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Part 85: Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 - Farewell pt.2

Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 pt.2

So that battle was a thing that happened. I don't see how an old priest and an early game boss could possibly be equal to a magic bullshit half-elf. But there you go.

"I think he was afraid... He probably felt his path was hollow."
"But everything is over now."
"We preserved the Original."

"If the "Heaven" and "Earth" Kartia were used, what would happen?"
"Why don't you try it?"

"What next? Are you waiting for your father?"
"I'd like to, but I'm concerned about Alana..."
"Then let's go! Let's go back to Nordia!"
"But the Dragons went away."
"Look! What's-his-face is moving!"
I really like when characters make fun of stupid names like Beltschumeltz.

"Bad guys are persistent."

God damnit Beltschumeltz, could you tone down the clicheness?

He just went complete wacko. And not in a Kefka sort of way

Too late. It has begun.

I think we've all seen this somewhere before.

After giving us a final middle finger Beltschumeltz keels over.

And disappears.

This is a bit odd. Why does Beltschumeltz have Original "Earth" when the plan was for Raguruzet to create "Earth"?
Maybe it was Beltschumeltz job to create the Original and he just didn't bother to give it to Raguruzet yet?
Anyways this is the Original they made from Saradiarts arm.

"That idiot! He created Eden..."
"It's getting bigger!"
"Huge... It's so huge..."

Eden's shadow falls over the party. Interesting question. Would Eden be large enough to envelop the Cathedral in total darkness?

"I think so..."
"What should we do?"

"Troy, you're a genius. Don't give up! There has to be a way to stop it!"
"Impossible... Once the Kartia activated, there's no way to stop it."

Come on Troy, this is your time to shine!

Lacryma isn't actually saying this out loud. She is kind of muttering to herself.

"The first Eden fell because they only used the "Earth" Kartia..."
"So if both were used, then Eden won't fall?"
"It's a possibility... I'm going to try it."
Didn't they also specifically say that both Kartias had to be used at the same time? Well it's better to try and fail than do nothing and die with certainty Is suppose.

"But why you!?"
"Because I find you all insufferable and this is my exit strategy. I'm the best with Kartia here. This is the perfect way for me to die!"
"This isn't like you..."
"I feel the same way."

"You don't need to use it..."

It's finally time for O.G "Nothingness".

"Wait! That's the... No, Lacryma, don't do it!"

Behold. The terrifying power of the Original "Nothingness" Kartia!

A giant fucking explosion! That's a lot more "something" than "nothing".

It's also just a recolor of Absolute Zero.

"I used the Original "Nothingness" Kartia..."
"You know what's going to happen!?"
"You're going to die like your mother!"
A little late to berate her, considering there's no take backs when using Kartia.

Well... We all know what that means.

"Yes, I'm an idiot... Just like you..."
Well Troy were ready to do exactly the same as Lacryma just did.

"Ele, don't make your father sad anymore..."

"Kun, thank you for everything. I've always..."
"Why do you always have to suffer like this? Why!?"
"I love your kindness... Please don't change..."

And then Lacryma disappears

And so, Lacryma finally fulfilled her destiny as the savior of Rebus as was her fate.
But prophesy like all stories have an end. But life continues on... At least until the heat death of the universe.

"Where am I? Where is everyone?"
"I've never been here, yet it seems familiar..."

"It looks like Original Text... But it's not a Divine Text, it's in ordinary letters."

Holy shit. It turns out that using an Original doesn't actually kill you, it just sends you to this place.
It's perfect. There are no way to communicate with Rebus once you're here so you can't tell people that using Originals doesn't kill you.
And you're obviously going to assume people die when they disappear after using it.

That of course also means that Bachstail is alive. The question that remains unanswered by the game is. Why is Lacryma's mother dead?
I can only make vague guesses, and it doesn't really fit too well. Did she get killed by the Elves? Then why leave a tombstone like that?
Wild Phantoms? Then who left the note? The only time Shell could be killed by Wild Phantoms would be before she got in touch with the Elves.
Besides we already know that the Elves did make contact with Shell. It was mentioned in Toxa 16 rather clumsily.

My best guess would then be that Shell encountered the alien hatred in the Elven world that Saradiart and Mona encountered in the human world.
And I would imagine that is why the Elven Elder didn't allow Toxa to come to the Elven world, because he'd already seen what would happen.
That's what makes the most amount of sense, I think, but it's left open and it's a lot of speculation.

No matter what world you're in, there's always room for googley eyes.

"I'm here because I used an Original."
Oh by the way. I guess we have to unR.I.P Bachstail.

"This is Eden? Why are we here?"
"I don't think that the price of using an Original is death."
"Then we're not dead?"
"That's right. I sensed the true source of Kartia power when I came here."
"True source?"
"Look at that."

"But Phantoms are created by Kartia."

"I guess someone in Rebus created a Kyau... And the Kyau in Eden vanished."
Basically Kartia is summoning magic. The Text you use determines what you summon. Sort of like googling.

There is a key difference between Kartia magic and summon magic from other games. But we'll get to that in a bit.

"Did you kill Beltshumeltz?"
"Yes... But Lacryma..."
"What happened?"
"Lacryma used an Original to erase the Eden the Cardinal created."
"Used an Original!? Then Lacryma..."

"Forgive me... I couldn't save her..."
"It's not your fault! I should've known better. I should've known it..."
"No, It's all my fault! I should have taken the Original from her!"
And what Ele? Get squashed by Eden?

Is that another Original? Wow... 3 Originals in one update.

"Kainas, it's the Text I gave you, right? The "Human" Text. Please give it to me!"

