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Part 19: Daddy's Broom

Today was certainly interesting. I traveled to a junkyard full of old toys, but it turns out they were tools of war from many centuries ago. It was an ordeal navigating the place, with hostile creatures trying to stop me at every turn. Eventually I met the caretaker of the place, and he had me defeat some of the toys in combat to give them peace.

It was definitely junky. Anyway, I'm going to get some reading done and then go to bed. Catch you later!


Been awhile since I've had a chance to get a good night's sleep. How are you, L'il...Cactus?

Huh, wonder where he ran off to this time.

It's gone! My broom's gone!

Wait a sec... How could I lose a big broom like that?
C'mon, Lisa... That broom is a memento of dad!


...You guys lived here for weeks now, and you've never noticed this?

I still remember him taking his first steps. They grow up so fast.

That said, guess I better ask L'il Cactus what he did with the broom.

Why didn't you ask me if the broom was important before tossing it away?

Oh, now you don't want to talk.

We gotta follow her! Come on!

I agree. Let's get moving!

Just gotta pick up this little fella first. I still have no idea how I'm supposed to say his name.

To the Junkyard!

I have no need to see Bomb right now. I'll ask around and see if anybody's spotted L'il Cactus come through here.

Looks like he went this way.

Maybe Louie has seen him.

But-the-most-important-thing-is-love. The-biggest-difference-between-the-living-and-the-unliving-is-one-has-love-and-one-does-not.

...Guess not. Better look around some more.

Found the right track! Just a little further...


Video: Boss - Gremlin

Watch out! There's something here!!
Right! We gotta get outta here!
I'm scared... All the junk here, like, hates people. I can't run anymore... Aah...

Did ya forget who I am? I'm Bud the Malignant! Son of Master Magician Hein!

......But dad was a dropout at the Academy of Magic... He was so bad, he was only accepted in Domina. We're doomed...
Lisa! Don't ya remember what dad always told us?

That's it!

I'd rather live as a coward than die as a hero...

Lisa, run!!

-----'d you beat me here so quickly...Bud...?

Just as I caught my breath, too...I'm ready for you!

This should be easy!

The little guy's pretty beefy, but that just means I have to whack him around a bit more.

I hope he appreciates the extra upward mobility I gave him!

What's the matter? Get too much air? Let me try smacking you closer to the ground!

I'm hoping next time I'll face someone who can put up a real fight!

Better check up on Lisa.


All it needs is a bit of glue, and it'll be as good as new. Considering I have every imaginable substance in the world residing in my pockets, this broom should be fixed quickly.

I think from now on, though, I won't put L'il Cactus in charge of trash duty.