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Part 49: Two Flowers

Update 49: Two Flowers

It turns out the endings are largely similar, but I'm going to try and show off the little differences between them anyway. Let's start with the “solo” ending.

Music: Rim Elm Rebuilt

Such a strong sense of obligation! That means I could have just awaited you at my lab! Yes, well, if those are your intentions, then it's fine with me. Here's what I'll do! I'm going to write a book about the life of our great liberator! I will remain in Rim Elm to gather material for my book until you return, Vahn. Those two there. They must be your family, Vahn? Pardon me for disturbing your saying farewell to Vahn. Tell me everything outside.

What a character you are, Dr. Usha! Ha ha! Very well. I will tell you what you want to know.

Val and Dr. Usha start to leave...

I'm sure you'll be alright. But take care anyway. Good luck!

Nene follows after them, and we regain control. Looks like that playable thing actually is happening, just a little later than I thought. Let's check up on Mei and Maya.

Please give my regards to Master Zopu. Good luck. Let me worry about things here.

When I was inside Juggernaut, I felt your warmth. And I was certain that you would come save me. That's why I wasn't afraid. So please, Vahn, come back as soon as you can. Because I...I care for you. Be careful, Vahn. I'll be waiting for you to return.

Tetsu: Vahn, you are an excellent student. I'm proud to have taught you the martial arts of Biron. I'll be praying for your safe journey.

Vahn, Val is a wonderful father, and Nene is a wonderful sister. But Vahn, your face says you want to ask me about the world outside the village. First of all, you do know that no more Seru will be created anymore, yes? Our good friends in Sol are still experimenting, but it's no use. With Uru Mais destroyed and the Seru-kai gone, no new Seru will ever appear again. What's more, the Seru already here are gradually losing their power. My calculations show that most of the Seru will die off in the next year or so. We avoided the Seru in the age of the Mist, but losing them completely is another matter. The Soren, the flying carts and others who relied on the Seru may return to the Stone Age. But Vahn! I have faith in human potential. The human race will never die out, as long as we have people like you to carry on Tieg's wishes.

We were talking about how the Ra-Seru's amazing powers healed my legs and how everyone in the village feels as if they've been reborn. The Ra-Seru have given us a new lease on life. It's a miracle we'll never stop talking about.

King Drake would like to consult with you, Vahn, regarding the rebuilding of Legaia. Vahn, please come to Drake Castle! We need you! The people of Drake all sincerely hope you will!

Pepe: Vahn, if you ever need a wedding ring, I'll give you a good price!

Good to see you again! It's me, Zalan, jeweler of Jeremi. Thank you for what you did for me. My son, Pepe, and I are traveling the world together on a jewel buying trip!

You may have heard already, but the Seru are gradually losing their power. Soon, the Soren's Seru Wings will also become useless. But don't worry! Our Elder and the rest of the Soren have made an important decision! We've decided to live on the surface as ordinary humans. My younger brother...Grantes will have much to teach us about how to live as surface-dwellers.

Ixis: A hero's life is pretty good, eh,, Vahn? I'm just joking, Vahn! Ha ha ha! Don't worry about Rim Elm. I'll take care of everyone! Go do what you have to do! I'll turn Rim Elm into the kind of place a hero like you won't be ashamed to call home!

Ixis' Dad: Tell them that we were reborn when the Ra-Seru gave us their lives at the end. That the Ra-Seru gave us new bodies immune to injury and sickness. Thank you. Thanks to you and the Ra-Seru, I can work hard like this.

Disco King: Such an instinct for dancing! Such shining talent! And you tell me Noa is already gone?! Oh, how lamentable! Oh, the despair! But after living in the big city for so long, I find this simple village refreshing! So I've decided to start a new life here! I'll teach the villagers all the hottest dances!

Elder: After the village was rescued from Juggernaut, and Noa left the village...Noa was carrying a baby, wasn't she?

