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Part 16: The Infernal Doll

Today Watts taught me how to forge weapons and armor. He built a forge right in my workshop, and taught me the basics of forging and tempering. I pretended to hammer stuff for awhile until he forgot what I was doing, and I learned how to make powerful swords to slaughter more monsters with.

I haven't made anything yet, but I'm excited to see what amazing things I can create. I'll talk to you later!


Hey, my Oddity egg hatched! But why is it blinking at me so...

frgh grglll ankt #*# &^$#&$&& (&$#8...? 3*$! 3*$! 3*$!

...Ugh. What happened?

...Why did I write those symbols on its stable? What kind of name is that?

...Maybe I shouldn't look directly at my little friend. Bad things seem to happen when I do. I'm worried he might be trying to cloud my mind with nonsense.

As long as I don't look directly at him, my mind's pretty clear. He could be useful for wrecking havoc on any monsters I face, at least.

I believe it's Lisa's turn to go out. Maybe. My head's still hurting a bit.

I think I've exhausted the mines for now. I think it's time to explore new lands. Let's check out this Broken Doll that I have for some odd reason.

...Huh. It's...a pile of junk. I think I've read stories about this place. My history is a bit rusty, but this place is a sort of burial site for the soldiers of a war long ago. Well, maybe burial is not the right word, as these creatures still live in a sort of purgatory. Perhaps later I'll brush up on my history and confirm it for sure.

At any rate, I'm eager to explore this area and perhaps experience a bit of long-forgotten history. Even if there's nothing interesting going on, I can't pass up an opportunity for adventure!

A floating doll to greet me. I'm already enjoying this.

...I can hear their voices. They don't speak aloud, but I can hear their thoughts echoing in my mind. Such somber tones...

Those who die with desire in their hearts will wander the earth forever!

Don't you play with our powers! We'll get our revenge someday!

Is she the leader of these toys? How did she know about artifacts when the only ones to notice such things are the Sproutlings?

Maybe I'll find some answers as to why I have the power to shape the land to my will here.

Do I trust these toys? The floating doll certainly seemed antagonistic toward me.

I think I'll try exploring on my own first. I want to see if there's anything useful in this junkyard.

Yeah, this must be a sort of purgatory for these toys. Soldiers of war who fought valiantly but live eternally consumed by regret... It sounds like a horrible fate to not escape.

...Better not let my little friend see this.

I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I don't even remember whether these creatures won the war they fought. I really need to brush up on my history later.

All sorts of weird creatures wander the junkyard. The impish creatures are difficult to hit due to being so agile, while the fat creature can petrify with a single glare. It gets harder and harder to maintain eye contact with anyone in this world.

I did pick up a spear from one of the imps. It's a bit stronger than my sword, but I wish to continue honing my skills with my blade first before picking up other weapons.

Will there be another life for these toys? Does the Goddess love even these tools of war the way she loves all people?

Even the jerks are philosophical about being jerks.

Created purely for war, cursed with having no other purpose, and then discarded when they're done with. What do they have left to live for?

I guess they have to find their own way to keep going, lest they fall utterly into despair. And even then, it seems some have already completely given up.

So many odd creatures in this place. These puppets can perform strange hexes on our group. I'm becoming more creeped out the longer I'm here.

I've forgotten more history than I thought. Faeries versus toys...

Huh. This guy certainly doesn't look like a toy.

This guy asked me to look for a creation of his. I promised to do so, though I'm not going to focus on it for now. Maybe another day.

There's also wild Lizardon roaming here. Like Rango, they like to hoard chocolate.

The further in I go, the more cluttered it gets. I'm struggling to find a path out of here.

Huh. This guy ceraintly has issues.

Alright, I'll back off.

Wait, that's not what I--


Yet another odd flying demon. This one likes to spin around, knocking me out for a bit.

Such a horrible fate to befall these creatures. I pity them all.

Except this jerk. I hate him.

Out of all the creatures in this place, you are clearly the most pathetic of them all. You are the only one to lack any pride in what you've accomplished, and you actively encourage others to mock you. So yes, I'll indulge you in what you wish of me to do. Ha! You're a miserable failure who completely embarrassed yourself in the one and only purpose you have. I laugh with glee at the misery you have to live with every single day. For the rest of my life, every time I succeed in battle, every time I explore a new land, I will think of you and laugh at how I will never be as miserable a failure in my life as you.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

...Maybe I overdid it.

Life is fleeting. We can't afford not to be selfish when we have so little time here.

I take it my argument didn't move him.

With that, I've mastered every basic technique I know of. Now I will focus on ways to utilize my sword in battle.

He's so bitter, he doesn't even wish to speak to me anymore. I guess I can't blame him, since I've been quite a jerk to him. I don't regret a thing, though, which I guess makes me different from the rest of these toys.

I'm certainly lucky in not being born merely to serve as a war machine. It's always good to have perspective on my life, and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to go on adventures and explore new places. I cherish my freedom.


It seems paths open and close up based on the routes I travel. This northern passage keeps opening and closing each time I come here to antagonize the jack-in-the-box.

A pile of goo with weapons stuck together. Actually not that threatening, though he can take quite a few hits.

I feel like I've been wandering this place forever. I don't know where to go anymore.

Whoa. This guy's actually moving around. I wonder what his deal is.


I did glean that information from the musings of the dolls, but it's good to get some actual context.

I-estimate-that-she-has-over-500-years-of-life-in-her. But-I-am-even-older. HA-HA-HA. I-am-a-very-old-model! HA-HA-HA. Maybe-the-oldest-thing-here. HA-HA-HA. But-I-wonder-what-will-become-of-us.

Considering the door says "Louie's House," I'll assume this guy's name is Louie.

Red Eyes, huh? I think I'm starting to remember her. I'll definitely have to brush up on my history later, though.

Louie, huh? I wonder what he wants.

I guess since I got here, he's been mulling things over.

They-are-all-good-kids-but... From-the-trash-heap-follow-the-path-of-the-teddy-bear, the-doll, the-jack-in-the-box, and-the-rocking-horse-to-find-them. But-I-wonder-what-will-become-of-us.

Looks like the toys want to fight since it's all they know how to do. I'll be happy to oblige, though I don't plan to lose.

I'm tired of wandering in circles, so I'll go ahead and follow the path. I don't think I've seen this guy here before.

Wasn't this war long ago? Are the wisdoms immortal? It seems strange that someone who serves as a poet could have been a war general in the past.

I see you've been waiting for me!

Huh, that spiked treasure box is new to me. I've fought the rest before, so I'm not too worried.

I hope I didn't beat them too badly. They're simple enemies, but at least I gave them a good fight to go out on. They deserve to rest.

At least I found this book, I guess.


Might as well check in with Louie before I head out.

Thank-you. The-toys-believe-that-to-die-is-to-be-saved. So-things-ended-up-for-the-best.

I'm just happy to help. They've been through enough suffering. Plus I've learned a lot from being here.

I think I need to go back and have a nice, long read on the history of Fa'Diel.