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Part 71: Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 - Tender lie pt.2

Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 pt.2

It's like a reverse holiday. Where all the bad things happen. So Jrpg Halloween?
Do kids dress up as the cast? I'd feel sorry for the kids who could only get discount Ele costumes then.

Even Ele knows, no one cares.

"She's sleeping like a baby."
"She must have been tired."
"So am I. I want to sleep, too."
"I didn't know you knew the rules of Inquirers..."
"I was impressed too. But only a little..."

Troy is the best.

No one questioned that Troy would have been intimately knowledgeable about all the laws,
because he seems like a person who needs to know. If you know what I mean.

Troy is also technically correct when he said it's the first time he lied to Lacryma, because back when
Troy was framed for thievery he said he didn't take the Text in question. He did steal some Text, just not the Text
Lacryma was asking about. He is carefully navigating the law.

"I'm sorry, Troy. I misunderstood you."
"Stop that. Besides, you guys have to get ready."
"You mean, kneel down and beg for mercy?"
"I'm talking about when Lacryma meets her dad."
"We have to stop them from killing each other. A child should never kill their own parent."
"Lacryma is so determined... Do you have any ideas?"

"What about Bachstail? He left without saying goodbye... I feel sorry for Lacryma."
"It's the same as two years ago... He could have soothed her soul."
"He can't do anything right!"
"Why are you getting all upset about?"
No, that's not be mistranscribing, that's what Ele says.

Flashback time! It's in color too. It was a sad day when mankind lost the technology to render flashbacks in colors. Now we are all saddled with sepia tone flashbacks. It's just not the same

"Oh, it's you Kun... Are you seeing me off?"

"My work here is finished. There's something I have to attend to."
"Is it more important than her?"

"Alone? That's impossible!"
"Not with this..."

"If you use it, you'll die like Lacryma's mother!"
"Saradiart is immortal. This is the only way."
"You're willing to die?"
"It's the price for the truth. I'm sorry I made Lacryma suffer."
"You think that's it? If you're gone, she'll be more depressed..."

Why can't you look Kun in the eyes when you say that?

"She'll be fine!? She's going to kill her own father! Don't you understand!? She needs all the support she can get.."
"Why don't you do it? You seem to understand her more than anyone..."
"If I can do it alone. I wouldn't be asking you."
"You think you can't? You're just lazy."

"I chose the truth, not her."
"Do you still choose the truth over Lacryma!?"
"You and I have different values. That's all..."
"Don't give me that! I know you're concerned about Lacryma. I know you have feelings for her."

Well damn, Kun just got told what's up.

This better not be a fake out like "giving" us Dragons in Toxa's Chapter 15.

"It's supposed to be the divine territory that no one can enter."
"No one? That's eerie..."
"Do you want to check it out, Lacryma?"
"No, let's go around it. It may be dangerous."

A weird sound can be heard.

The sound have changed to a loud scream.

A loud sound, different from the other is being heard.

"Maybe it's Toxa's group..."
"Or maybe the Knights..."
"What do we do, Lacryma?"
"Let's check it out, but be careful. It could be the Rebels."

Oh, hey. It's Rimzan! And he's starring down a ton of Dragons. Lovely.

"Unless I'm dreaming, it's a Dragon."
"You're not dreaming."
"Guess I don't have to worry about you anymore. You're back to normal."

"It's the Cross Land Knights!"
"Isn't that Rimzan? It doesn't look good..."
"Kun, Troy, help Rimzan!"
"We have to take care of the Dragons first."

Lacryma, are you implying only Phantoms can hurt Dragons? Because, Phantoms are literally the worst way to deal with Dragons at this point unless you're using Naga's. Which I'm not.

"Are you sure about this?"
"Would Lacryma lie to you!?"
"Hurry Troy! Rimzan is in danger!"
Well, only in the loosest sense of the word.
"Well, here goes nothing!"

We aren't that far from Toxa's Chapter 15 actually.

Alright, before we do anything, let's check out Lacryma's stats.

This is what I'm going to assume is Lacryma's final form. Now that she has ditched her religion and being super pissed at her dad, she has gained B ranks in equipment and the ability to
create Phantoms. Combined with her 5 Kartia stat, she cast's just as well as Troy now. I don't quite kit her out just yet, because this is Chapter 15 and it has a similar bonus objective as Toxa's Chapter 15.
That means, no Mithril or World Tree Kartia usage. Bummer.

