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Part 73: Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 - To the light pt.2

Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.2

Oh good, they didn't die.

"Do you want to stay with us until we get to Eden? In the condition you are in, you can't possibly hold off wild Phantoms."
"Don't worry about us. Just go. If the Rebels moved Mona to the Encrypter School, it will be a difficult journey..."
"Cross, take care of Asty..."
"I will say thank you on her behalf..."

Now that we are done kicking Misty's sisters ass, we leave them crippled and defenseless. I have to wonder, what did we really accomplish here?

MUSIC:Untitled Track X

"You just can't do everything you want... You must face reality."
"I miss the time when I was a child. Mother, father, sister, me... It's too late to go back to those days."
"You are too young to be nostalgic about the past..."
"Cross, what are you going to do?"
"First of all... I need to take care of these Phantoms..."

Come on! It wouldn't even take 2 turns to save them. Why did we have to just leave them like this?

"You know I have pride..."
"With that many Phantoms... It will be difficult to hold them off."
"You don't have to die because of me. Save yourself..."

"You are a compassionate man."
"I've told you that before..."

Why can't we just be big god damn heroes and save them? It's not like they're terrible people... Well okey Asty is a little terrible, but Cross is a pretty swell guy.

Cross is limping here, it's pretty clear he is in a pretty desperate situation here.

Untitled Track X stops here

Well now that Cross and Asty are presumably dead, let's move on to more important things.

"I never thought there would be Text in Eden..."
"Unfortunately, I can't make anything of it."

"He sure is hairy... Toxa wasn't dreaming..."

I like to pretend that Karis have just been zoning out all the drama between Misty and her sister.

"I hear his voice inside my mind! Is this the power of the Elves?"
"What an odd feeling! I've never felt anything like this before..."

"He is able to use magic without Kartia? That's like..."
"Yes. That is the secret of Saradiart..."

"No! That's impossible!"
Whenever I hear that line I always think of Star Wars.
"He was killed by the Original "Death" Kartia. I can't believe he's still alive..."

"Old Elf, I have one question. Elves can create any kind of phenomenon without Kartia... If you have that much power, can't you kill Saradiart?"


"That is why you are asking us to kill him... Let's do it!"
"But how? He is immortal..."
"The Forbidden Kartia has no effect on him either..."
"There is no way that we can win."

"That's going to be tricky. Knock him unconscious? Do you think it's possible?"
"Mona's strength is unknown... There are so many risks."

Oh.. I see now. I think I have figured some things out, but in the interest of not spoiling things I'll keep it to my damn self.

"We should go to Nordia. Our initial plan was to save Mona. If we don't this place will be destroyed."
"If we don't do anything, the world will be destroyed."
"I don't like any of our choices..."

Yeah, what are you talking about old man? Dragons don't have wings in Kartia.

Wait... Really? No way.

Holy shit, they're real! Look at these majestic beasts. I want one.

And for the first time, we see a jumping animation.

Yeah, the jumping animation doesn't translate too well onto screenshots

It's rather apparent that Karis isn't too comfortable with the situation.

Karis, you have the opportunity to ride a god damn majestic dragon.

Yeah, we'll just improvise. It's just the world that's at risk. No biggie.

This is the greatest thing. The greatest.

But there is still more friggin' Elves to be taken care of.

As you can see, the elves can totally speak normally, without creating everything they say.
They just did the whole telepathy thing to look cooler. Jerks.

They totally can, but they won't because it's against their law. And while they stick to their beliefs the world is ending. friggin' Elves

How nice of them to use us a puppets.

Hmm... That is really ominous. I'm not sure if he is talking about the person or a thing.

VIDEO:Taking Off
You should seriously watch this.

For those of you who have terrible interwebs, here's the screen shot version.

We actually have our characters rendered in a FMV.

I'm going to assume this is Misty?

You should listen to this for the last bit of the update.

Raguruzet will have this face throughout this scene. He is terrified.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Although the place where Eden landed turned to Hell!"
"What are you trying to do by calling Eden out?"
"I'm going to create a world that belongs to Mona and I."
"Your kind will not allow that!"
"They cannot use their magic against me. Besides, they are not my kind... Mona and myself are the only ones that matter..."

DRAGON OBJECTION! A Dragon roar can be heard.

"The Old Elf is desperate now. Raguruzet, don't do anything. Show them to my room."

Hold the fuck up... Am I seeing things?


"I never knew you could do this with Kartia... Is this the power of the Elves?"

"I have magic power because I'm half Elf."
"I don't think Kartia is heathen."
"I'm distinguished and yet I'm treated as a heathen!"
"This is not fair! Everyone is wrong!"

"My death was a good lesson for me!"
"That is why I have become two!"
"Raguruzet, I want you to bear witness to all this..."
"Because you are half responsible for my being."

If this doesn't give you nightmares, I don't know what will. Saradiart just discovered sadism. Great...

So the immortal magic elf, just duplicated himself, now not even the Original "Death" Kartia will work against him, as that only works on a single target.
Man shit is going crazy. Thankfully we have a plan that doesn't require Original "Death".

Toxa Episode 32 Chapter 16 pt.2