sure we don't have access to this spell yet.

It also looks like a god damn Final Fantasy Summon.

I have a super bad feeling about this.

OW, that was on a full hp Pardos.


So this is how it feels like.

Meanwhile the AI spits out more XP bags.

Again? But that's a soldier! That's not fair! Not fair at all!

Ah, well the only reason I got hit by that was to show case our new healing spell! Yeah, totally...

Well isn't that just beautiful.

Thank you for assisting in the LP, Soldier. As your contract have been fulfilled you are now terminated.

This is the final step, and we can now exact bloody murder on the Knight.

Except he was more durable than I expected and due to how the terrain is, I only have one attack opportunity on him.

He was unfortunately also inside the minimum range of the cannon. Guess we'll just have to shoot someone else.

The other team has finally commanded the other cannon, and what do you know it, some of the Garorks are in range of it.

Oh shit, hope we don't break the planet with this.

That was largely underwhelming.

Still. It worked.

Moving forward a little bit, because I'm not going to pretend the Satelles were going to be any difficulty whatsoever.
I now have my full army just outside the enemy fort.

I don't need to tell you that standing in a small enclosed area with only one exit is a terrible idea in Kartia.

Darwinism can be a beautiful thing sometimes.

I also found this spell laying around. And I also want to preserve the remains of my enemies as trophies. What an opportune moment.

How is this not Shiva?

And then I won. I skipped over some treasures, and I'm honestly questioning me showing everything I get when I get it.

It better be after risking copyright infringement.

"So we just sit here and wait, right? Let the knights handle the rest."
"Our mission is accomplished."
"Not so fast. The enemy may attack Lacryma."
"Why me?"
"You're the head of the knights."
No she isn't, she's the head of Vigilance. Although the Knights might be looking up to her, that doesn't make her their leader.
But Bachstail is probably only saying this to keep Lacryma on her guard, without revealing the fact that Kainas is still alive.

"The enemy is after her... This is getting rediculous."
"Be careful of what you say."
"This is all your fault. Just accept it."
"Shut up!"

Those Takeru Thunders really caught me off guard. But case in point why you shouldn't hang out with multiple enemies who can cast Kartia for too long.

And some more stuff. Hooray.

Seems like now is a good time as any to take a break, so go outside or something.

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 12 pt.2