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Part 62: Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 - The final winner pt.2

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.2

Misty was here the whole time and didn't do shit? I'm slightly upset

Aw gosh, it's nice to be a big damn hero.

He's not sorry, or he's not late?

You should seriously listen to this right the fuck now.

Saradiart just showed up. Oh man, you better be listening to that track right now. Set that shit to repeat.

"You're so compassionate for humans. I'll teach you that the real winner is the one left standing in the end."
"What are you up to?"
"To begin the game, let's execute the traitor first."

Uh oh... We've seen this before.

Duran is really fast here.

Aw that shouldn't be that big a deal, Duran is like lvl 17. He should have plenty of high resistances to deal with this.

Which err... didn't do much I suppose.

"That was too easy! I can't believe that you were defeated by them."
"Like I said, I don't cheat..."
"I don't want to hear excuses! Now, who shall I kill next!? I guess I will try out my new magic..."
Aw shit cunt fuck, he's learning new magic too?

"Mona believed in you! How could you do this?"
"You don't understand us! You're just a human!"
"Use the Original "Death" Kartia!"
"But Toxa made a promise to Mona..."
"If we don't kill him now, the world will be destroyed! Toxa, if you want to help Mona, use the Original "Death" Kartia!"

Aw shit yeah, it's happening! ORIGINAL KARTIA ACTION!

Death created

No screams, no agony, no pain. Simply death.

Well I'm sure it's nothing at all to worry about. But we do know for a fact that using an Original Kartia kills the user. Odd.

The screen starts shaking here, because Saradiart of course it does.

It's a testament to the power of the Originals, the largest earth effects we've created were still in a rather minor area.
But the "Death" Kartia has somehow unleashed enough power to shake the whole building.

"I don't need any excuses! Where is Mona!? Answer me!"
"Toxa, hurry!"
"Mona is at Akueldo's Headquarters. Go to the Imperial Encrypter School in Nordia..."

Having finished their business, all live people flees the area and the building comes crashing down.

And with that the chapter is finally...

Music note: You can turn off Saradiarts theme now. If you want to, I mean.

Beginning? Oh boy, here we go fellas.

This is the most ominous title drop. I'll let it be unclear as to what I mean for dramatic purposes.

Duran is badly injured, thankfully Karis should have experience treating wounds made from Saradiarts magic. She did save Rimzan after all.

"Does anyone here have a medical license?"
I eat my words in disgust.
"This is not the kind of wound you can heal in these conditions..."
"Duran... Don't die... You said you would protect me..."

It seems Duran is doomed.

And like a spell, Posha steps up to do her job. Took you long enough.

This is a straight up copy of Lacryma's dialogue when she was treating... Assam? I think it was? Who cares he didn't have a portrait so he wasn't worth remembering.

"Posha? You can't possibly..."
"I will cut the wound and use stone Kartia in the broken blood vessels. Once I stop the bleeding, I'll sew it back up. Toxa, Misty, create the blood."
"Can you do this?"
"All I can say is, trust me..."
Well it's better to let her try than do nothing.

Holy shit, Toxa really tore the building apart. And Saradiart got super fucked.
Not only did he suffer through the Original "Death" Kartia, but he also got crushed by a giant boulder.

Wait... don't tell me they planned for us to use the "Death" Kartia on Saradiart. That's just insane.

"I'm talking about their mother. Remember, her body was lost..."
"It's been such a long time... I don't remember..."

It's not immediately obvious, but Raguruzet have cut of Saradiarts arm and taken it.

"You worry too much... I will do everything I can. There's no turning back!"

This would be an excellent time to cut off the update. But you know... I have this nagging feeling that something is not quite right.
There's actually a list of things that's entirely wrong about this whole thing. So let's continue on just a little bit longer.

I'm getting bad feelings here, don't do this to me game.


The Original "Death" Kartia, just pissed him off? Are you god damn kidding me? Friggin' Elves man!

THAT FACE. Saradiart has hit peak insanity.

Zappo! Nirgiri is dead.

I dare you to make this face, and not get arrest for public psychopathy.

And out pops a new arm. I don't really see why he was so upset about losing it then.

Saradiart then takes out an Original. This one is completely unknown to us.

And he uses it. As to what it does? We will find out soon enough.
But this is the end of this update. I know double updates is pretty bad, but I wanted to show off that things are about to get really crazy.

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.2