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Part 4: The Wisdom of Gaeus

Hey again, Li'l Cactus. Today's adventure was pretty weird. The delivery Pelican told me about some dangerous mage trying to terrorize the town with pumpkins, of all things. When I went to investigate, there really were pumpkins, except there were two kids using them in a misguided attempt to take over Fa'Diel. The kids attacked me with some powerful magic and put up a solid fight, but nothing I couldn't handle with a proper amount of mutilation. After I knocked some sense into them, I adopted them. So I hope you enjoy your new friends!

I... guess there were pumpkins too. I guess as a plant, you're more interested in vegetation. Oh well. Talk to you later!


Oh yeah, I guess I did end up adopting these two. Guess I should talk to them.

Bud then talked a bit about himself, but I'll get more into that on another day.

I left the kids to tidy up the place a bit while I stopped by Domina. Kids need to eat, right?

I found some meat in the inn before. Maybe if I look around a bit, I'll scrounge up some more. I think kids eat monster meat.

No meat, but there's the cat from before. Wonder what she's doing here.

I know...

Thanks for interrupting me.

I believe it lives forever. You see...

I think so too. I've been wounded a hundred times, but no one has ever hurt my soul. I can't believe that something could happen to my soul.

I would like to go, but...
Thank you... I knew you would say that.

Sheesh... Is everyone around here this rude?

Looks like I'm roped up in yet another quest. Hopefully this one's short, or else the kids will probably starve to death.

To the Luon Highway!

There was a Boink near the entrance, who teleported us pretty close to Gaeus. Quite handy!

We still had to take on a few monsters, but Daena proved more-than-capable of wiping them out.

It seemed when fighting along side her, I felt myself recovering my battle composure and shaking off enemy attacks more easily. She's also pretty skilled with a flail and with keeping distance from enemies in general.

Overall, it was a quick and uneventful trek to Gaeus. Daena probably didn't need me to reach here, but considering she didn't go through with talking to him the last time I met her, she probably needed me more for moral support.


My friend is about to die from a demon's curse. What can I do to help her?

She doesn't ask me to do anything for her. She's just going to accept what is going to happen!
Then you must accept that. Did you understand what that person said to you?

A demon weakened her, both in body and in spirit. I only want to help her regain her former self!

...... Thank you. I will try to think about this calmly.

Granted, there were a lot of details I was missing, but it seems Daena was concerned about her dying friend not even attempting to live, while Gaeus told her to let go, that even the most strong-willed people can change. It sounds reasonable enough to me, and Daena seemed to accept it, yet I get the feeling that the entire situation is a bit more messed up than it seems, what with demons being involved and all.

At any rate, Gaeus is the Wisdom here, so I'll assume what he says is right.

At any rate, Daena may not have received the advice she wanted, but she seems more at peace. So I guess this quest is a success.

I would've preferred some money, but I can't pass up something with as ominous a name as the Forbidden Ring.

Maybe next time.