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Part 69: Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 - Eden pt.3

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.3

A weird sound can be heard.

Sitting in the bed room doing nothing at all really gives you a stiff neck.

I just realized that I had to make a portrait for the Old Elf. But I refuse to do so before he is shown in proper colors.

Wow, he's really not doing anything to disprove that Elves are holier-than-thou assholes.
Well to be fair, Humans, to him are a bunch of assholes who summons his people to fuck with. Literally.
So it's kind of understandable, but he is also a generalizing douche nozzle, a trait you'd figure old age would have remedied.

Uh oh.

He intercepted the codec call! Unheard of!

Just because you're trying to destroy both worlds, doesn't mean you can't be civil about it.

So we've caught a glimpse of why Saradiart is like he is.
Outcast from both Elves and Humans. Honestly his motivation falls a little flat, when humans offer no opposition to him, considering he can just melt whoever tries to fuck with him.
He could literally just go to a mansion, kick the owners out and live the rest of his life in whatever fashion he wants.
If he really wanted just revenge, he should just have melted Akueldo to the ground. The Elves really didn't have anything to say in the matter.
But instead of that, he is trying to destroy both worlds to remake it in whatever shape he wishes. So while he is a victim of circumstance, he is also wrong.

Anyways, I misjudged the length of the epilogue, so short update this time

Toxa Episode 30 Chapter 15 pt.3