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Part 84: Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 - Farewell pt.1

Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 pt.1

Lacryma's episode intro is similar to Toxa's

You have the map of Rebus, while the camera slowly zooms out as all the other episode intro's fade slightly in and out.

Once again, we're at a journeys end. Let's get to it.

... Is that who I think it is? No way. Just... WHAT IS HE DOING HERE?
I guess it's a testament to Beltschumeltz power in Pentagram. He can have a criminal
running around lose with nobody asking questions.

Big flapping noises can suddenly be heard. You also make out something that almost sounds like "Objection!" but you're not entirely sure.

Arrive to the boss fight on dragon back? 150 style points.

"Only God can do that."
"Why do you support the Rebels?"
"You're our servant... You shouldn't doubt the existence of God. If i can get the answer, then all of my questions will be solved."
Err.. What? Obviously getting answers will solve questions. That's kind of the essence of answers. I'll just chalk it up to crazy priest talk.
"Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you"
"You are not a Cardinal... You're just a heathen who hurts people."
"What is a man? Glass shatters A miserable little pile of secrets."
"I'm the divine authority here! I'm here to prove the existence of God! Zakuro, kill them!"
Why should I even remotely consider Zakuro a threat? We kicked his ass several times by now. Come on game

Troy is the best character.

Beltschumeltz is stalking God and he/she just doesn't want to pick up the phone. Maybe God doesn't want to talk to you Beltschumeltz, did you think of that? Huh?

"Everyone must make sacrifices. This is nothing."
I'm happy you feel that way, because I'm about to sacrifice you.
"This is nothing!? We will never allow you to create the "Heaven" of Eden!"
"Fools! This is God's will!"
Rapidly approaching cliche final villain territory. Ah wait, we're already here.

MUSIC:It Has To Be This Way
Wait hold up, that's not a track in Kartia let me just... Now where did I put the disk?

MUSIC:Decisive Battle
You should give this a listen.

This is it. The final battle in the LP.

Despite having two human bosses this final battle is even easier than Toxa's Chapter 18 battle.

Before we get too into our surroundings, I've just got to show off our Kartia collection once again.

I'm missing the same Silk Text as Toxa's list. Oh well

But other than that one Text I have every other Text. Lacryma's 18 doesn't feature such bullshit as burried Text.

Each corner have a special ground tile we haven't seen before named Recovery. I assume it's going to heal any units standing on it. But
I've never actually seen it in action.

Right down the middle of the map, we have these unfortunate souls who had the grim fate of standing in our way.

All the way in the back, we have Beltschumeltz himself. Equipped with a spear. Good job nimrod. Everyone of your units is equipped with swords, except for you.

Even Zakuro the giant fuck up knows how choose proper equipment.

So Beltschumeltz have absolutely ridonkulous elemental resistances. He is effectively immune to all magic save for one spell.

Zakuro is a chump and I refuse to give him more attention than that.

"Where the fuck are my Dragons?"
Whoops, sorry Daenerys

Here you go.

The final hidden spell of the game is Core Quake. As someone mentioned in the thread, it's a combination of Quake + Star + World + End + Law.
Since it's a 5 Kartia spell only Lacryma and Troy can cast it. But it is also the highest damaging spell in the game. It will completely fuck anything over that isn't a final boss.

It's also weird in that it's root word is earth elemental, but the actual casting color is that of a water spell. I didn't bother check whether it did Water damage or Earth damage.

It's not that visually interesting though.

Doll Dragons get's instantly wiped out by it.

Everything else takes a good bit of damage.

Fyni actually take around 40 ish damage. But my Dragons had spat on them earlier.

So the game ends as it began. Me spamming wide area high damaging Earth Spells.

Oh and Troy hit lvl 20.

Takeru Thunder only just barely managed double digit damage on the Fyni

Zakuro is beginning to enter the fray though. I wonder what will happen?

Lacryma only ever arrests someone once. So yeah. Zakuro got one shottet by Core Quake. and stay out.

Yeah, Beltschumeltz only took 6 damage from a 170 damage spell. Just fucking don't use Kartia against him okey?
Works wonders on all his Phantoms though.

The real approach to dealing with Beltschumeltz is beating the shit out of him with Physical attacks. He has way less defense than Saradiart does (This is Episode 35 so Saradiart isn't dead yet ).
He does employ the same tactic but with him using a Dream Spear instead of a Dream Katana he just deals no counter attack damage.

You can also pelt him with Dragon fire. Since it's indirect attacks he cannot counter and thus cannot heal with his weapon.

This is it!

Get out of here you tacked on cliche villain. This game has better writing than you.

Just look at that massive Kartia surplus. Even without the Chapter 2 Chest I'd still have a ton of Kartia.
And bear in mind, I've been using a lot of magic. The only place I've been skimpish on using Kartia is equipment.
But that's because making stuff is kind of tedious.

Fuck yeah. We're finally done. The LP is over!
I want to thank everyone who partici- Wait hold on. Ending? Oh yeah.
The game probably has that. Wouldn't do to skip that.
Alright. One more update.

Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 pt.1