Elder: As I suspected. Cort, too, must have been reborn when we received new life from the Ra-Seru. I know that it was Cort who brought the Mist into this world. And I also know that Cort is Noa's only blood relative. Noa must have been trying to leave with Cort unnoticed. She must have decided to raise Cort by herself. Noa is quite a young woman.

Elder: Good luck to you. See the distant lands, the rich world for all humans!

Villager: Vahn!

- -

You don't say! I would think your fighting skills were already sufficiently advanced! Yes, well, if those are your intentions, then it's fine with me...

The rest of this scene plays out the same way, but a few characters switch up their dialogue a little.

Oh. But you'll come back, right? You'll come back to Rim Elm, won't you? That's OK, you don't have to answer! I'll be waiting here for you to return. After all, I'm used to waiting. Be careful, Vahn.

Tetsu: Your dedication is admirable! Someday I, too, plan to go to Biron. I'll ask you to spar with me then!

Ixis: You better watch out, or I'll take Mei for myself! I'm just joking, Vahn! Ha ha ha!

For some reason, Mei and Maya don't come to send Vahn off in this ending. I'm not really sure why.

Moving on...

- -

Oh, I see! How forward of me to ask such a question. Yes, well, if those are your intentions, then it's fine with me...

But it's out of my hands. I hope everything works out well for the both of you.

Oh, thank you, Vahn! I'm glad you're happy for us! Vahn, you love Noa, and you're going to tell her that, right? Maybe the four of us could have a double wedding! I'm so happy right now! Tee hee!

Ixis: It's kind of embarrassing, but, well, that's how it is now! You work on making Noa your girl. I'm sure that's what Mei wants, too!

Personally, I would have liked Mei to hook up with just about anyone else in this ending. Perhaps Pepe. Oh well, she seems happy enough anyway and that's what's important.

One more...

- -

I see. Just what I would expect of you, Vahn. You wish to see the fruits of your efforts! Yes, well, if those are your intentions, then it's fine with me...

Oh, thank you! This is the day I've been waiting for, the day we finally get to travel together! I don't need to get ready, I'm ready to leave right now! Tee hee! I'm so excited!

I'll be fine. But please, Vahn, look after Mei. Don't be selfish towards Vahn, Mei!

Lady: Now that the world is at peace, I'm planning on traveling by myself. Vahn, maybe we'll meet somewhere out there, someday. I hope we do!

And so our journey comes to an end...

Music: Credits Song

Noa and baby Cort seem to be doing okay in Jeremi. Unfortunately, even if you pick her ending, we don't see Vahn with her. Kind of a missed opportunity if you ask me, but alas.

Those little Biron Babies kind of scare me, but at least Gala seems to be doing well. Again, the ending you pick doesn't affect these pictures.

Grantes and Cara's Happy Ending.

Saryu gets married for real, without the human sacrifice shenanigans. I wonder if that girl is the one who Noa replaced? I can't tell for sure.

Sol is...also there.

That explosion wouldn't have happened if the scientist wasn't distracted by Mrs. Usha giving one of her pop quizzes.

Looks like the train guys are doing okay. Wait, how did they manage to keep operations going without Seru? Maybe it's just a machine.

And the Soren aren't supposed to have wings anymore, either. Maybe this is showing them evacuating the sky town or something.

Well, it's been a good ride, and I'm glad I got a chance to finally see this game through to it's completion. It definitely drags on at times, but all told I still love this game to pieces and I'm glad I gave it another try.

Huh, I didn't realize how much treasure I missed. I wonder how much was proper chests and how much was invisible stuff? Maybe it counts buyable items also? I didn't really purchase much beyond what I really needed.

Also, check out the clock. I honestly thought I'd hit the time cap of 99:59:59 before I completed the game.

Anyway, it looks like this is it! I want to take a moment to thank all of you who read and posted. I learned a great deal about the game that I never knew before, and to be completely honest I don't think I could have made it past the Delilases without your guidance. Cheers to you guys, and I hope you enjoyed the LP.