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Part 67: Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 - Eden pt.1

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.1

"He was killed by the power of the Forbidden Kartia. Even his immortal body could not withstand the power of an Original "Death" Kartia."

I guess Vandor haven't heard of our little break in, into the Encrypter School. But he is understandably puzzled, because as far as he knows Aile has the real Original "Death"

Of course, there is still the issue of them creating Eden. After all if Saradiart is dead, they sort of lack a partner to Mona.

"She thought we wouldn't be able to create Eden..."
"It was fortunate that Karis acted..."
"She never knew that there was a human who witnessed..."
"Yes... The tragedy of the original Eden..."

So it turns out, they never really needed two half-elves to create Eden. What a plot twist.
They only ever needed one. As Raguruzet have seen the "Earth" of Eden, he has a memory of it and can thus create it.
But that begs to question, how did they originally plan to get rid of Saradiart? I mean, yeah we did it.
But I highly doubt that was their plan. That would have been incredibly convoluted to achieve.
And while I do realize this is a video game, I do hope that Legend of Kartia writing is a bit better than that.

Akueldo Soldier "A huge continent appeared in the eastern sky and fell on Idorus!"
Akueldo Soldier "The entire city of Idorus was completely destroyed! Our fortress and bases are all gone!"
"Are you saying that Eden has appeared!?"
Akueldo Soldier "Wild Phantoms are roaming the countryside!"

"It must be him..."
"What!? Do you know something?"
"Ordinary material... The World Tree Kartia could not kill him..."
"What? Vandor, explain."

Amano art strikes again.

"The user didn't use an Original "Death" Kartia..."
"It was not an Original!? How can you tell?"
"It was not the Original, it was made from the World Tree..."
"It was a fake!?"
"And ordinary Kartia only has a temporary effect..."

I love how Vandor never says how exactly he knows this. I mean, yeah we know how he knows. But he doesn't actually tell Raguruzet.

It is kind of ironic that he had the tool to get rid of Saradiart, but he had long since given it away. Hey, who needs an means to deal out absolute and guaranteed death amirite?

Akueldo Soldier "Allow me to speak freely my Lord, but we are unable to contact Cross or Asty. It seems they were under the continent when it fell..."

I can't help, but draw parallels to FF7's story. At least in the general story structure. We have Akueldo/Shinra who is the main antagonist for a good part of the game, until an threat created by Akueldo/Shinra becomes a larger problem.
Akueldo/Shrinra then crumbles and loses a large amount of their power.
Of course, I'm only aware of this because of the recently done FF7 LP. And no, I'm not entirely serious about this. But it's a fun idea to play with.

Oh hey, Saradiart is just hanging out on Eden for no particular reason. Though I feel like we've seen this kind of design before...

I know it's low hanging fruit, but I'm gonna bite anyways.
SEPHIROTH! Yeah, I said it. I just hope Saradiart doesn't end up sprouting wings when we're done with this LP.

In case it isn't immediately clear, Eden is full of ruins with text written all over it and large alien towers. This just screams otherworldly.

You say it like you dropped some money. "Oh whoops, thousands of people just got crushed by a giant piece of land. How unlucky."

"What happened to the people who were there?"
"There is only a slim chance any of them survived..."
If anyone actually managed not to die, then I can only explain it as having the sickest speed stat.

"Thousand of people have died..."
"I won't forgive whoever has done this!"
"Let's go to the Rebel Headquarters!"
"They're not going to make any stupid moves!"

"Since Saradiart is dead, do you think Raguruzet was planning to create Eden?"
"It was not him."

That's one hell of an oversight Karis.

Eden's title is going to change a fair bit. I don't know why they didn't just go with Eden. But it's a small nitpick.

On our way to Nordia, the party decided to check out what all this Eden fuss is about.

I don't fully understand the full picture of this statement yet. It could mean a number of things.

Suuuuuure it is.

I'm with Toxa, fuck this alien world bullshit and let's go rescue Mona, before any-

Well... This is new.

Welcome to Bullshit. Starring friggin' elves

It's kind of telling that all Toxa is to this elf is that he is just some heathen dude who loves a person named Mona.
What a rude fellow.

"Are you okay, Toxa?"
"I heard a voice in my head! Then there was this hairy old man..."
"Hairy old man?"
"He knew Mona... I don't quite get it..."
"It was probably just a dream. You're tired."
I never get this "You're tired, that's why you saw weird shit." statement. I mean, yeah I can understand it when you've been awake for several days in a row,
but by that point it's a miracle if you're coherent. Secondarily, are they suggesting Toxa feel asleep, on his feet in the middle of the day, seconds after he just said a full sentence?
Of course, I would look weird if my friend suddenly started talking about voices in his head and hairy old men. But then again, I don't live in a magical world with half-elves and giant continents falling on my head.

And now they're laughing at Toxa. Super good friends you've found there Toxa.

"Those are the Cross Land Knights! Are they the ones who were in Nordia?"
"We might be able to get information about Eden."
"Right! Let's go ask them."

Well to be fair, it's not exactly Eden's fault. It was just raised wrong is all.

Cross Land Knight Rufuna "This is the world where Phantoms roam wild. This is not the world described in the fairy tales."
And how are you any authority on that subject? Why exactly are we asking these random incompetent knights about Eden again?

Lamin "The ones who didn't make it to the cave or the lake were all killed. They were all killed by this cursed continent!"
Yes, go on. Hate on a piece of dirt. Well a giant piece of dirt. And it's not much dirt, as it's a giant piece of ruin, really. My point is, it's pointless to hate an inanimate object.


Lamin "Assam Brange... Do you know him?"
"He's the Knight who proposed to Alana..."
Oh, now I remember. The guy who fell in love with Alana after barely having met her. Yeah, that was kind of strange wasn't it?

Well if you're sure he's dead we'll just cross him off. I mean, it's not like anyone else has returned from the dead.

"There is only one path to take. You know that, right?"
"I understand... To Nordia..."

Oh no, not wild phantoms.

"Thanks for the advice, but..."
We're the prime cause for the extinction of Thieves. And we did take down a magical half-elf, who by the way, were immortal to unconventional weaponry. Well he didn't stay down.
But that's just a temporary technical difficulty. We've also marched into numerous enemy strongholds and won. The game expecting us to take Phantoms as a serious threat is kind of ridiculous at this point.
And that's not even mentioning how easy the game is and that Toxa and Alana is lvl 20. So yeah. Come at me game.

It's entirely likely. So it turns out the Dragons we saw back then were actually a very high tier Phantom. Who knew. But given how we've already kicked their asses back then, kind of takes away their image of fearsome creatures.

I'm feeling slightly insulted you feel the need to pray for me.

"I'm not going to run off to try and create Eden in an attempt to resurrect Assam."

"I will catch up with you guys. Go on ahead."

This is a good time as any to cut the update. So Eden fell, wild phantoms are now roaming around and generally things are in a bad state.
Most of Rebus's military were destroyed by Eden. Idorus got completely wiped out and Akueldo lost most of it's strong holds. Things are kind of looking a little grim.

On a more lighter note, I just noticed that Toxa is traveling in an all female party.
Toxa is the pimp Kun wishes he was.

"Aw hills yis. This gun' be gud mawn."

No, I don't know why Toxa has a southern accent like this, but it's the only way I can picture him speaking with this face.

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.1