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Legend of Mana

by Mega64

Part 1: Prologue

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Huh... Seems familiar somehow. Ah well.

I'm...I'm a guy, right?

Bah... What was my weapon of choice again?

Oh, right. My reliable sword. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in finesse.

...Dammit. I should know my own name.

All I can come up with is heroes of the past... Wait...

There we go. Of course my name is Talamond. How could I forget something as simple as my own name?

To be honest, I've never really explored outside the northeastern region of the continent. Maybe it's time I actually get out of the house and explore a bit.

Maybe tomorrow.

...Strange. This place looks more barren than I'm used to.

I should live around this area...

Home sweet home.

Video: Introduction FMV
Video: Introduction FMV with Lyrics Translation by Arthur D Wolfe

Is this the end of the world I'm witnessing?

Surely this must be a dream.

Then, after hundreds of years of war, as the power of Mana began to wane, those who sought it grew scarce, and the world returned to peace.

After that, mankind grew afraid to desire. Their hearts filled with empty emotions, and grew estranged from my hands. They turned their eyes away from my infinite power, and were troubled by their petty disputes.

Remember me!

Need me!

I can provide you with everything!

I am love.

Find me, and walk beside me.


Thank the goddess. Just a weird dream.

How's it going, little buddy?

Not in the mood to talk, I take it.

He said he wanted a diary. I guess he takes after my fondness of recording information. Hasn't seemed to touch it, though.

Another lovely day. I never seem to have a bad day around here.

One of these days, I'll clean up the place. But that can wait until tomorrow. I feel like going out for a bit.

Can't forget a little spending money, of course.

Ah, my study. My favorite place to unwind. I do need to find a good reading chair one of these days.

I've been working on all sorts of books. Unfortunately, I haven't really gotten to know anybody outside of my prickly friend.

Now that I think about it... I've had all these books for awhile, meaning to fill them up with all sorts of interesting people, lands, and artifacts, but I've never gotten around to it. For instance, the only place I have recorded in my Book of Lands is my own home.

And the only notable artifact I've found is an old mailbox I stumbled upon.

Say, that looks a lot like the one in my dream. Oh well.

Maybe it's a sign I need to get out more, maybe go on more adventures. Well, today's as good a day as any, I guess.

I've got my trusty sword, and I'm in good health.

Though I'm a bit out of shape as far as combat goes, I still know a few moves to help me out in battle. Maybe a few battles will help me figure out some special techniques I can use my sword with.

Guess I'll take a walk for a bit around the ol' homestead before heading off on whatever adventures await.

I should really use this area for something. All this nice open space is going to waste.

Man, I have a problem with getting things done. I've always thought about setting up a place to tinker on items, perhaps even a forge. Though from the things I've read about forging, the thought of creating my own weapons and armor frightens me.

There's also this nice corral I've set up in case I ever decided to raise some monsters to help me in my travels. Again, never used.

That's it. Today I really do need to leave the house.

Why won't you talk to me, since I'm right here?

Huh, never seen this little fella before.

Oh! Please don't ignore me! Please talk to me!

Heh. Ya caught me.

The world can be shaped by your imagination! Did you know that?

Never heard that one before.
Pokiehl the poet told me that the town of Domina exists because I think so. People say this world isn't an illusion, but the Sproutlings know! If you can't find Domina, use your imagination to find it.

...This children's toy is supposed to be a town?

Whatever you say, Sproutling.

Eh... I don't know. Maybe being shut in my house all the time has made me cynical. Perhaps I should open up my heart and test the Sproutlings' words. After all, it's not very often that I have a visitor here.

Alright. So these Colorblocks are supposed to represent the town of Domina. Perhaps if I use my imagination...

Ah... I should have figured the Sproutling was right. They do say they have a special connection with the Mana Goddess. Though I never was a strong believer, but perhaps now that I've created a vibrant town out of toy blocks I'll become a more fervent follower.

At any rate, I might as well visit this town I created.

Not a large town, but a vibrant one. A couple of large areas with some side paths and outskirts and what-not. This is a town I would enjoy living in if I didn't already have a nice, cozy home of my own.

Let's go exploring.

At least give me your name!

Jeez... He makes me sick.

Might as well have a conversation with this onion fellow. He seems like the type who would know things about this town.

My friend Teapo is in the shopkeeper's house. Meet me there if you want to talk.

Maybe later. I'm more interested in what that other guy is up to.



I'll head to the market. Meet me there if you need me.

He definitely has a unique manner to him. No matter.

Ah, there's this "Elazul" person. Looks like he's talking to the only other person in this bar.

Don't make me angry...

Did I say talking? I meant interrogating.

What are you hiding!?

Oh, geez. This isn't going to end well. Better jump in quick.

Now hold on a minute...

She clearly doesn't know what you're talking about.
This is none of your business. Could you just go away?

Relax. She's a friend of mine, and I know just looking at her that she doesn't know what you're talking about.
Friends, you say? I don't believe you.
Don't you have any idea? Are you sure you don't know where she is?

Whew. At least I got the hothead to leave the young girl alone.

Though for an aggressive-type, he sure walks like a dope.

I'm not the type to just leave someone in a bad situation.

Poor little thing. Definitely the shy type. Having that guy screaming at her surely won't help any self-esteem issues she may have.

The bar itself is a nice little place. Surprised it's so empty, though. I'd imagine there'd be at least another person here besides the barmaid.

Outside, I encounter another Sproutling. This one is much more talkative than the one from before.

There are many of us, but we are all one.

You know, there has to be a lot of stars.

At least this little conversation gives me a better idea of what Sproutlings are.

Next to the Sproutling is the local inn. Maybe there are some interesting travelers I could talk to.

I'm Miss Yuka, the keeper of this inn.

The innkeeper seems courteous enough, at least. Guess I'll look around a bit.


This magic student is selling minerals, but I don't have the foggiest of what to do with them. No matter, as they're beyond my price range anyway.

Upon passing through this park, I hear the sounds of local street performers.

The monkey's chipper enough, which I guess you have to be to be a street performer. He's got talent, that's for sure.

Hey, I can take a few creative liberties here or there. Gotta keep my writings interesting, after all!

Capella's partner isn't so talkative. I guess he's focused on his music.

Next to the outskirts, I encounter the local mail carrier. She frightens me.

Though I see a path that heads toward some distant mountains, I see no reason to leave the town right now.

Instead I head for the marketplace, perhaps hoping to find some wares for my journeys.

But the highway is full of bandits. It's too dangerous to leave the town. Don't you think so?

Though my first instinct would be to say yes, I feel confident enough in my skills to believe that they wouldn't be a threat to me.

Not for someone with my skill.
How brave of you. I can't do business with those highwaymen about. Let's go teach those bandits a lesson. Once we're done, I'll make you rich.

Well, I did want adventure, and I would get paid for this. Why not?

Alright, I'm in.

...What did I just get myself into?