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Part 14: Watts Drop the Hammer

Had another interesting adventure deep within some mines. I ran into a giant bird named Pokiehl who was a famous poet. He claimed to have many tales about a man named Watts, but refused to share them until he came back. Intrigued, I delved into the mines to search for him. Once I did find him, I had to tackle the toughest foe I've faced yet. After finally killing it, I dragged a stubborn, crazy Watts back to his workshop.

After Pokiehl brought out this amazing box, he stumbled through his words, trying to think of Watts's heroic exploits...only to come up short. Turns out Watts has had no adventures, as he's just a simple blacksmith who works in the mines. Talk about a disappointment. I need to go now and search for a better adventure to wash out the taste of disappointment.


Off I go to the Mines again. Since Watts is a master blacksmith and all, perhaps he could forge me some new weapons.

If you see it anywhere, please give it back to me, will you?
Will do.
Much thanks! If you'd just get m' hammer back, why, I'd teach you how to blacksmith!

Blacksmith, huh? You mean make my own weapons and armor? Sounds like fun!

Turns out Watts doesn't have any better weapons than in Gato, though he does also carry Iron armor. Still, if he's going to teach me how to forge armor, I see no point in buying them.

When I came in, I saw this signpost. I wanted to talk to Watts first to get some better equipment before I checked this thing out, but might as well do it now.

What's a Dudbear Express?

...Oh. I see now.

So these guys must be Dudbears. I wonder where they got that name.

This guy is clearly not a Dudbear, though.

Seems to be hand-written. Must be a personal stash. Maybe Pokiehl dropped this while he was in the mines. All the more reason to read them!

...This definitely isn't the work of Pokiehl. Not terrible for an amateur, though.

YOU! Don't go reading my poems like that!

Ack! You scared the stuffing out of me!

Diggers, huh? I've heard about them from Nouvelle. They're a small religion set apart from those who worship the Mana Goddess. That said, this guy certainly doesn't seem like a religious leader.

This must mean the dog is his pet, Putty. A dog he turned into his religion's messiah.

Fa'Diel is weird.

And the Dudbears are his followers, though I wonder how willing they are in all this, or if they even realize they're part of Roger's religion. I can't tell if they even understand our language.

About the poems? Not particularly.
Har har har!! I know, REAL men don't write poems! What was I thinking?

Oh dear. He may be an amateur, but he still has feelings too, and they're not horrible. Maybe I should encourage him a bit.

Actually, upon further reflection, I think they're pretty great! You really captured the essence of the stars, and the way they twinkle.
You think so, too? That wasn't so bad, was it?

Well, it made him feel better, at least. It's actually making me curious on what else he has written.

So, do you have any more poems?
Really? You want more? Well then, I guess I'll just have to show you more!



Oh, hey, there's the hammer! Better get out of here before I have to help him improve his poetry or end up worshiping his dog.

Not sure where I am right now. Guess I'll have to explore a bit until I find my way back to Watts's workshop.

Huh, another unique enemy. Odd shape, though it's also pretty fragile.

Thanks for the cryptic message, random fairy in the mines.

Sweet, more useless junk that has no value taking up room in my pockets! They'll go well with the virgin's sigh and the rust!

This guy's much sturdier than the other enemies. He also delivers a bigger punch. Not too difficult, but definitely a step above the other monsters here.

Anyway, I've finally found my way to a path I remember. Now I just have to make my way back to Watts and deliver his hammer. I'm sure he'll be happy to have it back.

Youngsters these days will take anybody's things!

What!? I just visited a cult and had to listen to a deranged man's poems to get that hammer back, and now you're going to claim I stole it? You f-

......That's not what I meant! Gwahahaha! I forgot I asked you to bring it back!

...Oh. So he's not right in the head. This definitely makes sense now.

I guess the question is whether he'll even remember to teach me to blacksmith. I'm not going to count on it.

I hate these mines.