Let's see how Rimzan is doing. Well he has gotten 8 levels since last we saw him, but he certainly haven't aged well. He still has A equipment rank, but his equipment is only B rank. Not only that,
but he still only have 2 Kartia stat. He has also lost the ability to create Phantoms. Saradiarts magic attack really kicked his ass.

Since Bachstail left the party, we got his equipment back, that's rather nice of him. Since Rimzan is in immediate danger, I give it to him instead of Lacryma.

The map itself is the same from Toxa's Chapter 15. Right down to the lake in the middle and Chests in the upper right corner.

The real and only difference between this map and Toxa's is that the enemies consists of 100% Dragon.

So get some Text...

Kill some Dragons...

Burn this specific tree and...

Change the ground 3 times in this specific spot and you get...

This is the first time the game hits multiple items in the same ground location. And you have to change the elevation for each item. As far as I know the game also does this one more time in Toxa's story, but we'll talk about that then.

And then I won. We already saw this tedious shit in Toxa's so I'm cutting it down.

Us? We only saw you Rimzan.

"Rimzan... I'm glad to see you're alive."
"Thanks for the concern."

Yeah, I lost some Phantoms, but I actually wanted to, because our army is vastly outdated by now. Next chapter, I'm going on a massive power trip.

And yep, we got "Pair" here too.

Now strap in for a bit longer update than usual.

"Yeah, life sure is tough."
"But you enjoy it."
"You can't live life without variety."
"I guess you're right."
"Is this really Eden? The place where God lives?"
"I don't know."

"If it's not a fairy tale, then who created the Dragons?"
"Maybe it's from Akueldo... Maybe they created mutant Phantoms."

Why couldn't it just be the next step in Phantom creation? Why does it have to be mutants?
And why does it remind me of Ninja Turtles? Teenage Mutant Ninja Dragons!
Huh... That was surprisingly safe to google. Who'd have thought?

"I didn't know they had any."
"Must be true, if Lacryma says so."
"What are you going to do?"
"I'll reunite with the remaining Knights and attack Nordia."
"You're not waiting for the others."
"No time. We must kill Saradiart."

Rimzan knows how immortal Saradiart is and he got blasted by super magic. Yet he comes back for more? Man, I know I can be stubborn but Rimzan just takes it to a whole new level.

"Isn't it better we go with Rimzan?"
"You're right..."
"There's a possibility that the Rebels are hiding. It's better to go to Nordia together."
"Aside from the general, how's the situation with the Rebels?"
"The fall of Eden made our situation better."

"I see. With Idorus gone, only Nordia remains. Sounds good to me."
"I don't understand. Why did they drop Eden on their ally?"
"Maybe they broke up."

"An Original Text."

"Can you decipher it, Troy?"
"Are you kidding? This is not complete. How am I... Wait a minute..."

This was the Text Troy stole, that he couldn't decipher earlier.

"Let's go and set up camp. I need a place to decipher this, Ele, I need you as my assistant."

Troy leaves, giddy as a little school girl.

Ele follows Troy

"My time has past... It is up to you to create good in this world, but I'll still support you."
Rimzan... That doesn't make a god damn lick of sense.

With that... thing, over with, let's go check out the progress on the Text.

Well that's rather damning.

"Don't worry, Lacryma. The Text says "Human". Rimzan had half, but I had the other half."
"We can create a "Human" Kartia now."
"As long as we get an Original Kartia."
"What do you mean?"
"For example if Ele created Ele, there will be another Ele."

"I got it! I got it!"
"Enough already."

"Say it, Kun."
"When I met Kainas, he was looking for that Text."
"And we have the Text. Not him."

"What's your point?"
"So Kainas can't violate the law."
"So he can't be a heathen without the Text."
"So, Lacryma doesn't have to go to Nordia."

That's a rather flimsy arguement, if you ask me. I mean, yeah sure, they're right. But Vandor/Kainas has a lot of other crimes already commited.
We know for a fact that he stole the Original "Life" and "Death" Kartia's to begin with.
That's already enough to be a heathen.

"You're right! That's a good idea!"
"Kainas might change his mind with time."
"Don't you agree, Lacryma? Why don't we go back to Headquarters?"

Well, that was a bust, not for the lack of trying. Right back on track to murder Vandor then.

Lacryma Episode 29 Chapter 15 pt.2