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Part 10: Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 2

Have I got a story for you today! I went off to a far away place called the Gato Grottoes, where a bunch of nuns worship the Goddess. I ran into a Sproutling who was having a stomachache caused by a Popo bug. One of the nuns wanted this bug to help the fiance of a man called Rubens, but Rubens didn't want to get involved, so the nun kills Rubens. Turns out Rubens was a Jumi, and with the help of a detective we tracked down the nun and the Sproutling. It turns out the nun was a notorious jewel thief and Jumi murderer! Unfortunately, she got away. At least the Sproutling turned out fine.

I never thought about befriending bugs. You truly are wise beyond your thorns, Li'l Cactus. Until next time!


Hey, the egg hatched! I've got a baby Rabite to accompany me on my adventures!

Hmmm... Uh...

I'm not good at naming things. Perhaps for my next pet I'll read a book of names in advance to see what's trendy. Sorry for the generic name, Rabite.

It's not like I'll keep you around that long anyway.

I know it's young, but this guy's rather unremarkable. Guess I should actually test him out in battle first before I knock him, though.

Well, I guess I'll head over to Gato to see what's going on today.

Hey, it's that rabbit! I wonder what knock-off wares he's peddling today.

You roll them up and steam them to make a delicious snack. The Greenballs in Gato eat the droppings of the Cancun Bird. So they grow up nice and juicy.

That's... wonderful.

But I have to go through the dungeon to get to them. Would you like to go gather Greenballs with me?
If I go, you'll actually pay me this time, right?

You didn't answer my question...


While Niccolo said he needed to go to the dungeon, I've found a shortcut during my last visit that really speeds up the journey. I don't even need to bother with the monsters around here!

Niccolo then proceeds to run all over the place to gather Greenballs.

Well, nothing to do but wait.





While I'm remodeling the homestead, perhaps I should put that workshop to good use. Maybe use it to make my own equipment. I mean, how hard could it be?

I've heard that making powerful weaponry is a nightmare, but surely...wait, what in Fa'Diel is that?

I'm waiting for my friend here.

I'm talking to this Faerie. Don't you see her?
What Faerie? You're just imagining things.

But... She was just here...

Bah! Maybe it was all just my imagination. Goddess knows how long I've waited for this peddler to finish his expedition in gluttony.

And to show you my gratitude, here's 500 Lucre.

Hey, at least I got paid this time.