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Part 7: Diddle's Letter

The past week has been rather interesting, though that's been the usual these days. I checked out my backyard like Gaeus said, and after a little violent weeding I managed to free up a massive living tree named Trent. He said some stuff about Mana and then offered to grow any seeds I find. Turns out various seeds can grow into all sorts of stuff, and now I've got many wonderful fruits and vegetables I can harvest at my leisure.

You can even see him if you look out the window. Anyway, it's time for more adventure. Until next time!


I decide to take Bud with me because of his request to find some Wisdoms or whatever. I'll go into it more later.

Having a wildfire like Bud close by oddly raises my spirits a bit. He's got plenty of magic, plus he knows a few tricks with that pan.

It's been a day or two since I last visited Trent, and more crops have grown, though there's still a few that need more time.

It looks like Trent can absorb the seeds from the crops he grows, as he had four different seeds to give to me, including one I hadn't seen yet. Between that and the ones I find off the plantlife I slay, I shouldn't have any trouble growing crops for a long time.

As always, I head to Domina to find adventure. I worry I may be running out of things to do here, but there's always more places to explore once that happens.

While taking the journey there, I check out the ring Daena gave me awhile back. It gives a little magic defense, and apparently it has some magical property to it. From what I've read about such things, the markings on this ring indicate it will split whatever battle experience you obtain from combat to your allies, ensuring that everyone stays on even footing. Not something I really want to take advantage of, so maybe I'll just sell it the next time I visit a shop.

The town's pretty quiet today, so I figure I'll sit back and watch Capella perform. I haven't had a nice chance to relax recently, and this park is quite lovely.

The normally-silent organ player decides to head off in his odd-looking organ carriage, like he just remembered something.

That's right, this way.

I wonder what he's up to.

Ah well! He'll be back!

Capella acted like he wasn't concerned.

It wasn't very convincing.

Huh. I decided to follow the organ man to see where he was going, but he was nowhere in sight. He surely couldn't have gone that far.

My jugglin' won't be the same without his tune. Gotta go look for him! I guess I'll go ask someone.

Diddle, huh? I think I'll help out Capella too, since it's quite odd he'd simply vanish like that. Perhaps the fortune teller will be of help?

Hmmm... I don't even believe this one...

That's... rather alarming, actually. Best to be careful of what I say.

If you want to know about the bird, ask the bird.

There's several birds in this town, the closest one being Miss Yuka. I doubt she'd have taken Diddle, but she might have more information as to who did.

You suspect me because a Sproutling told you that a bird took your friend!
Well, we're not suspectin' you to be the kidnapper, but...

Oh, yeah. I forgot that you are a chicken.

Uh oh.

What do you mean, "are you serious!?"
My bad!

Perhaps the Pelican has taken your friend!
That makes sense. I'll buy a stamp and get Pelican's attention. Well, see ya!

I really thought she was going to peck Capella to death for a minute there.

Search for clues where you last saw him.

Nevertheless, Miss Yuka's actually quite helpful, giving us a lead and some friendly advice. I just need to remember to watch my words around her in the future.

Capella's already back where Diddle likely was when he disappeared. He's way ahead of me.

Where did Diddle go? Since he's kinda clumsy, maybe... Maybe he stuck a stamp on his face, and was taken by the Pelican!


Aaaaaargh! Let me go!

Pleeeze, don't interrupt my work!

Looks like it's time for another adventure. I guess the first thing to do is wait until Pelican gets back and see where she delivered the duo.

Guess it's back to the highway for me. Again.

Luckily, a nearby Boink takes us a far bit into the area, and we just happen to find a letter.

Even more conveniently, Capella's nearby. At least I only have to focus on finding Diddle now.

...... Nobody is watchin'.

Perhaps it's not a good idea to read it, being a personal letter and all.

Hey!! What the...!? My friend was kidnapped, and this letter's our only clue!

Well, I warned him.

OK, that's normal. What else did he write here?

Man! I can't believe this!

...Ouch. Poor Capella.

You know, I haven't really had a good fight in awhile. I've almost gotten a bit rusty. Almost.

Bud is a nice boon with his magic attacks, though magic doesn't really seem to hurt much. It does throw enemies off-guard, however, and gives me some breathing room, so I'm not complaining.

I mastered the art of the Back-Roll, so I decide to tackle a more advanced technique, where I try to lunge and retreat simultaneously. Which, yeah, sounds impossible, but actually combines to a pretty awesome move to throw enemies off.

And hey, there's Diddle! That didn't take long. A pretty painless quest.

I have to say, Capella could make a rather good adventurer if he ever gets tired of performing.

Stop runnin' off on your own!

You put a stamp on your head and got delivered or somethin', right?
Wow, Capella! That is what really happened!

Capella, you didn't open and read my letter, did you?
Of course I didn't! I wouldn't do that kinda thing!

I think this is one of those times where a lie is the most tactful response. The truth would just cause nothing but trouble, and it's not really my place to tell him what really happened.! Of course not!

That's right! Let's go, pal!
Let's go!

That was nice and easy.

Just have to fight my way back to the entrance, and then I can tell Li'l Cactus about this cute little adventure.

Looks like I mastered the art of evasion, allowing me to create images of myself to throw off the enemy while I try to escape. Nice to evade the nastier attacks. Perhaps now I'll try to boost my jumping prowess by crouching beforehand.

And hey, here's the entrance! Looks like Capella and Diddle have made it unscathed.

I...sorta read just an itsy-bitsy bit...

I'm not going to be mad at you for reading it, but... But why didn't you tell me that in the first place?

...Welp. Maybe if I told Diddle the truth earlier, this wouldn't have happened. At the very least, I probably wouldn't have wasted time walking back here only to go back anyway.


Oh well, at least I have an excuse to check out these caves.

There are two paths and some enemies here. Let's try the upper path first.

Nothing but useless trinkets.

Looks like I picked up a new trick for my sword. Can't wait to try it out!

What am I supposed to do NOW!?

Well, looks like I know what I'm doing.

Well, this creature looks rather sturdy.

My Rising Sun technique seems pretty effective on the beast.

It's a rather long fight, but of course I prevail in the end.

And as a bonus, I've learned how to heighten my jump.

...Oh yeah. Blast it! I forgot all about Diddle!



What are you doing in a place like this, Capella?

What? I was lookin' for you! Where were YOU?

Oh, yeah. I was looking for you, Capella.
Um......... You were lookin' for me?
Uh-huh. I wanted to say I'm sorry... ...Because I am always mad about something.
YOU'RE always mad? Look at me!

Diddle's strength isn't in his words, but his efforts just make it all the more charming.

Well, you sure do have your own tempo. But I'm not gonna be "friends again" with you.
What? Why?

Case closed! Come on, let's go.
Wait for me!

At least this story has a happy ending. And I did get to see a side of Diddle few people have probably ever seen.

Uh... Wow. That's certainly, uh... something?

I'm starting to wonder if this entire ordeal was worth the effort.