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Part 70: Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 - Tender lie pt.1

Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 pt.1

Lacryma finally hit her rebellion phase of puberty.

"You don't have to apologize."
"That's right! You're a Shrine Warrior."

"I'll become an Inquirer."

We've all had parents we wished we could kill sometimes, but Lacryma takes that to a whole new level.

"Kill Vandor..? But he's your father."
"He has his reasons for being in the Rebels... You know that."

"The life on Idorus is no more... Their pain and agony told me what to do."
Well, to be fair, it's not like that was Vandor's goal. But that could have been the result if the attempt to create Eden had failed.
It's certainly not Vandor's fault. But he is also responsible for the Nordia rebellion, the numerous attempts on our lives by ordering his soldiers to attack us.
So while he isn't directly responsible for Eden, he isn't innocent.

"You're serious? That's nothing but a joke."
"You think so?"
"Yeah, I mean, kill your own father..?"
"I mean, Vandor is the most powerful Inquirer... Plus he's at their Headquarters. The odds are against you..."
Troy, ever the pragmatist.

"Perhaps, but I must go... Vandor wanted my answer. I have to tell him myself."
"I don't want to die for nothing..."
"This is personal... You all stay here."

Yeah, I don't see it happening Lacryma. You have D/C Ranks and no Phantoms. Who do you think you are? Toxa? Yeah right...

"I'll go, too."
"No... You guys stay here."

What is this? Since when has legal mumbo jumbo ever stood in our way of doing things?
Murder a bunch of thieves? Yeah, totally okey, cross an imaginary line in the sand? Nah, that's crossing the line dude.

"I see... We'll just get in Lacryma's way."
"Is it true? Will I be in the way?"
"Please understand... It's better you don't get involved. It's for your own good."

This is really the point where Lacryma's chapters went into a total downturn, without a support cast there isn't really all that much room for banter or exposition, so most of the story is kind of boring, until the very last chapters.

I had you fooled for a little bit didn't I?

Well damn, he finally said it.

Pictured: The simple nature of man. If you know what I mean.

"According to the Inquirer Act, clause twenty-three... An Inquirer is granted the rights to exempt the law to designated servants..."
"Say it so we can understand!"
"We can be her servants and she can give us the right to break the law!"
"Then there's no problem."
"We've come this far together... It's like a family. It's not natural being seperated."

"What? I thought you're not going?"
"Am I not allowed? I'm still a member of Vigilance."
"Are you serious?"
"I'm not that cold-blooded."
"You made it sound like you're not coming."
"Lacryma and I go back since childhood."

"We'll go even if you say no... Or are you going to kill us?"

Hooray! Let's go murder Lacryma's dad!

"But first let's eat."
"I agree. I havn't eaten anything since we were on the raft."
"You want me to make something?"
"No thanks. You always make something weird."

This chapter is long. So we'll be stopping here this time.

Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 pt.1