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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 99: Music, Characters, Lands and Enemies

Here's some resources I figured you guys might like.

Disc 1

Legend of Mana - Title Theme (Opening FMV theme)
Nostalgic Song (Title Screen Theme)
World of Mana (World Map)
Song of Mana - Opening Theme
Places of Soul (Home Theme)
Hometown Domina (Domina)
Diddle's Organ
Wanderer's Path (Luon Highway)
Pain the Universe (Boss)
Cliff Town Gato
Earth Painting (Mekiv Caverns)
Marginal Beast (Boss)
Moonlit City Roa (Lumina)
Everyday Dream ~ Spirit's Song
To the Sea (Madora Beach)
Southern City Polpota
Everyday Dream
Calmly Traveling (Mindas Ruins)
Bedight Orbit (Boss)
The Wind Sings of a Journey (Ulkan Mines)
Mystic City Geo
Memory of Running (Fieg Snowfields)
The Darkness Nova (Big Boss)

Disc 2

Pastoral (Egg Hunting)
Ranch Night (Monster Corral)
Maker's Galopp (Workshop)
Dreamseed Fruit (Trent)
Let's Play the Organ!
Digger's Song
Calm Song
Sorrowful Song
Joyful Song
Missing Truth (Dreamweaving Room)
The Excitement of Both of Us (Lucemia)
Irwin on Reflection (Faerie Arc Final Boss)
Bonded by the Soul
Fiery Castle
Leading into Prosperity
The One Who Waits for the Breath of Destiny
Depression Blues
Gem Thief Sandra's Plight
The Other Truth (Faerie Arc Ending)
City of Flickering Destruction (Bejweled City)
Foolish Decision (Jumi Final Boss)
Those Who Are Shining (Jumi Ending)
The Great Virtue of Gathering (Opening - Mana Tree)
Holy Power of Mana (Final Dungeon)
Silence of Time (Final Boss)
Nostalgic Song ~Ending Theme~
Song of MANA ~Ending Theme~


 Bud			 Daena			 Elazul
 Elle			 Escad			 Lady Blackpearl
 Larc			 Lisa			 Niccolo
 Pearl			 Sierra

Domina Citizens

 Duelle			 Jennifer			 Mark
 Meimei			 Miss Yuka		 Pelican
 Rachel			 Rev. Nouvelle		 Teapo

Polpota Citizens

 Basket Fish		 Revanshe			 Thoma

Geo Citizens

 Alex			 Bartender		 Kathinja
 Kristie			 Mephianse		 Nunuzac
 Sotherbee		 Thesenis

Jumi Quest Line

 Diana			 Esmeralda		 Florina
 Rubens			 Sandra

Faerie Quest Line

 Irwin (Young)		 Irwin (Old)		 Matilda (Young)
 Matilda (Old)

Siren/Gilbert Quest Line

 Flameshe			 Gilbert			 Monique


 Gaeus			 Olbohn			 Pokiehl
 Rosiotti			 Selva			 Tote


 Dudbears			 Faeries			 Flowerlings
 Lilipeas			 Nuns			 Pirate Penguins
 Shadoles			 Sproutlings		 Students
 Wind Callers


 Belle			 Boink			 Cancun Bird
 Capella			 Cap'n Tusk		 Count Dovula
 Crystalle		 Diddle			 Hamson
 Inspector Boyd		 Li'l Cactus		 Louie
 Magnolia			 The Manager		 Mr. Moti
 Prof. Bomb		 Putty			 Roger
 Skippie			 Thona			 Trent

Home - From Mailbox
Domina - From Colorblocks
Luon Highway - From Wheel
Gato Grottoes - From Flame
Mindas Ruins - From Ancient Tablet
Ulkan Mines - From Bottled Spirit
The Junkyard - From Broken Doll
Mekiv Caverns - From Jade Egg
Tower of Leires - From Moon's Mirror
Lake Kilma - From Stone Eye
Lumina - From Firefly Lamp
Jungle - From Medallion
Duma Desert - From Sand Rose
The Underworld - From Trembling Spoon
Norn Peaks - From Skull Lantern
The Bone Fortress - From Dragonbone
Fieg Snowfields - From Frozen Heart
Lucemia - From Brooch of Love
Orchard - From Golden Seed
Polpota Harbor - From Rusty Anchor
Madora Beach - From Torch of Coral
SS Buccaneer - From Pirate's Hook
The White Forest - From Green Cane
The Flames - From The Underworld
Geo - From Tome of Magic
Bejeweled City - From Jumi's Staff
Tree of Mana - From Sword of Mana


 Rabite			 Molebear			 Teedie
 Howler			 Gray Ox


 Lullabud			 Mushboom			 Shrieknip
 Malboro			 Wooding


 Stinger Bug		 Hoppin' Tick		 Silkspitter
 Sand Scorpion		 Gloomoth


 Tonpole			 Lizardon			 Rattler Boa
 Basilisk			 Tyrranos


 Iffish			 Pincher Crab		 Seajack
 Seadragon		 Big Baby


 Needlebeak		 Bloodsucker		 Cockatrice
 Chocobo			 Garuda


 Shadow Zero		 Slime			 Tezla
 Denden			 Moldy Goo


 Skull Beast		 Zombine			 Specter
 Skeleton			 Ape Mummy


 Imp			 Fierce Face		 Punkster
 Dark Stalker		 Chimera Beast


 Kid Dragon		 Sky Dragon		 Land Dragon


 Eye Spy			 Spiny Cone		 Poto
 Beholder			 Springball


 Cursed Doll		 Polter Box		 Chess Knight
 Dainslaif		 Machine Golem


 Chobin Hood		 Goblin			 Tomato Man
 Sahagin			 Succubus			 Narcissos
 Mad Mallard

Mantis Ant (Video)
Bud & Lisa (Video)
Count Dovula (Video)
Labanne (Video)
Gremlin (Video)
Du'Inke (Video)
Iron Centaur (Video)
Jewel Beast (Video)
Gorgon's Eye (Video)
Machine Golem (Video)
Du'cate (Video)
Punkmaster (Video)
Axebeak (Video)
Spriggan (Video)
Hitodama (Video)
Ape Mummy (Video)
The Windcallers
Akravator (Video)
Boreal Hound (Video)
Skeletal Soldier
The DeathBringer (Video)
Jajara | (Form II) (Video)
DeathBringer II (Video)
Escad (Video)
Du'mere (Video)
Escad II (Video)
Irwin (Video)
Shadow Zero-One (Video)
Fullmetal Haggar (Video)
Tropicallo (Video)
Gova (Video)
Orc (Video)
Vadise (Video)
Larc the Centaur (Video)
Zenoa (Video)
Drakonis (Video)
Hegs Ant (Video)
Jewel Beast (Video)
Jewel Beast III (Video)
Chimera Lord (Video)
Niccolo (Video)
Lady Blackpearl (Video)
Kima (Video)
Jewel Beast IV (Video)
Jewel Beast II Video: Boss - Jewel Beast II
Jewel Beast III (2) (Video)
Jewel Beast IV (2) (Video)
Lord of Jewels 999 (Video)
Lord of Jewels 1000 (Video)
The Mana Goddess (Video)

More to come. That's everything!