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Part 58: Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 - Wandering mind pt.1

Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 pt.1

Alright, so Lacryma agreed to bait Akueldo into Cross Land because of a condition, she herself set to Vigilance cooperation in the war.
Which was for Vigilance to not cross borders. That's almost equally as stupid as getting arrested for breaking a law you made yourself.

"She's always too serious."
"She could have at least told us first."
"She's not your lover, you know."
"I didn't mean it that way!"
"Why don't you just give up?"
"Why are you saying that..."

"But Lacryma is going to turn it down, right?"
"This is a great opportunity for her... But then, she has no interest in the Original..."
"Even if she is, she won't take the job. She's not selfish like you."
"How can you say that..?"


"Tell your Admiral that Lacryma Christi is here."

Over my dead body.

Uh.. Wait, Lacryma. You were supposed to be bait, not get captured.

Greeeeeeeeeaaaaaaat, Forced stealth section here I come!

These title drops makes less and less sense as time goes on.

Good job Lacryma, you've successfully infiltrated the Fort. I can't really fault you for wanting to be a spy.
I mean spies are cooler than bait, so go you. Even though you've screwed over all the plans to fight back Akueldo
and no one knows that you've been captured. So you don't really have an exit strategy. What a rookie mistake.

And Lacryma instantly recognizes her long lost father she hadn't seen since childhood. Even though Misty couldn't recognize Vandor on the painting in Lacryma's room.

What a heartfelt reunion. Err... Wait, why is your first question regarding the lawfulness of your long lost father? I think Lacryma might have an obsession with the law.

"Lacryma I'm so sorry for not being the father you deserved."
"Yeah, whatever. But you're not doing anything illegal are you? Because I will be very cross with you if you are."

Note that Vandor's name have now changed to Kainas.

"I haven't seen him in years. How is he?"
"He's doing fine..."
"Twelve years... So many things to tell you. I don't know where to start."
"How about why you faked your own death? I know..."
"Let me answer your question... I'm in Akueldo because I want Eden..."

"Mother is in Eden?"
"That's right."
"I thought she's with God..."
Well did you see her hang out with God? She could be anywhere for all you know Lacryma. She could be on the most radicool adventures. She could be riding twin headed, fire breathing Unicorns for all you know.
She is most likely dead and buried in the graveyard though.

"But there is one way to revive her."
Uh oh, I'm getting an ominous feeling here. Reviving mothers are never a good idea. Never. IT CAN ONLY GO WRONG.
"There is a way to revive her? How?"
"With the Original Kartia."
So you're telling me there ARE revival spells in this game?

"No, the Original "Life" Kartia is no longer here. But it won't do any good, her flesh has perished."
I wonder if the back of the "Life" Kartia has a warning about not reviving people past a certain date after death. Sort of like an expiration date?
Aw man, should have put my dead uncle in the freezer, now he's expired and I can't resurrect him.
In all seriousness though. Kainas is implying that the "Life" Kartia has already been used. Hmm

"Then how?"
"By using the Original "Human" Kartia, I can create Shell."
So.. Cloning? I'm getting all the flashbacks to Full Metal Alchemist now. Especially THAT guy. Now I'm kinda sad
"I've never heard of an Original "Human" Kartia..."
"It's not in Rebus. We're going to get one."

"The Text exists!?"
"I already have half. It's just a matter of time before I find the other half."
"Where are you going to get the Original Kartia?"
"We are analyzing the Original. The material is in Eden."
"That's your reason? But you're violating the law... It's not too late. Please stop this."

It all sounds so noble, until you realize that Vandor is part of an organization that have killed numerous people so far, just to get a shot at resurrecting his dead wife.

"Don't you want to see Shell?"
"I would love to... But to revive the dead is forbidden."
"What is forbidden? What does it mean to be a heathen?"
"What is a man? But a miserable little pile of secrets?"
"Invading God's territory is against the law. Whoever disobeys the law is called a heathen. They're not forgiven."
I wonder how many Jrpg adventures were foiled because the protagonists would have to break the law to fight the super evil mega god, because trespassing in his dimension is illegal
"Is a heathen a bad person?"
"Whoever can't respect God is not good."
"Then why not accuse your colleagues? You're a Shrine Warrior and Phantoms are forbidden."

"If Pentagram comdemn Phantoms will you accuse your friends?"
"They'll stop creating Phantoms."
Pfft yeah right.
"What if they don't..."
"Then I will judge them..."
"Are you going to kill them yourself?"
"That is my duty..."

"Is she considered good?"
"I believe so."
"Even if she violated the law in the process?"
"Unfortunately, the law will not forgive her."
"Then you would kill that mother?"
"If she didn't repent, I would."
"Even if her name was Shell Christi? Your mother..?"

"No, it's not... Shell used the Original Kartia. I was the witness..."
HOLY SHIT Do you know what this means? I know what this means. But do you? Think about what have been revealed so far by Vandor and you can make a pretty good guess as to
what exactly Lacryma's mother did. Get your detective hat on.

"I know it's hard... But it's the truth..."
"I'm a Shrine Warrior... I condemn heathens. But I'm a daughter of a heathen?"
Well, technically you're a daughter of two heathens. Also your very being is heathen. And not because of your ancestry.
"Let me ask one more time... Can you kill your own mother?"
Well, Shell is kinda dead. How do you kill that, which have no life?
"I don't know... I'm confused..."
"It's the people's will to decide what is good or bad."
"I don't know... I don't know anything..."
"Lacryma, help me create Eden."
"I can't... I don't know..."

"You don't have to decide now. When you decide, come to Nordia. I'll be waiting for you at the Imperial Encrypter School."

Oh boy, Lacryma got broken. Well she did turn out to be exactly what she condemns. So I'm guessing she'll have to readjust her beliefs.

Dude, what the fuck, I can't follow subtext, read between the lines or remember any facts or make heads or tails through this shit. Help me out man.

Alright, so here is my theory: Lacryma died as a child and was resurrected by her mother.
Now it isn't said straight up, but there are several clues. So let's go through them in order shall we?

Back a few chapters ago, when Lacryma was talking to Kun about her past, she mentions how she was always sickly and frail as a child. Funny how that magically disappeared at some point and she could
train to become a Shrine Warrior. An occupation that is rather hard on the body you'd imagine.

Kainas alludes to Shell sacrificing herself to save her child. And in doing so she used an Original Kartia. Kainas also knows that the Original "Life" Kartia has been used.
Given how rare Original Kartia is, it's a world history event to even see one being used. So I imagine that Kainas doesn't see that many Originals being used.
Thus we can conclude that Shell used the Original "Life" Kartia to save her child. Kainas even says that he saw it.

Lacryma doesn't have siblings.

That explains how her frail and sickly nature disappeared. I mean it's an Original Kartia we're talking about here. They have God like effects.
So I imagine it would not only resurrect her, but also revive her body to peak and flawless condition. But this also solidify the fact that using an Original Kartia kills the user, considering Shell died.


Conclusion: Lacryma was resurrected by her mother Shell.

So there you go. Next time, Beach Party. Bring your shorts and sunlotion.

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