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Part 60: Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 - Wandering mind pt.3

Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 pt.3

So, Lacryma is still captured so we didn't really progress at all.

Well the Knights did fail their own plan, so they leave in shame instead of trying to help. This is the Cross Land army, ladies and gentlemen.
To take into perspective, they are so bad at their job, a civilian police force consisting of volunteers is an elite troop of specialists compared to them.
Well... We are the protagonists, but still. Nobility ain't worth shit.

"There's no reason to. She knew the plan would fail..."
"Even a genius makes mistakes."
"She has been strange since we started this. Something is not right..."
"I wonder if she heard our conversation yesterday..."
"About Kainas?"
"Did Lacryma overhear the conversation?"
"I wonder how the Rebels knew our plan..."
"I think we know the answer."
"I see..."
"What do you mean?"

Hmm... Well it's a theory that could make sense, if Lacryma was a totally different character. On the other hand, she did get quite a break to her
psyche when she learned both her parents were heathen. Could Lacryma have changed sides?

"I'm just saying that it's a possibility..."
"That's why I can't forgive you."
"I never asked to be forgiven."

I bet many of you have wanted to see this happen for quite a while now.

But Troy doesn't take this lying down, and he is for all intends and purposes, a god damn wizard.
Maybe punching a wizard in the face wasn't such a good idea, Kun.

"You know everything, don't you? You're right about everything!"
"I'm not that arrogant!"
"You guys are both wrong! The reason why Lacryma was captured is not the issue! We have to think of what to do!"

I just really like this scene, it really makes the characters stand out but also evolves them. Kun is basically still a polite and naive young man, but he has both grown tired of Troy's shit
and his feelings for Lacryma makes him explode. Troy on the other hand is older and have seen enough shit in the world that Lacryma switching sides isn't entirely impossible to him.
I mean look at what just happened with the Knights, Lacryma got used and was thrown away the instant she became inconvenient.

By being open to the possibility of betrayal, you can be prepared for it. I would imagine Kun would completely break down into tiny little pieces if he found out Lacryma had actually switched sides.
And then we would have more god damn teen angst on our hands. On the other hand it would be completely unrealistic to expect Kun to have that kind of maturity.
It all fundamentally boils down to an age gap. Oh and it's also incredibly cathartic to punch Troy in the face.

"I have one"
Note: Karis's portrait isn't actually displayed as she kind of snuck into the conversation.
"What is it, Ele?"
"I didn't say antything."
Also apparently Karis's voice sounds like Ele's. That's rather unfortunate if you think about it.

"Do you know her, Kun?"
"She's one of the thieves who tried to steal the World Tree at the Shrine."
"Bach, could you tell these people who I am before anything happens?"
"I've been undercover in Akueldo for god's know how long so I don't really have time or patience to exposition this shit."
"This is Karis. She's one of us..."
"One of us? But why..."
"I was working undercover. I had to fight you."
Well we didn't really get to fight Karis in that chapter as it was over in like 3 turns.
"Undercover... You're an Inquirer, right?"
"I'll leave that to your imagination."

"So we don't have much time."
"Seems like it. Karis, continue."
"I'll open the jail. You wait at the exit of the jail for them. Then use the river to escape."
"Any boats?"
"There's some at the river."

Prison break and botes? I'm in!

Karis is, if nothing else, prepared for all eventualities. She's Female JRPG Batman is what I'm saying and that's amazing.

"So we're going in as Akueldo soldiers."
"Sounds like a good plan."
I dunno, Akueldo's soldiers aren't exactly know for their individuality regarding hairstyles.
"I don't like it..."
"Me? Or the plan?"
"You don't hesitate to lie, do you?"
"I owe Bach. I want to pay him back. Whether you want to believe me or not is up to you."
"We have a plan to rescue Lacryma. Now it's up to you. Everybody, make up your minds."
"I want to save Lacryma, I'm in."
"I'm also in..."
"What about you, Ele? You don't have to..."
"I'll do it!"

Things are starting to come together. 9 people (remember Toxa's group), against the Akueldo Fortress. They took our women, now we take their everything!

Let's go check up on Lacryma... Yep, still sitting around moping. Well, what can you really do in a prison cell?

Soldier "I have to ask permission from Lord Saradiart."

Mona musters her most fierce look. It's not really that easy to look tough when you have pink eyebrows.
Also for some reason Mona is listed as "Druid" here. Probably because this is the first time we see her in Lacryma's chapter and as such we don't know her name.
Sometimes I forget the game is split into two.

Soldier "O.. Ok... Only five minutes..."

And then Mona starts to go all Sephiroth on us by talking to her dead mother. Yup not creepy at all.

Who else "genius?"

Uh oh... I'm having a real bad feeling about this...

Oh it's nothing. Just the Original "Nothingness" Kartia is all

"A Kartia. It's my mother's legacy."
"Why are you giving this to me?"
"You're the child of fate... Please take it."

"Forbidden Kartia... How did you get this?"
"I'm half Elf and half human."
"Elves, from fairy tales? Is this a joke?"
"You must listen to me! The world is facing destruction!"
"The Rebels are attempting to create Eden."
"I know..."
"When Eden appears, that will be the end of the world."
"Eden will destroy the world? How do you know that?"

"You know Toxa? Are you the Druid from the Shinon estate?"
Only now is Mona's name displayed correctly.
"Where's Alana, Posha, Duran..?"
"They tried to protect me from the Rebels."

"I can't... Ask someone else."
"It has to be you."
"Why me?"
"You're the only one in Rebus who can use the Original without the Text."
"Impossible. I don't know how to use it without the Text."
"You can do it. My soul tells me you can."

Well I do... At least, I think I do.

So here is my theory as to why Lacryma is the only one who can use "Nothingness". And the implications it has on Rebus's religion.

A prior theory I had regarded Lacryma's death as a child and then resurrection by her mother. That is to say, Lacryma had to actually die.
To the world Lacryma was gone for small time but then brought back. But what happened from Lacryma's viewpoint? Quite simply, her soul moved on to the afterlife.
Well okey, I'll let that sit a bit on the back burner. But for now just remember the fact that Lacryma's soul moved on to the afterlife and then got brought back.

Next, let's talk about how Kartia works. As we understand it from Lacryma's lecture to Kun, all you really need is a clear image of what you want to create and the Kartia.
As long as you can imagine it and use the proper Kartia written with the proper Text, you can create it. But what if you had never seen or heard about Fire before? Well then you simply
can't create it. That's why studying the Text for the Kartia is important as it explains what it is that is being created.

With that in mind. How could anyone ever create "Nothing"? From the moment humans are born there is always something to see, hear, smell or feel.
There have never been "Nothing" to experience or remember in the natural life span of a human.
See where I'm going with this?

So what is the main unique difference between Lacryma and any other person? Simply put, she is the only human to have died and get brought back from the afterlife.

This has huge implications as to how the world works. Basically there is no afterlife. Well there is, but not in the manner portrayed by the Shrines. There is no heaven or hell.
There is simply nothing. It's a paradox within a paradox. Lacryma, a very religious person is the only one to actually experience the truth and remember "nothing" and thus be able to create "nothing".
This also makes her the number 1 enemy to the very religion she follows. Of course, she isn't consciously aware of her memories as a dead person, because well, how do you remember "nothing"?

So in conclusion. If my prior theory is right about Lacryma's resurrection, then the reason why Lacryma can use the "Nothingness" Kartia is because she was once dead and brought back.

On the other hand it's entirely possible for Mona to be wrong. But then again when have magic half-elves ever been wrong?

Lacryma Episode 26 Chapter 13 pt.3