"That's right!"
I can't believe that Troy had to remind Kainas that he could use the "Human" Original to "revive" Lacryma instead of Shell. That's kind of silly.
"But the user will vanish. Who's going to create Lacryma?"

"Shut up! It's dad time!"

"The light! You used the Original! Why!?"
Are you asking why a parent would sacrifice themselves for their child? Really Troy? Any decent parent would.

And Kainas vanishes.


"Kainas? When I was a child, I met you once."
"You are..."
"My name is Bachstail. Because of you, I became a Shrine Warrior and eventually an Inquirer. It's nice to meet you."
"Yeah, whatever. I'm here for my daughter. Outta my way fan boy."
"Is this Eden? Did you come here by using an Original?"

"It seems that Rebus and Eden are related."
"Kartia is the transferring tool."
"And the Original brings people from Rebus to Eden..."
In addition to whatever effect the Original also has. It's kind of curious that way. Is it just a unintentional sideeffect?
Or was that function on purpose?

"It seems that way..."
"This is a problem..."

"Using Kartia will eventually dry out Eden. Which may lead to destruction on Rebus."
And here it is. The giant "Don't misuse the environment" message. Well it is a 90's game. Anyways why this happens is because what gets summoned to Rebus, stays in Rebus.
It doesn't automatically return to Eden. Kind of... Puts things in perspective doesn't it?
We've been summoning the creatures of Eden to fight our battles and die in them.
Once they've served their purpose we destroyed them for better creatures.
I feel like such a horrible person now.

There is something I can't quite make sense off. How does magic work then? Is there like Elven wizards just casting all the spells all the time and when they fizzle it's because we stole the spell right out of their hands?

The real problem is that Rebus doesn't have any infrastructure to provide water. It's still a dick move to steal all of a worlds water.
And that ties into why Elves sort of hate humans. The thing is most humans don't know the true nature of Kartia. So instead of the Elves explaining why
we should stop using it they just tell us to stop.
Imagine if someone told you on the street to stop eating chocolate forever. You'd tell him to piss off.
But if he told you that it had terrible side effects then... Well you'd still tell him to piss off because chocolate is that good.
You get my point. The Elves have a partial responsibility in their own suffering and they're doing pretty much nothing but hate humans for it.
Friggin' Elves

"But people can't live without Kartia..."
"Then Rebus and Eden will die out..."
"We came here using an Original. Then there should be a way to transfer things from Rebus to Eden."
"So we can send water and fire from Rebus to Eden... But how?"
"Kainas, I would like to find a way. I would like your help."
"I'm all yours."

That Original took it's sweet time to kick in.

"This is good bye... Take care..."
"No, I finally found you! Why!?"
"I have made you suffer. The only thing I can do is send you back. Please forgive me."
"I want to be with you, father!"
"You must go back. Go back to Vigilance and your friends."
"Bach! Stop the light!"
"Good bye... Kun is waiting for you."

And then Lacryma is gone.

"Peace between Rebus and Eden... I'd like to believe that."
"Let's go..."
And that is the last we see of Bachstail and Kainas.

"Are you Ok?"
"Is everything Ok?"

Troy have broken out the drinking mugs. Fuck yeah, we saved the world. Let's get drunk!

"Lacryma, your father is..."
"Don't worry, my father is in Eden."
"In Eden!?"

That's not entirely correct... You can't use regular Kartia to bring over a person... Yet. But who knows humans can be pretty good about solving such problems.

"Transfer things from Rebus to Eden?"
"So the Phantoms are living in Eden?"

"This is lovely! You never get this much excitement!"
"I was getting worried because you didn't come back."
"I see... You didn't trust Lacryma."
"That's not what I meant!"

And everything is back to normal. Except Lacryma is happier. Which is a good thing.

And this is finally the end. The credits roll here again. But eh fuck it, I already posted them once.

Instead, have this tree of

As for what happens to the rest of the party, is unknown to us. But as it stands right now. The story is over.

Lacryma Episode 35 Final Chapter 18 pt.2
So that's it. We can finally close the book on Legend of Kartia. It's been a long ride.
Not the longest ride, but I have been updating rather frequently, to keep the pace.

I'll just share a few of my thoughts about the game. First of I want to say that I really liked
Saradiart as a villain. Not only was he actually a believable threat but the way we dealt with him
wasn't just "go super sayan" or "Get stronger than him". Mona played a key part in his defeat and
that makes her a more active Damsel-in-Distress.

On the flip coin, I think that Lacryma's final encounter fell kind of short. Beltschumeltz were
poorly foreshadowed. And he didn't really hold a connection to the Lacryma's party.
That is kind of the weak point to Lacryma's story though, in that she has terrible villains.
But her story is way better at world building and we really learn a lot about how Rebus works.
Something that Toxa's story barely even touches upon.

The LP sort of moved into a "I'll play it so you don't have to" territory. The game play
is really the game's weakest point. But that said I did enjoy it the first time through.
Would I recommend playing it to someone else? Only if they hadn't played the game before or read the LP.
And even then it should probably be said that they should alternate between characters.

Me, obviously. Let's be proffesional about this.
Sazero: For doing the LP.
EggsAisle: For uploading a bunch of missing Kartia tracks, and for posting a bunch of useful information I might have missed. And posting music links when I couldn't be arsed to. Thanks dude.
baldurk: For lpix and possibly other things I've used that I'm not immediately aware of.
Whomever uploaded the actual Kartia OST to youtube. I realize you might not be reading this, but I'm just being thorough.
The posters that pointed out my various oversights and errors. You know who you are you bunch of whine- *ahem*
And credits to everyone I forgot who probably deserve it. If I forgot. I'm sorry.

Tune in next time, when I'll finally reveal my next LP. Which won't be today because Jesus Christ I spent like 4 hours writing this update.