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Part 20: The Lost Princess

Lisa was pretty upset when you threw away her broom, so Bud and I had to go to the Junkyard to get her broom back. Bud jumped ahead and apparently they had a heart-to-heart talk, and then we slew a demon. Then it turned out the broom was broken.

I wasn't there when it broke, but I assumed that's how it sounded. Anyway, Lisa has her broom back now, and Bud fixed it, so everything's great now. Just let me know next time before you throw something away, OK?


Well, let's see if there's anything going on in the Junkyard.

O-ho! A monster egg!

This guy's rather tricky to snag.

Got him!

I think I've tapped this place out for now. I don't really feel like exploring any new lands today, so I should check up on old places, say...

You know, it's been awhile since I've been to Domina. I think I should check in and see how everybody's doing.

Huh, still shy. I wonder why she's...

...He's still here? You mean his overbearing and rude attitude has prevented him from finding someone to help him? What a surprise!

Still, it looks like he could use a hand. He does seem a bet less rude... Oh, whatever.

Still need a hand looking for your friend?
Let's go.

Alright, then.

Judging by the giant gem in his chest, the guy looks to be a Jumi. He looks pretty young for one, which would explain his brashness. He also seems good with a sword.

What's this.........? It smells like Pearl... Let's hurry!

Wait... How can you smell her? I've never heard of Jumi having a heightened sense of smell.

Let's see what I've got here...

Looks to be nothing more than some ordinary caves.

Alright. Let's go find this Pearl!

We should hurry!

Alright, now I think you're just making this stuff up.

Looks to be some undiscovered monsters lurking around here. Luckily these guys are rather fragile.

There's other sorts of creatures wandering around here as well.

...Blast. that a crab? Wonder how it ended up in this cavern.

And...this thing. I've seen this thing in old monster manuals, but I still don't understand its odd shape and demeanour.


Though playful-looking, these guys know how to take a few blows.

Besides the creatures, it's a rather unremarkable cave. Though this room looks interesting...

Video: Boss - Du'Inke

You know, every time I run into one of these rooms deep in an area, I end up fighting some giant monst-


I should really be expecting this stuff to happen more often.

As big as he may be, I can take him!

Heh! He's nothing but a big softie!

Better steer clear of his breath attack, though.

And of course his hammer is bad news.

But let's show him some of my moves!

Take that!

Beautiful! That fight was a piece of cake!

Whew! Almost perfected my sword technique!


Where are you?

Oh yeah, I forgot we were looking for someone. I wonder where this Pearl could be.

Wait, was that...

Is your core alright?

Huh, I figured he'd be more excited to reunite with his Guardian. Well, I assume she's his Guardian, anyway, considering he's doing all the fighting and all.

Wow, what a jerk. He should be more relieved that she's safe, especially since she's been lost for weeks now. Speaking of which, some knight you are, leaving your guardian alone like that. I thought Jumi knights were supposed to, you know, guard their guardians.

You don't need to think anymore. Right now you should just stay safe by my side.
That's enough!
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Jeez, the poor girl's getting berated for a mistake. I know it's not usually my place to butt in, but this is just cruel.

Hold up, there. She's safe now, and that's what matters, right? No need to yell at her anym-

...Point taken.

Who is that?
Just someone who helped me find you... A strange kind of person.

Really? You, of all pe-, er, Jumi, are calling me strange?

Yes. Please leave. And let me hope I never have to run into your wonderful personality ever again.

Also, you're welcome for pulling your weight and mine in that last fight.

See you around.

Whew. Glad to see they're finally leaving.

Definitely the shy type, this one. Still, I'll take her flighty behavior over the knight's brashness anyday. Plus, at least she had the courtesy to thank me.

I'm sorry... I'm going, too.

Huh, interesting gift. Probably just something she picked up while wandering around down here, but hey, it's the thought that counts.

But yeah, I hope I never see these two again.