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Part 80: Toxa Episode 33 Penultimate Chapter 17 - Bond pt.2

Toxa Episode 33 Penultimate Chapter 17 pt.2

"Toxa! There's Mona!"

But we aren't dead...

Uh oh, I'm getting bad feelings, guys. Really bad vibes here...

Blammo! Misty got taken out.

But Saradiart isn't waiting around. He zaps Karis next.

Now that I think about it. We didn't really have a plan on how to knock Saradiart out exactly...

"Toxa! It's a trap!"
Alana, what the fuck is the point of that sentence? You're trapped in the room with Saradiart.
"Humans are really stupid! That is your downfall!"

Saradiarts gathers energy again and...

Blasts Toxa, uncontested.

Toxa isn't completely knocked out by the blast. Either showing inhuman tenacity or Saradiart is running out of juice.

"Please! Don't kill Toxa! Please, I beg of you..."
"They were sent by the Elves to kill me!"
"That's because the humans and Elves want their worlds back... San, please stop this...."
"Mona, you know I can't do that. If I stop here, we will be treated as heathens again. Think of what they did to our mother..."

"The game is over!"

This is it guys. We have nothing in our hands to play. Toxa might have survived one blast, but another? Yeah I don't think so...
Well it was a good run. But I have to say the game had a bitter ending. I have to say it's daring to let the villain win in a game.
But I do think it adds to the artistic va-

"I'm Bach, baby. Oh hell yeah."

"Why is Bachstail here!?"

Wait.. How is Karis and Misty even remotely okey, when the same spell completely decimated Duran? HE NEEDED SURGERY.
Duran you wimp.

"This is the Original. The Kartia that controls "Death"!"
"Then what was the Kartia stored in Idorus?"
"Made in China. That one was fake. Sorry, I couldn't get to you in time."

I feel like I've forgotten something... I know it's important, but I just can't remember...

"Let me tell you what will happen to you if..."
"Don't waste your breath... I already know."

"... I don't care about human beings. You can't win..."

That's a different spell animation to the fake "Death" Kartia. I think it's a neat touch. Not only that, but it isn't
all dark shadows and skeletons with scythes. It's actually quite different to what you'd expect.

Saradiart is darkening and...

He simply fades from existance. This time, there is no body. Not a single particle of his existence remains.
Complete and true obliteration.

"Saradiart is gone!"

Goodbye you cool old man.

At least it is finally over.

"What happened to him?"
"That is the price you pay when you use the Original..."
"The price you pay... What are you talking about?"
"What happened to him?"
"Your life is the price you pay..."
"Then Bachstail is..."

"Because I... Toxa, I..."
"It's over, Toxa."
"Yes, the war is over..."
"Now, the Old Elf can return Eden and the Phantoms to where they belong."
"Rebus will be peaceful again..."

"It's a disease you get when you work as an Inquirer for a long time..."
How could Karis not be the best character? I know I compared her to Batman earlier, but she actually feels more like a noir detective in a fantasy setting.
And it's great.

"We should go out and check!"
"That's an easy and assuring way to confirm their promise."

I'm sure it'll be fine. Anyways, we finally did it. We've taken down Saradiart, stopped Akueldo and saved the day.... Now we really just have to check up on Lacryma...

Toxa Episode 33 PENULTIMATE Chapter 17. pt.2

... wait what? Penultimate chapter? What is going on here? Saradiart is dead. This is the ending!

Oh boy... I knew I forgot something.


We are finally at the end of the LP... Well nearly at the end of the LP.
I know we started off with Toxa's chapter and we've continually alternated between characters.
But that is NO MORE! I know, it's a crazy world we live in.

So here it is.
Which characters ending do you want to see first?
Do we follow Troy Lacryma to Pentagram and find out what Beltschumeltz is planning?
Or do we walk with Karis Toxa to check up on whether the Elves have fulfilled their promise?
Whichever reaches THE MOST votes until I next decided to update, will win.
The choice is yours.