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Legend of Mana

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Part 13: Mine Your Own Business

Had another weird adventure where I had to help a magical teapot escape these ruins. I had to solve various puzzles involving Flowerings and gates. Once I got through that mess, I descended into some ruins and ran into a blood-sucking succubus! Luckily, it was so distracted in sucking my blood that Teapo was able to escape. Then I slew it, of course. And of course the onion did nothing to help, as usual. All in all, another normal day.

I'll be sure to pour some tea into your pot the next time I need to water you. Until next time!


Bud's turn to adventure. Hey, it's about time my reptile egg hatched!

A Lizardon, huh? Interesting.

This time, I consulted a pet names book just so it wouldn't have a generic name. Rango stuck out to me, as it seems a suitable name for a lizard.

This guy really likes chocolate. I don't even know where he gets the stuff, but he's constantly chowing on it. Maybe chocolate is healthy for this type of reptile.

Time for some more adventure! Let's start by getting rid of some clutter. I don't feel safe carrying a spirit around, so perhaps I should free it.

Interesting. I wonder what sorts of adventure I could find under the earth?

Let's go exploring!

I don't see anything valuable up here. Then again, the good stuff's always at the bottom.

Hey, what's that light?

It's...a bird. Bud tells me that this is none other than one of the Wisdoms, Pokiehl. I'm quite familiar with his works and already know quite a bit about him through his writings and musings. Still, it's quite an honor to meet him face-to-face.

The master is away. He is probably out mining deep in the dungeon.

Let me tell you of Watts's heroic exploits when he comes back.

I'm curious to see what Watts is like if a legendary poet like Pokeihl thinks he's worthy of one of his stories. Perhaps I should search for him. Maybe he could even give me some pointers?

There's plenty of Molebears wandering around down here. I guess even animals can feel shame considering I constantly see them wearing pants.

I continue honing my techniques. Soon I'll have all of the basic techniques mastered.

Why do you always follow me? Why can't you go on your own adventures?

These mines have many paths that lead to dead ends. It took a lot of painful bumps into walls to find my way out of this area.

I also don't trust these bridges that much. They seem sturdy enough, but it looks like a long way down.

Of course Rango and Bud stay back and snack on chocolate while I take care of all the odd creatures that exist in Fa'Diel's depths.

More insects, plus a spirit of the mines. Nothing my blade can't handle.

Huh, well this is odd. Is this little guy lost or something?

I've explored every other passage here. Surely Watts must be here.

Video: Boss - Labanne

Is this Watts? Doesn't seem that heroic to me.

I've come all this way in these vast, monster-infested mines just to find you. I'm not giving up until you come with me!

Come on already!


Is that...?

Ack! This thing's nothing like what I've fought before!

It seems a single weapon strike knocks these guys down. The blue one is sturdy, though its attacks barely sting.

The red one is fragile, but it's incredibly strong. It just destroyed poor Rango. I have to make sure to be caref-


Ack! It just wiped out my partners! Gotta stay away from it while it's attacking!

It's taking awhile to bring this guy down. It's constantly bringing in more of these guys, but it takes energy to do it. As long as I continue to kill these little guys, it'll bring the thing closer to its demise.

Whew! I feel I've learned a lot from that fight. Now to deal with Watts.

Mining is good here, but there's a ferocious monster about. Go home!

But I defeated it.
Already defeated it? You!? You must be jokin'!

I better drag him back before I run my sword through him next.


Whew! Finally back.

Indeed I am.
Well, who cares about that, right?

I can see that. He's just running all over the place. It's making me dizzy.

Wait, where did he...?

Well then. Now that he is here, allow me to tell you of Watts's heroic exploits.

I'm all ears.

O, Watts! A small body under a great helm... He strikes with his hammer... uhh... And his great helm... Watts... Our Watts... Your soul is your great helm...

...This was a waste of time.