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Part 79: Toxa Episode 33 Penultimate Chapter 17 - Bond pt.1

Toxa Episode 33 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.1

I'm going to assume that Misty is talking about Duran here. Or she have broken the inter-dimensional walls.
Given how crazy things have been so far, I don't see why not at this point.

This is the same scene as in Lacryma's Chapter 17. So we join in just right after Rimzan have left on his... I wanna say important mission, but I don't actually know what he is going to do.
Let's just move on.

Yep, dragons land just as before.

But here is when differences start to show.

"We're here..."
"That wasn't very comfortable."
I can't imagine it's disimilar to riding a horse. Albeit just flying.
"Hey, be careful! What is this? A Dragon with wings..?"
"Alana? What are you doing here?"
"Going sunbathing.

"I saw Assam on the way over here."
"What!? He's alive!?"
"He's fighting the Phantoms while protecting the town."
"Good. He's alive..."
"He gave me a letter to give to you.By the way, your boyfriend is a total wuss. Couldn't even handle 3 Kariya's"
"At least my boyfriend can read... Unlike yours. For me?"

"After this battle, you guys can see each other anytime you want."
"That's right! Your fiance is alive! This is not the time to be depressed, Alana!"

"Ha, ha, ha! Oh, I just missed Lacryma's tea..."

Alana moves on to talk to someone else.

We won't actually hear Posha explain what happened to Duran. Instead...

"Trust... That is the evidence of a good man..."
"Karis, why did you become an Inquirer?"

"You're right. I want to know about him..."
"Thank you..."
Yeah, this is another awkward conversation. Moving on.

Hey now, Rimzan survived just fine. Don't see why Duran wouldn't.

Posha is much healthier now, compare to the last time we were gathered.
Last time, she took Troy's shit laying down and almost self destructed over it.
Now she verbally fights back and is actually a part of the discussion.

It's a little hard to see but Lacryma is looking down.

As you see, Posha has grown to a point where she can even tell her idol off.
It's a wonderful thing to see, really.

So remember the spoiler I talked about last Chaper? Here it comes...

Troy... What are you talking about? You shouldn't know a god damn thing about Beltshumeltz yet.
Stop breaking the time continuity, you're not Doctor Who.

"Guess both of us have plenty of stories to tell..."
"Not much time to enjoy a reunion, huh?"

Yeah, this part is the same as well, but might as well show it again. Gotta pad that character number

Lacryma still looks down and Ele notices it again...

However, we don't get Ele's inner thoughts this time. Honestly, we got a lot more info from this scene in Lacryma's Chapter than in Toxa's.
But let's move on the the main plot.

Toxa is showing a frightening ability to see into the future. Or an awareness of how the game mechanics works.

We didn't ride in on our Dragons? Missed opportunity...

Do I really have to link it again? Of course Saradiarts theme plays again

What? I know that... Look Saradiart you don't actually pay anything. It's a figure of speech. Geeze.

"Saradiart! Where is Mona!?"
"She is in the next room."
"You will give Mona back to me!"

"When she sees the paradise I create, she will understand."
"Not if I have anything to say about !"
"Don't underestimate the power of the Elves!"
"I will do whatever it takes to stop you!"
"Do you really think you can kill me? What an idiot, I pity your ignorance."

"What is an Elf? A miserable little pile of glitter and pretentiousness! But enough talk! Have at you![/i]


"Let's get rid of these guys and get Saradiart!"
"Let's go!"


But I could change it... I have the power. It would be irresponsible not to... Right?

Nah, if I have to suffer this. Then so should you. We're in this together.

Right, so I'm unsure if we have to just kill the Soldiers or what. I burned the damn place to the ground, because fuck this chapter.

It's stupidly large, for no good reason.

There's stupid treasure chests, guarded by stupid Dragons.

Yes, they're down here too.

See? Look at how stupidly huge this damn place is.

Oh woe is me. Stupid Naga's...

There's stupid treasure, behind the stupid Soldiers..

I noticed that I had failed to properly show off the Fynuses last update...

When they're just standing on a square they're crouching together, but when they move they stretch their unnaturally large limbs and tower over us.

By the way, I feel I want to point out this spell...

Or rather it's pathetic damage on Toxa... Toxa's weakness is magic remember?

By the way this Dragon got one shottet. Remember back when we encountered them for the first time? Our Phantoms were lucky to deal 20 damage.

Spell Montage time!

So there have been words in the thread... About a certain spell. And it's finally within my grasp. I present to you...

METAL GEAR Rear Water!

The animation for this spell doesn't really fit Gif's. So you'll have to make do with this.
Anyways it's kind of bad despite being the last Area Water spell we get.

Anyways, I skipped a ton of this map. There were some reinforcements too, but it was just more soldiers so who cares...

Killed a bunch of dudes... I can't convey how much I hate this map. I mean it's not the map itself that's a problem just that it's the penultimate chapter. Dick move Kartia... You don't put filler right before the finale.

Oh yeah, and we're still getting Text by the way. This game sometimes...

Toxa Episode 33 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.1