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Part 11: Teatime of Danger

I ran into the merchant rabbit Niccolo again today. He said he needed some muscle to help him get to the Gato waterfall to pick some greenballs, but it turns out I didn't need to do anything. While I stood around doing nothing waiting for Niccolo to get his food, I saw a faerie! She asked what I was doing and then left. Niccolo said he didn't see her, so who knows if I imagined the whole thing.

I don't know whether you're talking about the greenballs or the faeries. I don't think I really want to know. I need a nap.


I try to alternate taking the siblings on adventures when possible, so today I'm taking Lisa with me. I'm curious to see how she holds up in combat.

I decide to wander around Luon Highway some more to see if there's anything interesting going on today.

Turns out Lisa's quite handy with a broom.

I can feel my magical abilities go stronger when close to her expertise. She wields a broom as though it's a staff. She tells me it's her father's, but I still can't imagine a broom being as effective as a sword.

Rabite may be young, but he's certainly got energy. He already can bite as well as the best of them.

I take this opportunity to start honing my techniques. I soon hope to master all the basic ones I've heard about, and from there I can start practicing special techniques.

Lisa and Bud certainly have been well trained in magic. It's hard to imagine kids so young wielding such powerful magic, but I hear there's a place where a whole slew of youngsters learn to be powerful mages.

Upon wandering into one of the cave's dead ends, I discover an egg! Looks to be a reptile egg.

It only seems concerned with my location, so as long as I'm behind it, it shouldn't be alarmed.


...How'd she get in here?

Alright, I've perfected my first area technique!

It's about time I figured out a way to do some crowd control.

Now that's an interesting technique.

There doesn't seem to be anything going on in the highway. I think now's a good time to unload some of these artifacts.

Let's start with this decrepit old tablet. It's easily the ugliest item I have. Let's get rid of it!

Well, this place certainly seems like a great place to find some adventure.

The onion guy's also here. Is this guy stalking me? Is he going to tell me how to wave my sword next?

I hate getting lost.

Huh. A giant defenseless teapot wandering in these ruins can't be good. Guess I should help out.


And I'll name this road "Ruined Glory." This is fun!

Huh, that's something new. Giant hopping eyeballs that attack with sonic waves. Luckily they're fragile.

And Key Flowerlings somewhere else work in unison. Remember the formation of the Flowerlings and which gates they open.

Gates? Flowerlings? What's going on here?

I assume a Flowerling is what a Sproutling becomes, but I'm going to need some more information.

This heaping hunk of plant matter creeps me out. I'm getting sick just looking at it. Best to slay it before I get sicker.

Looks like Teapo's stuck behind the north gate. Perhaps that Flowerling is the one that opens the gates?

Yeah, thanks for clearing that up. Why can't I get a straight answer around here?

Maybe this one will be more helpful.


Huh. Those two started off in the exact same spots as those two gates. Flowerings are the key...

So that's it! The gates open based on the Flowerlings' position! So it's a simple matter of moving the one that wouldn't block me in. This maze has suddenly become a lot less confusing.

Which is good, because the Flowerlings only get more so.

Now that I know this area's trick, this is a breeze.

Now I just need to find Teapo. She has to be around here somewhere!

I don't even care anymore. You guys make absolutely no sense.

Guess I hit a dead end. All I can do is backtrack and see if Teapo went the other way.

So that...psychokinesis...opened that door? I know I'm supposed to find Teapo, but I'd be a fool not to check out what's in there!

...Maybe I shouldn't have come down here.

Oh snap, a demi-human! Looks like there's plenty of undead and other mysterious types down here.

How long does this place go on? Considering how the enemies get freakier, I'm not sure I want to make it to the end.

At least it looks like I'm near the end. And hey, is that...?

Video: Count Dovula

I'm so bloody well bleedin' lonely! I'm gonna spill!

There she is! And with a nasty-looking bat right above her.

Hey, someone actually remembered my name!

So I ended up 'ere, deep underground! And I wonder why Duelle hasn't come for me yet?

Uh, what's that bat doing...

...Thanks, Teapo...

Because this wasn't ridiculous enough, right?

and now a filthy human... Only the blood of the peaceful dove can quench my thirst! Well, let's start by disposing of these meddlesome humans.

I've been itching for a real fight. It's been awhile!

1, 2, 3, and Heavy. 1, 2, 3, and Heavy. 1, 2, 3, and Heavy. Now for a Rising Sun!

Piece of cake.


You had quite an adventure out there gathering tea leaves, didn't you? Life is full of adventure! Only those who enjoy it can grow.

Hahahaha. Well, let's go home and have some tea.
Right! I wanter 'ave some tea and forget this 'ole bleedin' thing.
And then off to another adventure!
Oh dear me! No, thank you!

I'd like to see Duelle deal with psychokinetic Flowerlings and blood-sucking succubi rather than goof off at the entrance and "pretend" to help. If anything, Teapo's ten times the adventurer the timid little onion is.

That said, I don't blame her one bit for wanting to live the comfortable life. But as for me, I think I'm starting to enjoy this.