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Part 55: Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 - The Original pt.1

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.1

"That's my line, Misty. It's an embarrassment to have a traitor as a sister."
"You set everything up! You're an embarrassment to our family, Asty!"
And so the discussion devolved into childish "No, you are" arguements.

"Hey, don't kill her just yet. She can be used as bait to lure her friends here..."
Cross. They are already coming to get Mona back. You already have the bait. No, really. Cross is dumb.

"Brother, please let her go..."
(Wow I really botched the portrait for Saradiart compared to Mona. Whoopsy. No, I won't be fixing it.)

Isn't it odd that San has his surname displayed instead of his first name?

So do I. But I can hardly take pride in kicking your ass Cross.

"Yes Mona, trust this face."

"You have become so compassionate, sister..."
"Go ahead, kill me... Wasn't that your plan!?"

Asty is dying from fantasy cancer, remember? Well not that Misty knows.

"I will allow them to create Eden in this world... It is their wish."
"You are being deceived by the enemy, San. It is against our law to connect the two worlds. The world will be destroyed..."
"That's fine. The human world should be destroyed..."

Surprise, surprise. The magical murderous psycho half-elf, does in fact want to kill everything. Who'd knew?

"Humans don't deserve to live... I can't bear to think that half of my blood comes from those barbarians."
Friggin' racist half-elves. That's honestly not a sentence I ever expected to write, and yet here I am.
"What is wrong with you!? Have you gone mad!?"
"You don't know what the humans did to our mother..."
Considering the elves ability to pass on memories to their children, I would imagine that Mona would know.
But then again we don't know specifically how that works. So it's possible she doesn't.

What. Screw the rules, we have elven blood? Yeah sure why not?

"We are not allowed to use our "power" in this world..."
"Why do we have to obey the old legends!?"

"There are different kinds of people in this world!"
"Send someone in to take Mona away!"

This isn't gonna end well at all. Is it?

Alright, we made it away from the trap. Even though we completely murdered everyone in our path, just play along okey?

"He is also Mona's brother. Half Elf...half human..."
"He can use magic without using Kartia, plus, he's immortal."
Well the whole "Kartialess magic" is rather irrelevant to us, unless said magic is stronger than ours. The real issue is the whole will not die thing.
Oh and he is also potentially Toxa's brother in law. So ethics or whatever.

"There is only one way to kill Saradiart..."
Stone cold. Just ice, man.
"We have to use the Original "Death" Kartia."
"That is correct..."
"I still can't believe he is immortal..."
"I don't blame you... I didn't believe it until I actually saw him. He just stood there while he was being attacked with a sword."
The key information that Karis isn't conveying here is that Saradiart isn't impervious to weaponry. His body still suffers the damage. He just regenerates really fast.
So with a bit of psychopathic creativity, we could chop him up and spread him across the earth. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

"It is strictly forbidden for common people to handle an Original Kartia... If we steal the Original, we will be judged as heathens!"

Well let me know how non heathen life works out for you, on whatever life remains of the world after Akueldo have fucked it up with Eden.

"Duran, you're about to break the law..."
"Fuck the police
"I swore that I would protect Misty..."
"If you don't mind being a heathen, then I will go with you, Duran."
"I'm with you, too! If I quit now, I'll lose sight of what is important."
"I'm glad that you understand. I will take you to the Encrypter School."
Fuck yeah, let's go do some crime!

"I enforce the law, but I'm not subject to it..."
"Are you... An Inquirer?"

Toxa doesn't give a honk about this drama crap.

"They will do anything within their power to destroy a heathen..."
"A heathen hunter..."
No one expect the Cross Lands Inquisition.

"I don't care who Karis is. As long as she is on our side."
"That is a good way to think. You three need to calm down."
"If you don't mind, will you tell us what your mission is?"
"My mission is to stop the creation of Eden..."
Here we go again.
"That's why you were working for Akueldo..."
"That's correct..."
"Karis, may I ask a question?"
"Go ahead..."
"I heard that the creation of Eden was attempted before and failed... Did the Rebels find a way to successfully create Eden?"
"There are no absolute answers. That is the reality of it all. The cause of the destruction of Eden has already been discovered."
"It's because they used an ordinary "Earth" Kartia in the experiment. That is why they failed. Right?"

"To complete Eden, it requires two types of Kartia. The 'Earth' Kartia is not enough to maintain Eden in this world..."
"What is the other type?"
"A 'Heaven' Kartia... A Kartia which creates the sky of Eden."
"A Kartia to create the sky?"
"An "Earth" Kartia creates the ground of Eden and a "Heaven" Kartia creates the sky."
"Eden will appear when both of the Original Kartia are used at the same time... However, the creator needs to have a memory of Eden."
"Saradiart and Mona..."
"The twins of fate..."

"That's why you are going after Saradiart?"
"Luckily, Mona is against the creation of Eden..."
"Why did you help us? Why did you choose us to get the Original "Death" Kartia?"
"I have two reasons. It is easier to get Mona since she trusts you. Also, Bachstail is with you. Isn't he in Vigilance?"
"You know Bachstail? What does he have to do with you?"
"He's an Inquirer..."

"His mission is to find the Original 'Life' and 'Death' Kartia... Do you have enough information now?"
"Now we can go get the Original 'Death' Kartia!"
"Let me show you the way to the Encrypter School."

Sure, we barely escaped getting murdered by an army of knights. Let's go sneak into an enemy stronghold and steal their books. What could possibly go wrong?

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.1