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Part 68: Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 - Eden pt.2

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.2

I am so glad this game isn't Dragon Age right now. You guys have no idea.

Hmm I wonder what new foreign object has just been introduced to the natural habitat of this immediate area, and if
that is somehow related to all these gosh darned wild Phantoms? Nah, couldn't be.

Karis is on the up and up though.

It's not often I comment on the dialogue, most times it's minor grammatical errors, like a missing letter
here and there. But I think Misty's line here is a little stiff.

"Damn! I don't have any time to waste!"
"Well, we don't have any choice."

Oh yeah, I think we just got the new Text to let us create our own dragons!

Geeze Alana, you're staring down a group of dragons and you zone out to think about your dead boyfriend? Get it together.

"Can you use the Text that the Knights gave us?"
"Oh, sure... I think so..."

It's battle time, baby!

The map has changed to reflect the fact that a giant fuck off continent have dropped. It looks like someone took a large bite of the landmass, but that is not the case.
Where Eden has fallen has now become uncharted landmass and to reflect that it's no longer on our map. I think it's neat.

Here is the map from an earlier chapter, just to point out the difference.

This is essentially a filler chapter, but it's a good filler chapter, because it there show us how things have changed. We are now fighting high end Wild Phantoms.
The other "wild" phantoms have all been humanly created. I'm looking at you Troy . So the implication is there is now a new danger in the world.
I mean, yeah sure, Saradiart is a huge evil villain, but what does that matter to Farmer Joe? His worries are all the new gosh darned Wild Dragon Phantoms roaming the earth.

Anyways, battle talk. Our Phantoms are kind of in shambles, our Garorks lack a common type, and we only have two strong melee phantoms.
Normally, I'd just create new Phantoms, but this map in particular have a secret bonus objective, that I have no idea how people found out.
As has been mentioned in the thread, in order to get a special piece of Text, we have to complete this map without using any Mithril or World Tree Kartia.

To add further insult to injury, we just got a bunch of new items we can create and a couple of new fancy spells.

To the right, we have this pack of Naga's. Yes, that's not their name, but I just can't remember the damn thing. Stop looking at me like that.
Anyways, they're "guarding" these chests.

To the south, is another pack of Naga's.

And all the way at the bottom we have 7 Dragons. Note how none of the Dragons are Common type.
Something that could be exploited.

In the middle of the lake itself, we have 3 Akrillo's. 1 of each Type.

Just to show off what kind of items we could make. Look at this +4 Dream Armor... It's so dreamy.
But I won't be making it this chapter.

Oh and remember how we got the Text to create Dragons? We actually didn't. Way to ruin my expectations game.
Why do you have to lie to me?

We are only missing 1 Text too.

I also checked Posha's stats just to make sure she didn't get a new upgrade after taking over for Duran as Shrine Warrior.
She didn't get shit... I think? Did she always have 4 stat Kartia? Who the fuck cares. Moving on.

Alright, let's do this.

Now that we can't use Mithril or World Tree, we'll have to modify some of our lower end spells.
The most common lowest resistance you'll encounter this map is either Water or Wind.
The rules said no, Mithril or World Tree, but that doesn't mean we can't pimp the shit out of our spells.
Ice Flow + "Ultra" + whatever Silk Text = Ice Flow +4. "Ultra" is really good you guys

The spell also fits this update's Dragon theme.

This is going to take a long time at this rate...

As always, I split my team into two. It's less two teams, and more a main force and a few stragglers, but I like coming up with team names.
This is Team Missile, because I felt like making a stupid pokemon joke. Team Kyau :3

And this is Team Dragonmaster. It'll make sense later.

As always, the AI is shit and is moving the damaged Phantom away, even though it has no way of healing itself, and are thus just prolonging the inevitable.

And all these Naga's have been set to "Wall" so they won't move to attack. This is why I don't do gimmick runs like nerfing myself, because you have to actively be trying to lose at this point.

My minotaur comes close to dying and I have to wonder, why it took so much damage.

In the mean time, the Dragons are copying my movements and have also split them selves into two.
So let's give them Team names too! I'll call this Team Victim.

Meanwhile I check to see the Minotaur's equipment and sure enough I could give it some better stuff.

I had these laying around, and while they're all made of World Tree/Mithril, I didn't make them this chapter, so it's totally okey to use them.

Incidentally this is one of the rare few cases where healing was actually a good idea.

So here is Team Dragonmaster's Modus Operandi. Toxa will be rushing towards the chests, and weaken any enemies he comes across on the way.
Misty will then vacuum up whatever bloody gibs that remains for a nice XP bonus.

Misty's attack isn't nearly as impressive as Toxa's, but that just means more XP.

Oh note, is our minotaur, who is actually getting lvls. Amazing, I know.

Here, I'm waiting just outside the Dragon's attack range. I'm hoping they go in, unable to attack and then I get initiative in combat.

These are the more important chest drops. I'm cutting out the various Kartia we get, because they are largely not exciting, and frankly unneeded.

Misty has been away for some time so she is somewhat behind in levels.

I also park my Kyau a safe distance, because I don't want the dragons to snipe it. Just in case.

It becomes apparent that the Dragons don't want to play ball, they also parked outside my attack range and waited for me to get closer.
Little did they know that Team Kyau features Alana, the Magician Sniper.

This is of course a Wind Spell, since this particular dragon had a weakness to Wind.
Incidentally I have exactly 1 Wind spell that does increased damage to Shadow types, but it costs Mithril.
Why do you do this to me game?

Pictured: cowardice.

Behold the terrifying attack of a Dragon--- Err. The giant flying fish avoided it.

Let's try again. Behold the terri- Wait 4 damage? Are you kidding me?

Why do I even use magic?

This is much better though.

On the other side of the pond, we have Toxa starting up his fight club with Dragons.
This is going to be metal as fuck

Toxa can't quite kill them in one blow, but that's fine.

The plant people from the lake, also joins in the fisticuffs.

Toxa dodged here.

Misty is copying Toxa, and takes no damage as well.

Not to be shown up, Toxa decides that dodging is entirely a waste of time and takes a lung full of Dragon breath to the face.
He comes out unharmed.

Knowing that it's entirely futile to attack Toxa physically, this Dragon says some mean things about Toxa's fashion sense.
Toxa is a strong independent man, who cares little for Dragon opinions on human fashion and shrugs it off with no damage taken.

After having experienced a Dragons breath at close range, Toxa becomes worried that it might have lung cancer and begins to operate.
Toxa is a firm believer in no anesthetics during operation and just starts cutting the Dragon open.

Of course this map is full of burried treasure, but I'll only show off the noteworthy.

It's shit and the Silk Kartia I waste on digging it out was worth more than this item.

Still feeding xp to Misty.

This dragon got iced.

Misty have gotten at least 3 levels this chapter.

Some A rank armor. I could have put it on Toxa, but he is already a SRW end game boss, so what is the point.
It's a rather impressive feat to be honest, considering he isn't a giant flying robot.

Let's not drag on more than we have to.

To those that do not read these strange raven claws, don't worry, I checked and I got the bonus objective Text.

I know this is all very exciting, but we have to cut the update here.
Next time, friggin' elves

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.2