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Part 66: Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 - Bride of heathen pt.3

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.3

We are now back in the present. I wonder how Lacryma is going to take this.

"Kainas left to revive his wife..."
"Now he's trying to create Eden to get the material for the Original Kartia."
I somehow didn't make the connection of exactly what is on Eden until now. Yeah

"No, everything makes sense..."
"My father is a hero. He's not a heathen!"

"Lacryma, your father..."

Lacryma rushes off, and everyone follows her.

MUSIC:Unknown Title XVII

"That's right! You're a Shrine Warrior!"
"Get out of my way, or I'll kill you both!"
"Do you know what you're doing?"

It turns out that Aile, was telling the truth. Of course we the player don't question that.
Since so much time was spent watching that flashback. But for all the party knows he could be

"The Bishop was telling the truth..."
"She sacrificed herself to save her daughter..."

Lacryma runs off. Yeah I'd probably need some alone time to wrap my head around that too.

Everyone but Bachstail runs after Lacryma.

But wait, there's something more. Apparently the Original "Death" Kartia is here? What the heck?
But I don't... Toxa used it in his Campaign and he got it from the Encrypter School.

Turns out the "Death" Kartia, Toxa ended up using was a copy. A very elaborate copy since it looks almost identical to
the real one. But it actually makes total sense. Kainas had to get a copy of the Original "Life" Kartia to replace it, to throw off the
Inquirers. He also gave the Original "Death" Kartia to Aile, and got a copy of that as well, because both Originals had to be thought of as secured by the government.
Who made the copies? Most likely Raguruzet did. But does he know that Lacryma has been resurrected for real by the Original "Life"?
That is currently unknown, it's possible either way really.

Anyways, that was the reason Saradiart didn't stay dead. The copies of the Originals only last for so long.
It's only temporary death. If Toxa had used the Original "Death" Kartia, then Saradiart would have stayed down.
It's also why Toxa didn't die. Because it was a shitty knockoff all along.

One more thing. If you squint you can actually see the Original "Death" lying in the empty coffin.

Well at least Kun has the right idea.


"I see..."
"What good is it being depressed? What are we going to do?"
"I don't know... Kun?"
"Let's persuade Kainas to give up his plan."
"That's a good idea, but we're not God."
Yeah, I don't see that happening either.

"Pales? What are you talking about!?"
"Look! In the sky!"

"Pales is not that huge!"
"He's right. That's not Pales."
"Then what is that?"
"That must be Eden..."

The whole country? Damn, that upped the scales from just a single town to a whole country.

We're now treated to a slightly different version of Eden Falls. I'm not going to record the fmv here, because the difference is maybe 10 seconds of video.

This is a really good shot to give a sense of scale of the damn thing. It's huuuuuge.

But from here, it's the same as Eden Falls.

Except the fmv stops here, it doesn't show Eden grinding the town down to dust. Version exclusivity!

That's the end of the update. I really like the event of Eden. It feels like we were going different places with our characters.
Toxa would be chasing Mona,
and Lacryma would have to face her father.
But then, Eden falls. And in a way, I feel changes the fate of our characters. Sort of like someone who had gone back in time and changed it.
Wait. Don't tell me we also have time travel shenanigans. Because I'm not sure if I can handle that. Either way, that's it for this time.
I wonder what happens next, because really, how do you react Eden? What is even the plan?

Lacryma Episode 27 Chapter 14 pt.3