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Legend of Legaia

by Overrated Sage

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Original Thread: Let's fight sentient cutlery monsters in Legend of Legaia!



Let's Play Legend of Legaia!

Watch the intro here!

Legend of Legaia is one of my favorite games from my childhood. Featuring a unique (to me at the time) combo-based battle system, lovable characters, memorable locales, and a solid plot, everything about it sucked me in and it has stayed with me since. While the graphics are still in that awkward PSX transition to 3D, I feel it handled the scenery and backgrounds well enough to make the game pretty in its own way.

Legaia is a mostly standard RPG world – it's medieval-esque but has magic and some technologies unknown to our world. It's main feature is the Seru, powerful beings that can fuse with humans and give humans their power. Unfortunately, the Seru have gone a bit homicidal lately thanks to the mysterious Mist, and our story takes place a few years after this apocalypse of sorts. It also features a silent protagonist, and two supporting PCs who more than make up for his relative lack of characterization.

With all that said, this is a...well, I'm reluctant to call it semi-blind as I have played it more than a typical semi-blind LP would entail, but I have not actually played this game all the way through before. I got stuck on a late game boss as a kid (that ninja family) and haven't managed to get that far again since then, but I watched my dad play the rest and so I have a hazy knowledge of the latter part of the game's plot. As such, I expect to learn all sorts of new things about the game, and I hope that you will all tell me when and where to slow down and look for cool things or help me explain and understand the battle system. Stuff like that. Basically, I consider myself familiar enough to carry the LP, but insight from others would definitely be appreciated. Of course, I also appreciate feedback on my LP style itself, and if you want to see more/fewer battles or NPC dialogue or my own thoughts on things, please say so and I will try to accommodate that.

What's the policy on spoilers?

Tag 'em. I'd prefer to keep spoilery discussion to a minimum, but in general I don't mind them as long as they're in tags. This applies both to plot stuff and to future bosses, special attacks, etc.

Is this a completionist run?

I intend to show off everything that I can, yes, though that may not equate to actually everything.

Hey, I heard that if everyone reaches level 99, you can-

Correction to previous statement: I will do everything I can within reason.

(although I've found that my capacity for doing tedious sidequests is much higher than I used to believe, so who knows, maybe that level 99 thing will become a reality?)

Will you be showing off sequence breaks/glitches/other game breaking phenomena?

I'm not aware of any such things, but I'm willing to show them off if they aren't the sort of stuff that can destroy my save data.

Come with me and let's take a journey into the tragically beautiful world of Legaia...

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