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Part 61: Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 - The final winner pt.1

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.1

The dilemma with having to use two half elves to create Eden and the need for a half elf to create the "Earth" Kartia is still a mystery.
But that doesn't largely concern us at the moment as we have women to rescue.

So it's us vs Cross Round 2. Well this is going to be easy.

"She's no longer here. You're too late."
"What! You didn't..."
"You didn't kill her, did you!"
"How horrible..."

"She's in the back room."
"Give her back to us!"
"She's our hostage. Unless you surrender, she will get killed... What are you going to do?"

Ice cold Karis. I mean I don't care that much for Misty either, but I'm the snarky LP'er and you're a... well a spy, so I guess it's expected of you.

"Karis, is Misty safe?"
"Don't worry. Misty is safe for now."
But she is not participating in this battle for... whatever reason.
"What about Mona? What happened to her?"
"Unfortunately, she was taken to another place..."
"Where is Mona!?"
"You should ask him..."

"You're going to regret this!"

Yeah this is actually a huge warning sign, but it also reinforces the idea of a conspiracy.

You'll recognize this place as it's were most of the dialogue between Cross and Asty happened. We've come a long way from beating down thieves.
We've moved one step up the ladder to find the real conspirators. But that is really only a side objective to us.

Alright, so this time the objective is to straight up murder Cross. We don't actually have to clear the whole damn map, and I'm thankful. You'll see why

We start of course in the entrance. Since this is an inside map, we don't have to worry about digging shit up off the ground.

Straight ahead of us is a pathetic group of Common Satellas. It's safe to completely forget about them, because they are going to be obliterated soon.

The real obstacle here, is this army of dudes. Now this map is somewhat weird setup. Only 4 of the enemy soldiers here can actually cast magic, but good luck figuring out who, because they all look identical.
Why the shit didn't they use the Encrypters? Also note the new Phantoms that Cross have as his personal guard.

They are pretty much Naga's, snake tail and human-ish body.
Their downside is not being able to wear shoes, which to be fair isn't all that bad, They don't have an immediately obvious elemental weakness.
Or rather, they wouldn't have if this were lvl 1 stats. But this is lvl 5 stats. So they are actually kind of weak to magic.

To the sides, here we have these chests guarded by walls of Soldiers. They function pretty much like a wall that will attack if you stand next to them.
They are not, however going to cast any Kartia. I can't help but feel that this is sort of a design oversight. It's not something that is obvious to the player
before trying it out.

Likewise these Garorks will never move to attack. You'll have to step into their range before they attack.
Also, Karis joins our party and she kind of have the same problem that Posha did when she joined. That is she is way out of position

Karis's stats are similar to Misty's though I think Karis have 1 more Kartia stat.
Interestingly enough, she cannot create Phantoms. A skill you'd think all Inquirers would pick up.

With Karis way out of position, we don't have the luxury of taking our time, we have to be really aggressive here.
For that purpose I make some of the new Kaliya. Ours will feature A rank armor and +2 movement speed though.
I thought I had picked up some A rank armor somewhere, but then I remembered that was in Lacryma's campaign.
So the A rank is kind of wasted at the moment.

I put my Kyau in the back because shit is about to get crazy.

This Garork is lvl 20 and that's the only reason it survives Karis's spell.

All the Phantoms in this map are Common. So I could have taken advantage of that by making more Shadow Phantoms. Instead, I exploit their Fire vulnerability.

Which... err.. Summons a white devil who spews black fire. That's pretty metal.

Posha is so terrible at magic even the fire it creates is complaining about it.

On the enemy turn Cross err... does this.


And so it rains magic on me.

At least it wasn't Takeru Thunder spam.

Interestingly enough, now that Cross has made himself vulnerable to counterattack, I could end this map on the second turn.
But that would mean I'd miss out on a lot of text, so I don't.

Now that the 4 caster Soldiers have been revealed, let's take a closer look at them... Yeah, they don't wear any armor at all.
I have to admit, it takes a special kind of man to field naked mages against me. At least they have their swords in hand. Wait, that doesn't actually make it better.

I also note their common wind vulnerability and cast this a few times. A wrench in my plan to take them all out however is that one of them dodged the spells

So I have my Garorks take out the injured guys.

Turns out I could have just flung a single spell and have my human characters kill them all in melee combat. Oh well.

You have no idea how tempting it was to just end it here. I injured cross with a Phantom to attempt to manipulate his AI into healing himself.

Unfortunately he wants to take as many phantoms down with him. Well that plans a bust then.

In the mean time, now that Cross has taken the bait by my earlier aggression Karis is now free to move about. The final loot is some Kartia and this Text.

I also clean up a few more soldiers and ignoring Cross. While he can kill any Phantom I have in one hit, he cannot oneshot a human. Besides It dawns upon me that his AI Priority is to hit Phantoms first.
And let's face it, it's about time for the Lizauro's to check out.

However that being said, I still try to manipulate him into healing himself.

In my mistake to assume all Common type Phantoms are the same, I use fire against the new Phantoms whose name I've already forgotten.

They're actually weak to water. No I don't know why half fish monsters are weak to water. I just roll with it.

Cross continues his hate on my Phantoms.

However my Garork barely survives.

This is the only aggressive display made by melee opponents. They really love to box your characters in.

Like so. I don't know why the game attacked with this character who didn't deal any damage. But it did.

In the mean time, my own and last surviving Kaliya get's through the wall of Soldiers and begin looting.

I also get sick of this shit and promptly upgrade Karis's equipment to something not terrible.

It's a massive improvement.

Karis attacks the soldier with shitty offense to gain health back.

Finally it dawns upon me to actually make use of the "Create Phantom" command in the actual fight.
Toxa is lvl 20 and doesn't gain any more experience. So I delegate him to distract Cross, by making shitty Miles Phantoms.
I don't want to expend Kartia on better Phantoms and I'm not a terrible monster who creates Kyau just to have them killed.

My plan worked.

I've also made progress on the other wall, and there is really nothing else to threaten me any more.

Alana chases down of the of the Soldiers and uses the wrong spell against him. (He is actually weak to wind. Whoopsy)

Either way, she get's enough XP to hit lvl 20

Alright, I've grabbed everything. Let's finish this.

And so, Cross falls again.

"You knew I was an Inquirer. And yet you still thought you could win, why?"
"There's no use in taking hostages. I wanted to know my real strength... Stupid, don't you think?"

I lost quite a few Phantoms, but that's okey. I have to say, this was actually an enjoyable map. Cross didn't just sit back and create Phantoms, and he used rather high lvl magic.
Higher than the magic we have right now. It's weird how he didn't use that magic against us in the first encounter, but I'll chalk that up to the game being a game.
That being said, once the 4 caster Soldiers are dead, the map is over, difficulty wise. At least it looked intimidating.

But there is something missing... Did you notice? Something feels wrong. Something is out of order, out of place.
Well I'll let you try and figure out what until next update, the wait time won't be long because frankly I'll be doing it right after this update.

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.1