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Part 81: Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 - Eternity pt.1

Sorry for the late update, I binge read the White Knight Chronicles LP and blacked out. Anyways let's get this show on the road.

Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.1

So here we are.

We start off the chapter with the episode intro. It's the map on Rebus zooming out while every other episode intro's we've had in Toxa's story fading slightly in and out.
So it can be a bit hard to see.

Mmhmm. Saradiart getting crushed, I remember that. Good times.

Stupid magical elf bullshit. Yep.

So this is how you tell that it's the final chapter. The colors are inverted from the normal title drop. Simple, but effective.

We're back in the same courtyard where we were having our last reunion with everyone.

"This is strange! I still feel the atmosphere of battle!"
Toxa is sensing something.
"I hear the sound of magic. I hear it everywhere!"

Bwarrr, I'm a Dragon and I'm roaring!

"That is the cry of the Dragons! Are the Phantoms still around?"
"Why? We killed Saradiart."
Remember that the Elves would take back everything Eden brought with it when Saradiart got dealt with.
So the fact that the Phantoms are still here is the first sign of the plan having gone wrong.

Of course Saradiarts theme plays here.

Surprise! Saradiart isn't dead. It's not that the Original "Death" didn't work, but rather that he had a clone hanging around in the event that he
should be hit by O.G. "Death" again. Dare I say it? A villain that learns from his mistakes? Holy shit I'm legitimately terrified now.

"I'm not stupid enough to be killed twice in the same way."
I'd prefer to be smart enough not to be killed at all.

Another Saradiart pops into existence right in front of us. Hey! That's cheating! Only heroes get to have extra lives!

"I feel the power from both Sans... It's as if both of them are my real brother..."
Great. So Saradiart has the power of CTRL-V. I can't even imagine what that would entail. So let's just roll with it.
"This can't be... We already used the "Death" Kartia on one of his clones!"
Sure, but even if we did have enough "Deaths" to kill all the Saradiarts we'd have to sacrifice another two people to do it.

"No way!! This is horrible..."
Well it could be worse. At least Saradiart is limited to only two clones...

I am so sorry I said that.

So yeah, Saradiart answers the age old question of "Wait, the villain has X advantage? Why doesn't he just used X advantage over and over again?"

"Go ahead and try!"
Guys, you're staring down 3 Saradiarts and you got your ass kicked by one. Still, you'd probably die no matter what you did, so go for broke.

"Mona, don't make this difficult for me! Do you want your friends to die!?"
Man, threatening your sister? That ain't coo' man. Ain't coo' at all.

Another Saradiart pop into existence. We're at 4 now.

Except that she doesn't. She just kind of want you to chill out.

"Just because she is your sister doesn't mean... You are selfish!"
"We won't give Mona back to you!"

We're now at 5 Saradiarts. Saradiart is reaching critical mass!

I'm not gonna lie. We are kind of boned. We are actually 5 times as screwed as last time we faced Saradiart.

"Mona.exe has detected that you're using cheats. Your account will now be terminated. VAC BAN!"

Mona decides not to VAC BAN the last Saradiart, even though she could have ended the whole thing right then and there.
Also of note the "Original" Saradiart is dead by now. Bachstail took out a clone and we saw Mona killed the other clones.
The last one remaining is one we also saw created and is thus a clone.

"I will become the king of the world! That is the only way!"
Man, what are you even trying to do anymore Saradiart?
"Fuck you, my girlfriend is magic! You're powerless by Mona's magic."
"I still have this Kartia!"

When Mona swings the ban hammer, she swings it hard. Saradiart no longer has any clones or access to his bullshit elven magic.

"Posha! Take Mona to safety!"

And so our magical bullshit super weapon leaves the game. Well okey, we'll just risk our lives unnecessarily then!
Who am I kidding? There is absolutely no risk at all here. Mona has been reading the LP. She knows.

And so the final battle begins.

Next update. Bwahahahaha

Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.1


Sazero posted:

So far the vote is:
Toxa: 5
Lacryma: 2

Wait... Hold on...
5 Toxa votes...
5 Saradiarts...
The interdimensional wall has been broken!