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Part 72: Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 - To the light pt.1

Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.1

Totally a coincidence dude, don't worry about it

So the chapter starts up with our main character mulling over the possibility of having gone insane. This is gonna be good.

"I thought you were our guide."
"I don't know Eden's geography."
"You're right. Then we'll take the straight road!"

A weird telepathy sound is occurring.

Oh great, this guy again. Is it Toxa's Persona? Who knows?

"What's wrong with you!? Was it another dream?"
"I just talked to the eldest Elf!"
"Right... The eldest Elf..."
"This is getting worse by the minute..."
"Did he hit his head hard in yesterday's battle?"

"The world is in danger. They wanted my help..."
"Are you sure you're feeling alright, Toxa?"
"He invited us to meet with him."
"Do you know where this Elf is?"
"He will tell us which way to go... He seems to know about Mona, too. It's on the way to our destination."

I would criticize the characters for doubting Toxa, considering all the weird shit they have seen, but you should never ignore the possibility of insanity.

"... Dragons, flying continent, hairy-old Elf. What's next?"

Toxa and Posha moves on

Well it leads to friggin' Elves

"... Dragons, flying continent, hairy-old Elf. What's next?"

Alana is just kind of zoned out the whole time.

"Well.. He said we should go straight."
"I hope it's not a trap."

Oh hey, it's Cross! Of course he survived a giant falling continent/island/rock. He is moving slowly forward, signifying that he is injured.

"What luck! He survived the fall of Eden!"

Well, that wasn't Cross's fault.

"What happened to Asty!?"
"The fall of Eden... She couldn't escape... I could not heal her wounds..."
"How badly was she injured?"
"This better not be a trap..."
"Idorus is destroyed and we're severely weakened..."
"Cross, tell me one thing. Why does Asty hate me?"

"That's it!? I never had feelings for Vandor..."
"Remember, he ordered you to get Mona. He trusted you more."
"That is because I'm older than her and it was risky..."
"Asty didn't take it that way."
"Vandor raised both of us..."
"But it was true that Lord Vandor loved you more than Asty."

"Asty wanted to prove that she was better than you... Besides, she doesn't have time. I understand why she's in haste..."

Man, Cross is just laying out all the truths isn't he? So basically it was just simple sibling rivalry taken to an extreme.

"Stay away from me!"
"What is the meaning of this!?"
"They will take care of your wounds. Just surrender, Asty."
"Surrender!? What's wrong with you!? Why don't you fight!?"
"Asty, the war is over..."

"You don't know anything..."
"What do you mean!? This has nothing to do with Vandor anymore."

"C'mon Misty! Fight me! My war is not over yet!"

"We can't fight a person who is already wounded and ill."

"I will fight with you."
"You don't have to."
"I want to. We're partners, remember?"

"Alana, stop them! They can't possibly..."
"I understand how she feels..."

Alana takes out a piece of Kartia and readies for battle.

"We have no choice..."

Karis draws her sword and she also readies for battle.

Oh man...

Are we really going to fight two injured people with all our might? I'm feeling really bad about doing this...

I guess we are

So this is the first time we are fighting Asty... And she is lvl 12. The Charune's Hat is something we can create, but we can't get it to +4 due to the fact that creating it requires 5 Kartia Texts. Whelp.

I think Cross actually went down in weapons rank. Probably to signify his injury. I'm feeling read bad about this. I'm so sorry Cross.
Even though you tried to kill us so many times.

We have quite a few new items we can create, and this is the first of them. It's actually a secret combo. If you take the Replicated Sword and add "Authority" to it, you get this Kusanagi Blade.
While 33 damage and another 15 to Commons is pretty good, it's no where near the most disgustinly over powered items we can create.

Speaking off... We've already seen the Dream Sword, but this is it's full potential 27 damage and 14 hp per hit. Getting closer.

Also, it looks like a slightly larger dagger for some reason.

Now the real broken stuff is the Dream Armor set. It has more defense than the Genji, and it also has a nice +14 defense to all elements. Sweet.

This is out current Toxa. He can shrug off Dragon attacks like they are nothing and pack quite a wallop too.

This is our new Toxa, Not only is he even more beefier than before, but he can now resist the most powerful of magic

The most broken item we can make by far, is the Dream Katana +4. It heals a staggering 28 hp per hit and the damage isn't all that bad. It's little over a fourth of our characters health back, per hit. It's ridonkolus.

Old Karis.

New Karis. Isn't she dreamy?

Charune's Hat decreases Common damage by 10. Since we can't improve it, it's seriously shit. Pass.

Now this on the other hand I can get behind. 28 to all elemental resistance? Ridonkolus.

Could a dream hat look any different?

Femille Robe is just the chest version of Charune's Hat. It reduces Shadow damage.

Fergaro Shoes finishes the set. At least it's stylish?

Old Posha.

New Posha. Wait a minute...

Dreamy Posha. She has almost 200 elemental resistances in Water and Wind. That's insane. My most powerful spell rests somewhere around 160-170ish. And that's if I +4 it.

Alana only get's a better Dream Sword. Seeing as she has decent resistances, I'd rather she has the higher defense. In hindsight that was a pretty stupid decision as Kartia is the ever increasing threat.

Old Misty.

Dreamy Misty.

Now that we are kited out. It's finally time. After all we've been through. Teaser after teaser, we finally have them.


Dragon General Kyau will be commanding this battle. So I park him with a nice view of the dragon battlefield.

So our opposition is of course these Dragons.

Further down, we find even more Dragons.

And lastly, we have Cross and Asty.

But wait. There is this suspicious amount of ground terrain.

You're not fooling me game.

There's also this lake of Garorks, they will bear witness to my power. They are otherwise inconsequential and can be ignored.

I change my lineup slightly to have Alana on digging duty.

And you better dig those up too because they are filled with Text.

See? Just assume I dig up 6-7 Texts

Now here's what you've all been waiting for Dragon on Dragon action. I'm not going to lie, it kind of Drags on

So with a type advantage my dragons cripples the enemy Dragons and I have initiative. This map would be over in 2 turns if I didn't have to dig so much shit up.

On the other hand if you have a type disadvantage... Well I didn't do this of course.

Alana's Dragons are also genetically superior to other Dragons as they have the "Beast" Text. Which gives their movement +2. Which they sorely need as their base movement in 3.

As much as I hate to diverge from our Dragon theme, I think we should also play with some spells. I also kind of want to get rid of these Doll Dragons who are weak to water.

Peeeeerfect, oh yes.

Let's betterfy it hmm?

How silly of me, this is a Dragon theme and real Dragons include fire.

You will note that this is the spell Cross used to kill off Garum.

Speaking of spells used in cutscenes...

Hey it's the spell Lacryma used to open her mothers grave.

We've had this spell for quite a while, but I wanted to cover it now. Note that it heals 100 hp. It's rather useless since if you need all 100Hp healed... Well, then you're dead.

But let's check it out anyways.

It has a similar spell effect as the one Saradiart used to revive himself.

But enough screwing around, let's finish this.

Just checking the damage...

Oh this is just perfect.

The least I can do, is killing them both at the same time.
By the way, I know it's minor, but usually when we have defeated someone who doesn't actually die, they just kneel down.
But if they die, they fade out of existence. Both Asty and Cross fade out here.

Fynus Helmet? I'm sure this is nothing important AT all. So just disregard this item and forget about it.
So hooray! We kicked some severely injured peoples ass. Go us!

Next time, on Dragonball Kartia, it's crazy time. And I won't update anymore for today, I promise.

Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.1