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Legend of Grimrock II

by Highwang

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Original Thread: Things are looking grim in this Legend of Grimrock 2 Single Character LP



What is this game?

This is the story of a country with a bad prisoner rehabilitation policy.

Jokes aside, Legend of Grimrock 2 is the sequel to the cult-classic Grimrock 1, developed by Almost Human studios. Both games are inspired from classic PC games such as "Dungeon Master" and "Eye of the Beholder," but with some more modern design choices implemented in order to streamline the gameplay. Grimrock 2 is a sequel in a loose sense; we don't see the return of Grimrock Tower or our stalwart adventurers from the first game, however its implied that the country from the first game is still exporting their prisoners for whatever reason. This time our batch of prisoners find themselves shipwrecked on a strange island filled with ancient curiosities and dangers abound, and this new pack of outlaws must solve the Island Master's puzzles in order to stand a chance at survival let alone escaping the island.

However this LP will have a twist. It is the story of William Scabs, a poor ratling farmer that's all alone on this island.

Plans for the LP

First off, prefacing this with a slight spoiler warning: The LP will spoil a lot of puzzles and do a bunch of sequence breaks. If you're blind to the game, the LP might sour your experience, but not by much.

This LP will be a single-character challenge playthrough, akin to Toorum mode in Grimrock 1. This means I will be extremely limited in how I can approach certain endeavors and what I can do since I will have 1/4th the manpower that the developers intended players to have. Conversely, I will be showing off a slew of neat tricks and routes that appear from the open-ended structure of this game. While the game wasn't intended to be done with a single character, there are many dirty and devious tricks players can pull off in order to survive the harrowing encounters and devious tricks the developers implemented in order to make this challenge viable. There will also be much discussion about game design, mainly due to how flexible Grimrock 2 is but also due to how much of the game was designed with Grimrock 1 players in mind.

Table of Contents

The Diary of William Scabs (aka a playlist for easy binge viewing)

Episode 1: Meet William Scabs
Episode 2: William hates zombies
Episode 3: Scabs has been known to get things
Episode 4: William meets his extended family
Episode 5: William explores nature. Nature's scary.
Episode 6: Scabs almost croaked!
Episode 7: William fancies himself a wizard
Episode 8: Scabs Rue-ins this day
Episode 9: William meets a friend
Episode 10: Sewer Surfin'
Episode 11: Voices in William's head
Episode 12: William got books for christmas!
Episode 13: The Big Ol' Egyptian Pyramid Caper Part 1.....Part 2.....Part WAR!
Episode 14: A grave new years for Scabs
Episode 15: Scabs deals with some dead-beats
Episode 16: William's finally a wizard
Debrief Vid

Links of Interest

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ThornBrain's Grimrock 2 LP where it actually shows off everything in a psuedo D&D style
My review of Legend of Grimrock 2 for anyone wanting to see a condensed summary of my thoughts on Grimrock 2


The Island Master observes William
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