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Part 64: Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 - Bride of heathen pt.1

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.1

Right, so we left Lacryma to sulk in prison for a bit. Let's see if she's all better now.

"I wonder if it will work?"
"Trust Karis and yourself... It will work."
"We'll save Lacryma. No matter what it takes..."

Nope, still sulking.

Oh sweet, my Prison Break DVDs arrived.

Yeah, she's way too young to be a spy. Totally okey to lead a fantasy police force though. And murder countless thieves.

"Is this... Is this Vandor's order?"
"I'm not with the Rebels. I'm Karis, an Inquirer."
"You're the Inquirer Bach was talking about?"

Karis doesn't have time for 20 questions, she has places to be. No really considering where this takes place, and where Toxa's chapter 14 takes place, Karis really have to hoof it.

But now is not the time to question the geography and the logistics of travel.
Because it's teen angst time!

"I don't know what your father told you, but this is not the time. Your friends are waiting outside."
Karis is my personal hero.
"My friends?"
"Oh, so they're not your friends? Let me rephrase that then. The Vigilance members are here to rescue you."
"Everyone is here?"

Sounds of fighting can be heard

Karis is the real protagonist of this game.

Whoops a bit too slow on the button there. Oh well.

Decide on what exactly? To continue to wallow in self pity?

The screen rotates so we can better see Troy and Ele. Kun and Bachstail are also there, but hidden by the large wall.

"What are you talking about? We're here to save you!"

"Lacryma, hurry!"

And with that, we're thrust into combat, by the way, remember that Karis was just here.

And Toxa's Chapter 14 is down here. The distance is between Shinon Estate and Kainas Vilage is shorter, and that took about a whole day. Poor Karis.

So the objective this map is to get everyone to the raft, where Ele and Troy is. This is an incredibly bad idea, because if you want to grab all the Texts, you'll have to spend some turns with Lacryma going backwards.
The enemy will move towards Lacryma, so you need the rest of your party to move up and help defend her, and by then you might as well just kill everyone, which is also a victory condition.

The main obstacle is this wall of Kiry-somethings, these naga. See? Much easier to remember. Anyways, they function as a wall like we've seen before.
That means they won't move and only attack if you stand next to them or through counter attacks.

Right behind them are these flower-ish phantoms. These will try to hunt Lacryma down.

They're also shitty, so we won't be using them.

Down here by the stairs are the final enemies. And oh boy are they out of position.

The rest of the party is chilling down here. I also don't care to change my formation, because I kind of jumped the gun a little.

Back here is a suspicious amount of Ground terrain. But you can't actually move over there, so don't worry about it.

The Soldiers all have these stats, that is they have no armor and only Wood weaponry. I suspect they might be casters, and I've learned my lesson from the Takeru Thunders.

Since they're all standing in range of every single one of my units, they die super fast.

They all had a Text one them, but I've long since given up on show off when we get what.

This is still the first turn, and I'm already beginning to break through the wall.

But then the phantom counter attacked and regained health. All the Phantoms are wielding Dream +4 Swords. Cute.

But ultimately fruitless. That's really the only caveat to this map. No reinforcements. no Cannons. Nothing. Suspicious.

Let's not pretend I had any difficulty here, and move on. I looted everything and killed everything.

"That was too easy!"
"That's what you think..."

Yep, 4 turns. Wait, this is Legend of Kartia, there's nothing to be smug about.

Right, so this was sort of a filler update, but it's necessary as the next update is going to be very exposition heavy.
So prepare your sandwiches. It's going to be a long one.

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.1