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Part 83: Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 - Eternity pt.3

Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.3

I rolled a 1 on my Procrastination Check and thus it critically failed. Damn

"When Mona sealed his power, it was obvious that he lost... Yet, he didn't try to run away. Why?"
"Was it because of his pride?"
"Maybe his human side forced him to keep on fighting..."

"Saradiart... Now I see..."

Magic Bullshit Elf time!

Saradiart gets magicked away to the Elf(th) dimension.

I wonder if the elven prison system is like the Norweigan one.

Aww yeah! Good ending time!

Ofcourse the elves can just fix everything like that. Because magic elven bullshit.

"Then that means..."
"Yes! The Phantoms have disappeared from Rebus!"

The game shows you how the Phantoms disappears one by one here, but let's just cut it eh?

While I don't see why the Knights would any problems with Akrillo's and Dragons. It's totally understandable for normal civilians to
have a very hard time. Also wow those Phantoms really got out of hands.

Oh, hey it's Joe again. But didn't we see them in Lacryma's Chapter? I honestly can't remember so let's just move on.

Oh yes, GOD saved you. I bet you're the sort of people who thanks GOD when it was the doctor's work for fixing you up after
getting into a bicycle accident. Well to be fair it's not like they knew what was going on.

Are they reading the LP too? Stop breaking the 4th wall!

I still can't get over how there's a character named Candy in this game.

"Akueldo lost their Commander. The war is over."
"We can let the Knights take care of the rest."
"We can finally take a vacation."
"Posha, you have to write a report when we get back."
"What report!? Me!?"
"Yes, remember, you're the successor of Duran."
Man, even though we saved the world, we still have to do homework? The world is a harsh place.

"What will become of us?"
"I will report this at the next Inquirer's meeting. Don't worry."
"Thanks for your help... We owe you a lot..."

Wait what?

"Keep Mona? Why does it have to be this way?"

Friggin' Elves and their damn elven magical bullshit.

If only arguing on the internet were this easy

Man, this isn't shaping up to be the happy ending.

"Mona, are you sure about this?"
"My brother has been taken to that world and will be judged... I want to be close to him... He will be lonely..."
"I understand how you feel about your brother. But you must also think about Toxa's feelings as well."
"Once you go back, you may not be able to come back, Mona."
"Mona, you love Toxa, don't you? Then why don't you stay here!?"
"Mona, think about this. Toxa is serious about you!"
Well he did certainly murder a lot of things for Mona.

It sounds like Mona are set in stone to go to the Elven world.

Yeah, fuck Rebus.

Man, there's just no working with these guys are there?

Wait is this really going to happen?

And then she is gone. Stop pulling my heartstrings game.

We've won, but Toxa lost.

Yeah. Everything Toxa have worked for. Completely ruined.
The hero doesn't get his reward, go directly to jail, do not collect happy ending.

"You did what you could do... Don't forget that..."
"Toxa, you helped save the world. You are a true Knight!"

So that's how this game ends. Toxa, losing in the end.
I mean sure, he is regarded as a hero, but he that wasn't why he was doing all this.
This is the story Kartia wanted to tell us.

I have no idea who any of these guys are, but I'm posting the credits anyway.

And that's that. The game doesn't have an epilogue as to what happens to the rest of our party.
We don't even see Duran again. What happens to Alana or Posha. We simply do not get told.
And I think that's a major flaw in the ending. We've been so invested in these characters, that we don't
really get a proper ending to them.

I'm not particularly satisfied with this ending. So let's see if I can't find a little more as to what happened.

Toxa's pretty stubborn about thing. At least he still has some hope. It's better than sitting in a bar and drinking away your sorrow.

"If there's anything I can do, don't hesitate to ask me."
"I know you have somebody waiting for you back home... Don't worry about me."
I guess Alana really did get together with Assam.
"You have someone waiting for you..."

And there she is. Just like that.

"How can you be here!?"
"Didn't you go back to Eden with the Old Elf?"
"Yes, I'm in Eden as well."
"What? What do you mean?"
"The one in Eden is a copy of me. She will be with my brother."
Well makes perfect sense. If you need to be two places at once, just split yourself.
Rebus is a world where that is entirely possible. If you're a bullshit magical elf at least.

I guess Mona, Megaman'd San's powers.

"If they found out, you would be in big trouble!"
"Yes, but I have Toxa."

Oh, hey. We do get to see Duran again.

It's a little hard to see in the sceenshots, but Toxa is swinging Mona around.

And that is how Toxa's campaign really ends.

I have to make a little confession though. I made a slight edit in which order things got shown. Normally the this scene would be played right after
Toxa got his hopes crushed. And then the Credits would be playing now. But since the game sort of pulls the fake out itself,
I decided to be a little more elaborate around it.

So Toxa and Mona got their fairy tale ending. And I'm totally okey with that.
Because I'm a sucker for happy endings. As to what happens further in their lives, we don't get
to know. Which is a bit of a shame, considering how invested the player is in the characters.
At least I am.

There are a few plot threads lose, that might be covered in Lacryma's Final Chapter,
so I won't be commenting on them right now. But for now, everything looks like all has been settled.

Toxa Episode 36 Final Chapter 18 pt.3