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Part 63: Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 - The final winner pt.3

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.3

Due to the nature of this update, I decided to play around with some video editing. So I hope you enjoy, if you see any glaring fault, or have know how to make things better to look at, by all means tell me.

VIDEO:Saradiart Resurrects
You should probably watch this!

Now where were we? Oh yes Saradiart had just started using his Original Kartia. Let's see how that plays out.

Why are you watching this instead of watching the video?

No, seriously.

Look, I know it's not 1080p, but come on. Waaaaaaatch it.

Fine. Be that way. See if I care.

I have no idea how Saradiart transported this thing around. More bullshit Elf magic I assume.

The Original have attained self awareness and promptly started to puke over how disgusting it is.

The puke sparks as it hits the ground. I imagine that's what robot puke would look like, if robots could puke.

And with that it's a fade to white.

Toxa, and Karis is basking in the radiated glow of a newly cast Original Kartia. I'm kidding, it's just a fade from white.

"What are you going to do now?"
"I'm going to save Mona."
"Do you need someone to escort you to Nordia?"
"I thought you completed your mission..."

Oh look, Toxa made friends. I guess being part of saving the world has that effect.

Oh sweet, Duran didn't die to Saradiarts otherworldly power. Hooray, my party remains unchanged!

"Good! Posha did a great job this time!"
"Misty's prayers were answered..."
I interpret this as Posha being so bad at doctoring that God needs to intervene for her patients to survive.
"However, he cannot continue with us..."
What? Noooooo! Kakyoin!!!!!!! Duraaaaaan! Wait, he isn't actually all that important. And hey, this means we get to ditch Ms.Elipsis! So this is actually good news!
"That's too bad..."

"What kind of dream was it?"

We know exactly what kind of "dream" Duran had.

Can we please change the subject?

Thank you.

"You really had us scared..."
"Thanks for your concern... By the way, what happened to Saradiart?"
"Toxa killed him by using the Original "Death" Kartia."
"I see... So what's next?"
"We are going to Nordia. It is my time to help Mona."
"I would love to join you, but with this wound..."
Tis' nothing but a flesh wound!
"Don't worry about it. You need to get some rest."
"Misty and I will look after him..."

"I can't leave you here all alone."
"Duran, you have not completely recovered!"
"Misty, you must go. You must think about your sister... You must settle things with your sister. You can't go on like this without knowing..."
"You must continue to seek happiness... Let's continue my dream together..."
"And Posha... I want you to go as a Shrine Warrior on my behalf. You must witness God's will..."
"Me? A Shrine Warrior? I'm still not Lacryma..."

"Posha, it was you who saved Duran, not Lacryma."
"I understand. I will represent you and complete my duty as a Shrine Warrior."
"Thank you, Posha. Karis, I am depending on you."
"Understood. Everybody, prepare yourselves for the journey to Nordia!"

Everyone leaves, except Alana.

"I don't need to know anymore. But when we get back to town, you are going to buy me a drink!"
"Thank you, Alana..."
"Hey. We've known each other for as far back as I can remember..."

Whats what?

"There's something in the sky!"
"It's a large piece of land!"
Well that's odd, large pieces of land doesn't belong in the sky.
"It's a continent... No, That's not possible..."
"It's Eden..."

Hey look Sazero, let's play with magical cards that can create anything. What could possibly go wrong? Well I could piss off an immortal half-elf resulting in him throwing entire continents at me, put those back on the shelf.

"Who created Eden!? Saradiart is dead!"
"Are you suggesting Mona did it!? No way!"
"What is going to happen to that Eden?"
"Eden is unstable... It will fall to the ground."
"Fall!? What's going to happen to the people beneath it!?"
"They will probably be killed."
More like they are most certainly going to be killed.
"That can't be!"

VIDEO:Eden Falls
You should also probably watch this.

Oh... Yeah Eden is quite large, but not continent large. Not that it makes a difference to the poor people of Pales.

Mysteriously, there are no people wandering the streets.

Well then... We finally saw the mysterious Eden. And while it made a most terrifying introduction, I hardly see how it could destroy the whole world.
But I'm sure we are going to find out.

Toxa Episode 28 Chapter 14 pt.3