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Part 3: The Little Sorcerers

Hey, Li'l Cactus. Have I got a story for you. I ended up creating this town out of a bunch of kids blocks, and I ran into this merchant called Niccolo. Except he's more like a scam artist, giving me some old wheel to force a living teapot to give him more money. We end up going on a highway and beating up some bandits, at which point he "rewards" me by stealing my money and giving me some lame items.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Good night, Li'l Cactus!


Well, yesterday was pretty crazy. At least with the rabbit gone, I can explore Domina in peace and maybe find a quest or two that's actually worth doing.

I bet a reeeal bad mage is up to wipe us out with a harmy-army of punkins! I can't go on with my jobby-job!

...I'm never going to have an ordinary day ever again, am I?

She's probably overreacting, but it sounds like something I need to take care of.

This pot is actually made of hard stuff. It actually works as a decent helmet.

Let's make another trip to Domina, then.

Looks like Mark's running the shop today. Hopefully it'll keep him busy enough to not worry about his daughter so much.

Teapo's the only other person around, though she's quite chatty today.

Ladies look best when we're a wee bit on the plump side! Gents go for lasses like me! And don't you forget it!

I'm so tired from bouncin' 'round all day. Ain't it teatime yet?

I may not look it, but I'm a jewel collector.

Unfortunately, it's nothing worth noting.

Rachel's still acting pretty shy today.

Though maybe it's because that Elazul fellow's sulking in the bar. I don't really want to bother with him today, though. Not really in the mood.

I haven't had a chance to check out the church yet. It'd give me a good opportunity to pay my respects to the Goddess, at least.

Oh, so that is the answer... I see, I see...

Helping those in need brings my own salvation. What would you like to know?

There's so much to ask about. I could ask about battles, but he doesn't seem like the combative type. I think I'll start with learning more about Domina itself.

Tell me about this town.
This is Domina, a small but comfortable town.
What's the history behind this church?
The Mana Goddess is enshrined here, and so are those who fought for Her. There are other beliefs, but they do not hold the truth.
What other beliefs are there?
I hear Gato Grottoes has a temple where many nuns study.

I've already heard about Gato before. I should pay a visit there sooner or later.

What's the history of this town?
There is a steady flow of people here, but Domina has never been much of a prosperous town. But that may have helped it escape the ravages of countless wars through the ages.

Perhaps I should try to learn more about the people living here.

What can you tell me about the residents here?
I have come to know many people here.
I'm curious about the man in the sand mantle.
He came to Domina recently, and he seemed to be in search of someone. Teapo says she was threatened by him, but she often overreacts.
How about Rachel?

She used to be a rascal, but now she has become quite quiet. Mark should not fret over it so much, for time will solve the problem.

It's good to learn more about the townspeople. Perhaps I should inquire about a few more people.

What can you tell me about the fortune teller?
Meimei's fortune-telling will comfort you, whether you believe it or not.

That was a bit random, but alright.

What about Miss Yuka?
She runs an inn, and becomes upset if she is not called "Miss." Miss Yuka seems to be a Chocobo, but she insists she is a canary.

That will certainly be good to know for the future. The only people I really have any more questions about are...

What can you tell me about Mark and Jennifer?
They own an item shop, and take turns shopkeeping every other day. Mark stays inside on holidays, but Jennifer goes out and chats all day.
Thanks for the information about this town. To change topics, I have a few questions about Fa'Diel itself.
We exist with the Goddess's blessings. Your questions are?
I've heard the Sproutlings saying this world is held together by imagination. Is this true?

Generations of people built up this town, not an imagination. Oh, how misguided they are! We shall pray to the Goddess to guide their ways.

Hmm... I have a feeling I won't find out the truth any time soon, if I ever do.

I'm curious about the artifacts of this world.
It is said that concepts exist in items. Items may bring new beginnings. Cherish what you encounter in life.
Speaking of magical items, how does one control magic itself?
Take the Mana energy flowing in the air, and that becomes magic. Enchanted Instruments with elemental essences are used for that purpose. But I think being faithful is the solution, not relying on magic.

I've seen such instruments at the item shop, but they're out of my price range. Maybe once I scrounge up some Lucre, I may look into buying some.

That's all for now. I apprecate the information.

Before I go, I'd regret not passing this opportunity up.

While searching for the mage, I come across Jennifer in the market. I haven't had a chance to speak to her yet, so let's see what she has to say.

He should've just let her play with her friends, Teapo and Duelle! He's always doting over her, buying her everything... And have you seen how he made up her room? Why, it's disgusting!

Can't argue with her there.

Auntie thinks you're the best! Oh, here! This is for you. Take this back to your place and check it out.

Well, this will come in handy. It seems there are advantages to having others vent at you about their problems.

Might as well get my fortune told. Maybe it'll actually come true today.

I've already made several, so that one's worked out, I guess.

I haven't checked the west end yet. Maybe that mage is there.


Either the pelican has lost it, or I'm about to face Fa'Diel's most ridiculous mage.

Video: Boss - Bud & Lisa


Lisa, you and I will rule the world as brother and sister! All those pathetic beings will bow before us! Come, let's gloat together!

Rule the world... with pumpkins? As IF!

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Still, I should put a stop to this... madness.

Why not get your pumpkins to do it?
Okay! Right after we teach this scum a lesson!
Geez... You need to cool off!

Huh, so they want to fight me. I guess I'll knock them around a bit to show them how bad an idea this is.

Looks like the Pelican wasn't lying about them being mages. These two wield some powerful-looking spells.

Ack! Those pumpkins are more threatening than I expected!

OK, enough messing around! I need to subdue these kids before they destroy the whole town!

That's one down. Now for the boy.


Got 'em!


I'm so sorry about my little brother, Bud. My name's Lisa.

It doesn't look like these kids have anyone looking after them, and they can help in a fight. They could use some guidance to make them powerful mages instead of a couple of jokesters.

Henceforth, you shall serve as my apprentices!