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Part 56: Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 - The Original pt.2

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.2

Alright, let's go steal us some historical artifacts.

"Of course I remember! Mona's and Misty's live depend on it!"
"Just checking..."

We already got found out.

Best thieves treasure hunters in the history of Rebus.

Akueldo Soldier "Intruders! Enemies from Cross Land are here! Get our men!"
"Had Karis been here, we wouldn't have to go through all this trouble..."
"I feel like the bad guys..."

This is a rare case where we don't have to murder everyone. But that's not how Toxa Nicholas Cage rolls. So expect a healthy body count.

One of the soldiers who was guarding the entryway has disappeared. Also our formation is a mess, as always.

The map is nicely symmetrical with treasure sprinkled across it.

This is the first "obstacle" preventing Toxa from reaching the Death Kartia. It's the Death Kartia now, because fuck the whole Original "Death" Kartia.

Don't think I don't see you Satellas.

I rotated the camera here to show the treasure chest behind the platform. Don't think you can cheat me from treasure, game.

As for Phantoms, we can now create the Satellas. Mo like Satellass, because they are terrible. It's more of the same shit we've seen before.
Can't wear helmets or chest armor. bla bla mediocre elemental resistances. Really, stick to Minotauri or Pardosi.

We can now make a slightly shittier Dream Katana.

It's also been a while since Toxa got some upgrades, and I couldn't wait for A rank. Or well. I could, but I didn't want to. So he get's a full +4 Genji set.

It's very samurai.

I also make a 7 Stars Sword. It's the better version of the Dream Sword.

It deals slightly less damage than the Zweihander, but it doesn't have have an atrocious hit stat, and it has healing on hit. Not that Toxa really needs it with his new beefy armor.

So my final team and positions looks like this. In the interest of not taking 20 turns in this place, I split my team into 4. Team Cage consists of Toxa, and a few Garorks. They'll be moving towards the objective.
Then I'll have two teams of Phantoms move towards the treasure. Let's call them Team A and Team Miracle as the last features the Kyau who keeps surviving for some reason and the former have Posha, who is really generic.
Lastly we have Team Meat Grinder. Which has Duran, Alana and the super Minotauri I made back then, they'll be sitting here for no reason at all.

Just the best camera angles. What production values?

Hey, I have a Garork of each type just in range to hit these guys. What a coincidence

This is gonna take a while, since I have no indirect attacker on this side.

Posha on the other hand broke through rather quickly.

I teach all my giant fish to open doors. What if there's an emergency?

After I had cleared the soldiers in the entryway I start to move towards the Death Kartia with my Meat Grinder team.

But then Reinforcements came. I'm not sure if the game spawns 2 Soldiers every turn or only if they're dead.

Bullshit game allows reinforcements to move on the turn they arrive. I can already feel the Takeru Thunders.

Demon Fire? Crisis averted. Nevermind the AI is incompetent again.

Mandatory screenshot of our Kyau. Oh yeah and some shoes I guess.

The Minotauri are pretty beast if you outfit them properly.

At this point, I'm just holding the reinforcements back while Toxa makes progress.

It's been a while since we've seen a visually impressive spell. Blackholes and lightning? That's hella cool.

It's at this point I remember to check out the Soldier's stats, because they're suspiciously easy to kill. Wood equipment, lvl 7 and beginner spells. Are you kidding me game?

Ding, ding, ding. Toxa have reach maximum level.

For a guy who started out with mediocre resistances and no speed he turned out pretty well. If he didn't have those Speed penalties form his armor he would have pretty respecable Speed too.
Lvl20 might seem like a low maximum lvl, we are after all only in chapter 13. But I'm guessing the developers were going for you trying to lvl your Phantoms up as well.
Besides I think having a maximum level that is realistic to get to at normal game play is better than a theoretical maximum level that you won't get without tedious grinding. Disgaea...

We did clear a path to the objective, but we don't want to miss anything. This Soldier have some Text on him, so let's murder him before we progress.

"Are you sure it's the right one?"
"Don't worry. Let's go."
"According to Karis, there should be an exit to the rear!"
"Better to run away! But all we've doing."
Whoopsy, someone missed "It's" in the last line in Alana's dialogue.

Next time is gonna be super short, I honestly should include it in this update, but

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.2