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Part 57: Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 - The Original pt.3

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.3

"What's done is done! This is for Misty and Mona! We don't have any choice!"

Even Toxa got sick of adding Original in front of the damn things name.

"But, Saradiart is Mona's twin brother..."
"I know. I'm not about to hand this over to Karis."
"That's not what we promised."
"I will try and persuade Saradiart to stop what he's doing first..."

I wouldn't really know, it's not like I cut up Elves to check it out.

"That has bugged me for the longest time..."
"What is it?"
"How are the Rebels going to create one?"
"From Mona!"
"But Mona and her brother are the only ones who have any memory of Eden. Don't you need to use the "Heaven" and "Earth" Kartia at the same time?"
That is a rather excellent point.
"Yes... You need both of them to complete Eden."
"The Rebels caught Mona so that they could create the "Earth"."
"If they kill Mona, then they will lose the creator... That doesn't make sense!"
"Then the Rebel's can't create Eden."
"Unless there is another half-Elf..."

The dialogue just flows so fluently.

Toxa have mastered sleepwalking so he can get as much rest as possible at all times.

"The Text?"
"It comes with the Original "Death" Kartia."
"I don't want to use the card. I don't need to know..."
"That is the only ace we may have up our sleeve..."

Toxa nod's and heads off with Duran.

"That's because you're tired. Go and get some rest..."
"No. It's not because I'm tired..."
What a fine time to hit the rebellious stage of growing up.
"I am not afraid of death. I'm just scared of what will become of me after I die... The unknown, you know..."
THAT FUCKING MEANS YOU'RE SCARED OF DEATH! I'm not afraid of getting punched, I just don't like the pain is all.
"If I die, what will become of me? Nothing will remain and nobody will remember me. No memories, no light... Just sadness..."
In actuality, your body will decompose and provide nutrients for plants, which will then get eaten by herbivores where it will turn to shit. That's how all things end. In shit.
"Stop thinking like that! The most important thing is to live now!"
"I'm sorry..."

To sum it up, we just invaded an enemy strong hold to get a weapon we had no intention of using. God damn it Toxa.
I can't believe someone had to say "Hey you know what? Maybe we should use that super weapon we just stole, you know, just in case."

Toxa Episode 24 Chapter 13 pt.3