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Legend of Mana

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Part 5: The Mana Orchards

Hey again, Li'l Cactus. Today's adventure was pretty short, as I simply escorted someone to meet one of the Wisdoms. We went up to the Wisdom Gaeus, a living mountain with a face and everything. He gave the girl some advice she initially didn't agree with, but soon she accepted it and made peace with her problems. Not too exciting, but still rather enlightening.

Yeah, the face was rather big. I'm off for now. Talk to you later!


Speaking of Gaeus, not too long ago he told me about an ancient tree near my home. I've been so busy recently that I haven't had time to investigate. Now that things have died down a bit, maybe I'll check that out.

Let's clear this place out!

Video: Lullabuds

They're plants. What sort of fight could a plant put up against me?

Yikes! What a massive earthquake!


The Mana energy.... It is flowing into me. Is it you...... Who brought me the blessing of Mana?

You're...welcome. I think.

I think I should talk to him a bit. Maybe find out just where this giant tree came from, for starters.

Plants circulate the flow of Mana. We pour Mana energy into seeds, so they can grow.

Within a few days, I should bear their fruit.

Well, guess I'm not getting any explanation on where he came from. He did mention nurturing seeds, though, and I do have a few dropped by some plant enemies. Might as well let him take care of them.

While I could give him simply one seed, perhaps I should give him two to increase productivity.

Well, guess I shouldn't expect immediate results. Might as well go adventuring for awhile instead of waiting around for seeds to grow.


About time to check up on those seeds! Good thing I spent some time in my study brushing up on my horticulture.

So I've learned that different seeds produce different fruits. I'm still not sure which seeds produce which fruits, but you can combine them to get a larger variety or something. I probably won't invest too much time to double-check, though.

Nice, this one's ready! I can use the Produce Encyclopedia Jennifer gave me to see what each fruit does. I hear many of these fruits are useful for breeding monsters, which would be handy if I ever decided to use my monster ranch.

Many of these plants still need time to grow. It seems there are many factors that influence growth, including the natural mana levels of the surrounding lands and even the day of the week. And of course different plants will grow at different speeds.

This was pretty easy. I've learned a lot about plants, and you could say I've even formed a bond with them. I think I'll continue growing these seeds and see what weird plants I pick up. It feels rewarding to grow your own food, after all.