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Legend of Kay HD

by Crosspeice, Dirty Deeds Done

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Original Thread: This cool cat's gonna kill these crappy rats! Let's Play Legend of Kay HD!



Legend of Kay was released on the PS2 in March 2005 for Europe and September 2005 for America. It features a cat, named Kay, facing the takeover of the island of Yenching by burly Gorillas and sly Rats. After realizing the flaws in his washed up, alcoholic master, Kay the cool cat decides to journey across the land to stop the invasion.

This game was pretty well received, garnering mostly positive reviews and is a very enjoyable action platformer. But that's all that happened aside from a DS port in 2010 and I was pretty sure I was the only person who actually played this game, so I was all up for LPing it, until they announced the HD version for PS4, Wii U and PC. So, okay, I'll LP that instead. And here we are.

Legend of Kay HD is a very simple remaster, as far as I know nothing has been changed in the game aside from the textures and interface and the addition of achievements, which I should be able to get all of them in one playthrough. However, as far as this game is concerned, this will be a blind, Day 1 LP. I do have the game on PS2 and use it for practise, but if something is changed in some way, then I'll probably get stuck, won't know what to do and cry.

Oh yeah, BUY THIS GAME!!! The developers (being Nordic Games, since Neon Studios no longer exists) have expressed interest in releasing more games on the Wii U if this game sells well enough. I mean, I'm sure it won't since you Nintendo babbies only buy baby games for babies. And also because this game is getting barely any advertising or discussion. Well I, as a well known LP superstar, am here to say that you should buy this very fun game, but you probably spent your money on the MGSV preorder. Well, yeah, who wouldn't. But you don't need to eat that family sized pizza, dooooo you? There are other things you could spend your hard earned cash on... Hmmmmmmmmm???

This game obviously isn't perfect, it's rated 12+ just so they could include some bad language and create cognitive dissonance with these cutesy animals. The voice work is laughably bad and the levels are pretty linear, with no way to go back to previous ones. There's also a point system that you'll need to really minmax to get all the extras, like concept art and other worthless crap, I won't be too upset if I miss out.

Joining me for this cat-tastic adventure, will be the ghost of June Christmas' Past: Dirty Deeds Done. Enjoy this furry good LP! That'll be the last of the cat puns, I purrmise.


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