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Part 74: Lacryma Episode 33 Chapter 16 - Invisible chain pt.1

Lacryma Episode 31 Chapter 16 pt.1

I have no idea what most of this means. My best guess is Ele is commenting on how Kun has adapted to the group.

This intro is unique in that there is actually a sound effect for the door getting broken down.

Well it's not unique, but it's something that makes it stand out.

Anyways, behold the 3-D rendered Miles and Golem Phantoms.

Not pictured: Lacryma and Rimzan standing around and discussing something.

Knight 2 "It's judgement from God. They supported the Rebels.[/i]
Knight 1 "They got what they deserve."
Knight 2 "They should have dropped Eden earlier. Then we wouldn't had to suffer as much."

It's kind of hard to see, but Kun have turned and started listening in on the conversation.

Knight 2 "We don't have any obligation to help the Idorus people."
Knight 3 "You're right. Why do we have to follow the Chief and get killed?"

Wow, what a bunch of ignorant assholes.

As a matter of fact, I do

"You're happy that Eden fell? Innocent people died!"
Knight 1 "Look at what we have here. Someone thinks he's a hero."
Knight 3 "He thinks he's better than us!"
"That has nothing to do with it!"

Come on Troy, we're at the late game. Were at the stage where every other JRPG protag team is taking down gods. What are 3 redneck guards gonna do to oppose us?

Knight 1 "Listen kid, it's not our fault Eden fell. This is war, and there are always victims."
"Not your fault!? If you didn't back out the last time, this wouldn't have happened!"

Well to be fair, while the military have been less than efficient, they aren't the cause for Saradiart going nuts and dropping Eden.

Knight 2 "They always cause problems in Rebus. All they have is pride and ego. They deserve to die."
"What did you say!?"
"Ele, don't get involved in this!"
Knight 2 "Idorus supported the Rebels. Whoever risks their lives to help them is a loser."
Knight 1 "They're the ones who caused this. We have no obligation to help them."

Knight 3 "Since you brought it up, the operation failed because of Vigilance."
Knight 3 "We trusted Lacryma, but she deceived us..."
"How dare you say that!?"
Knight 2 "You want to fight us? Go ahead, but you're going to regret it."
"Back off, Kun! If you hit them, you'll never be a Knight!"
Knight 3 "He's right. A trainee has to obey a Knight completely. Or would you rather disregard the rule?"

Yeah, screw the rules! We have Kartia! Kick their ass.

Knight 3 "Stupid rule? Are you calling our regulations stupid!? Shut up, you wench!"
Knight 1 "Idorus doesn't need a wench like you!"
"Wench! Who are you calling a wench!?"
"Stop Ele! Who cares what they say!"
"I do! I have my pride!"

Knight 1 "Are you sure, kid? I thought you wanted to be a Knight?"
"Not anymore... Not if I'll become someone like you."

Knight 3 "You asked for it..."

"Right on time, Chief!"
We could have taken them.
"Rimzan, these people are mean!"

Knight 3 "Chief! This lad disobeyed us!"
Knight 1 "He also insulted us. He's a disgrace to all Knights..."
Knight 2 "I ask for you to give him the proper punishment!"
This is devolving to kindergarten.

Ha! Take that bullies! 90's justice! Man, I should re-watch Karate Kid.

Knight 1 "What!?"
Knight 1 "Has the Chief lost his mind?"
"I'm feeling fine. He was supposed to be anointed a long time ago. I didn't want to postpone it any further. Now, do you wish to continue?"

Yeah, that's right. Run home to mommy and complain about it. Dicks!

"You were worried about me?"
"Don't take it the wrong way."

"They forgot what it meant to be a Knight. I can't stand that. Too much ego..."
"Congratulations, Kun!"
"Thank you!"
"Too much ego? I would be in trouble if I was a Knight."
"You can't even be a trainee."

The clock is certainly ticking, only 4 more chapters after this one, and the game is over. Oh no!
I'd want to say that the game doesn't waste time but... Friggin' Troy and your friggin' filler

What happened to "Innocent people died when Eden fell" Kun?

The soldier simply collapses on his own.

"Kanyam, what happened?"
Kanyam "Our town... Phantoms of Eden attacked out town..."
"Lacryma, Ele! We have an injured person here!"
"What did the Phantoms do?"
Kanyam "I... just fucking... told you, idiot! Countless Phantoms attacked our town..."

"Is it the town... Is the town on the border?"

Kanyam "Please help Sir Assam..."
"Hey! Hang in there!"

Unfortunately, Kanyam doesn't survive his injuries. However, it turns out Assam didn't die.
Wait, why do we care again?

"Had I killed the General of the Rebels..."
"No time for regret. We have to do something now!"
"You're right..."
"Wasn't that guy who fell in love with Alana?"
"The rich weirdo who proposed to her."
"Let's go, Lacryma ! We have to help them!"
"I agree..."

Actually, we're out of time, so we'll cover that next update.
Maybe it won't take another 3 days to update. Who am I kidding? I need LP Anonymous to help stop updating.
I have a problem! Halp!

Lacryma Episode 31 Chapter 16 pt.1