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Part 59: Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 - Wandering mind pt.2

Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 pt.2

Turns out the whole Bait plan was a huge strategic failure as it was incredible predictable to the enemy.
I mean, what with Lacryma, the current chief of Vigilance, showing up with no escort for no apparent reason.
This is why we are the protagonists and why we should never, ever listen to NPC's.

We already know she won't be there, she is too busy being in jail.
Ironic, for someone who is so obsessed with keeping the law.

So here is how screen capping works in Kartia. Whenever you go "Hey, that's a good time to screen shot" Ele's ghost head shows up with phantom dialogue.
It's every time too! Damnit ghost Ele I'm doing a LP here

Troy is channeling me right now.

"Where's Lacryma?"
"I hope she wasn't captured..."

"What!? Lacryma has been captured?"
"What should we do? Should we surrender?"
"We'll join the Knights and beat them. Don't surrender!"

It's so refreshing when the villains aren't cartoon evil. Kainas's goals are to recreate his dead wife, and... err... hmm... What then exactly? Go reform a family with Lacryma?
I can't actually see that going so well. Either way he wants his own happiness and that includes Lacryma being alive, and sort of the clone of his dead wife.
Can I just tell you how fucking weird that is? Super awkward at family reunions.

"I agree. We don't have to surrender."
"But what about Lacryma?"
"If we're captured, who's going to rescue Lacryma? We should kill these guys and reunite with the Knights, Ok, Kun?"

Bachstail has the right attitude, bitches be stealing our women and invading our land? We don't fucking surrender, what are we? French The Knights? Get your act together and kick some ass!

Right, so for this map, we don't have Lacryma. How are we going to manage?

I somehow missed capping a Doll Pardos, but in total there are 3 Pardosi and 6 Soldiers. Not exactly a huge opposition.
But that doesn't mean this map isn't tedious because of 1 large thing.

This large motherfucking lake is in our way, and if you remember the last time we had to deal with water, you know why this is terrible.
Fortunately for us we can also take advantage of this lake.

I didn't make any new items, but I did create a few more Garorks. They are gonna be instrumental in not breaking my patience and sanity like a twig.
First of, I park my Pardosi back here, they can't cross water period, and I'm not spamming Ice spells all day.
Then I position Ele and Bachstail to rush to the pots. All remaining forces are on Kickass duty.

Garorks are really, really good for this map, because they have a HUGE movement range. Look at this thing. It's totally bananas.

They can pretty much hit whatever they want, whenever they want.

And they can hit the Pardosi without fearing a counter attack as the Pardosi can't actually enter water.

I of course take advantage of this fact.

Meanwhile, I pick up some paper with words on them and some Kartia of every type. Hooray

Unfortunately for everyone who isn't a Garork, this is going to be a slow ass crawl through water, moving 2-3 squares per turn.

Wounding one the Pardos here will sometimes lure one of the soldiers down to heal it. I say sometimes, because the AI can be rather unpredictable.
From the few times I had to retry an Action-Packed Battle Level, as so eloquently put by someone in the thread. There had always been some minor differences in what the AI does. Sometimes it focuses a Phantom.
Sometimes it heals their own Phantoms. Sometimes it just fucking instagibs your humans if you're not careful.


I punish the filthy fleshbag for daring to get too close to the water.

To break the monotony and not to make things too easy, enemy reinforcements start to appear. Which of course are gonna be Garorks.

And now we speed shit up, because 3 turns of me moving through water and killing Garorks is not at all interesting. What is interesting is that a few of the soldiers will engage us while we are in the water.
Thankfully we can't actually get frozen stuck in the water. Though that would have been another cool idea for terrain and magic to interact.

Something something Ice puns? I have to admit all my Ice puns stem from that awful Batman movie. You know the one. Don't lie.

Troy says thanks for the Ice, on what would have otherwise been another hot summer day. In his own special way.

You know you're gonna win when the enemy is copying your old moves.

To pay tribute to my fans, I decide to show them the forbidden spell. It's not at all because the lowest common element resistance between them all is Earth. Again.

And then I won, because the game is easy and the AI is shit. Well okey, I had to hunt down a rogue Garork reinforcement, because this game thinks that I'm going to lose to a 20 hp Garork.

Like so. Not pictured another soldier had a Text, but do you really care? I'm thinking you don't.

"No, we can't win."
"How do you know?"
Yeah, Bachstail we just kicked their shitty army in the butt. We could totally win.
"Kun, it's suicide."
"Then you stay here, Troy."
"You're going to die."
"I don't care if I do... As long as I save Lacryma."
"You're so stupid!"
"What are you talking about?"

"Kun, be patient. We will find another way."
All I'm hearing is "Don't go murder the enemy yet, we have more plot to exposition on. Don't worry, you'll murder everyone later." It seems kind of arbitrary, especially since we won hands down and haven't even come close to losing.

At the very least, the fishes are well fed. Wait... Are the fish in Rebus? Who cares, victory for us!

Yes that is 200 Silk 150 Mithril and 160 World Tree we have now. I'm not even kidding when I say I can't use all my Kartia unless I don't get any new Kartia from now on. And even then...

Either way, I'll cut the update here. To keep the terrible combat section insulated from the other excellent updates. I'm kidding, I'm just lazy.

Lacryma Episode 25 Chapter 13 pt.2