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Part 21: The Looking-Glass Tower

Today I helped some jerk find his partner. She got lost in a cave, so we went exploring to see if we could find her. It was a huge cave, though, and it was difficult finding our way around.

No, it's not nearly as fun as you think. Anyway, we ended up finding some sort of giant ape-like beast, which we obviously fought and defeated. Then we finally found the woman, who was pretty shy and constantly blushing. After the guy yelled at the girl, she gave me some stuff and left. It was a pretty horrible adventure, and I'm going to go exploring in hopes of finding some more tolerable people. Until next time!


Before I go out, it's time to gather my crops. At the rate I'm growing these things, I should have enough food to last for weeks!

Time to see what seeds Trent has for me this time.

I cannot seem to take care of this seed... It must be something special.

This seed definitely looks different from the usual seeds I've been growing. I'll just hold on to it for now and figure out what to do with it later.

Oh, I should see if my egg hatched yet!

Huh. Certainly wasn't expecting a sentient sword, but I'm certainly not complaining!

Sissel makes a fine name for a fine blade!

I'm sure he'll prove himself well enough in battle.

Speaking of which, I think it's time to explore some new lands.

You know, I'm starting to get worried about carrying around a fragile mirror. Perhaps I'll make use of its powers and see if it leads me anywhere interesting.

Wow, this thing's huge!

Let's check this place out, then.


...Wait, is that...?

I'm sorry... I get carried away in my own thoughts... Thanks for finding me in the cave, but I've been separated from Elazul again...

Gee, why doesn't this surprise me?

I know I'm going to regret this, but it's probably not a good idea for her to go into what's likely a monster-infested tower alone.

You won't be able to handle yourself in there alone. Let me help you out.

...I thought she'd have at least some combat experience. She's completely helpless! She'd never have lasted without me.

This tower feels so empty. It also seems to have many passageways. I hope I don't get lost in here.

Interesting, it looks like Sissel isn't the only sentient blade around! It also keeps odd company, as that mallard looks pretty dangerous. I believe it to be an expert in explosions by the way it keeps lobbing them at us.

The war spoils were worth the fight, at least.

Ah, finally found the staircase!

I just hope we don't have to climb too high, and that the path to our destination is straight-forward.

Because I really, really don't want to get lost in this massive tower.

...Ah...Whew...Surely it...can't be much...farther...right?

This guy looks scary. There doesn't seem to actually be a person underneath this armor, which makes him all the scarier.

I'm close to perfecting my skill with the blade. While I could remain the perfect swordsman, perhaps I should soon consider adopting other weapons, becoming a master of arms.

You know, if I ever finish climbing this blasted tower.

Finally! This must be what we're looking for!

...What's this?

...This looks a bit familiar.

All sorts of odd demons reside here. These succubi resort to confusion tactics, though Pearl's frailty is enough to help me concentrate on protecting her.

There's also random items thrown about that make no sense, but I'm rather used to that right now.

Huh, I wonder where that hole goes.



Huh...a...dragon...? So small...though... Still...must HATE THIS TOWER

We have to be close by now. There's no way this isn't the right direction...



...I think I screamed so hard I accidentally fell down here.

I hate this tower so, so much.

Huh, when did I pick this guy up?

At least some good has come out of this infernal tower.

The monsters have been dropping all sorts of weird items. I guess they'll be useful to sell.

I don't even know where in Fa'Diel I am anymore. This tower is so huge, and the layout makes absolutely no sense. I feel like I've been wandering around in circles at this point.

OK, this just has to be-

...of course it isn't. Of course it isn't.

At least this area's new. Maybe this way will-

More stairs!? Come on!

Bah...I can't go on any further... No wonder Elazul keeps losing you... Ugh... Curse you...

...We made it? We finally scaled the top of this blasted tower!?

Everyone must face their past.

I welcome a good fight at this point. You know, after I catch my breath.

Let's do this!

Video: Boss - Iron Centaur

Wait a minute...

She looks just like...!

You're the guard? Please...tell me.


I don't understand what's going on, but I do understand that this guy needs a beating!

As much as he likes holding that axe, he doesn't seem to really use it that much.

Indeed, he seems to prefer leaping into the sky and slamming down on the ground. Nothing some good evasion and awareness can't fix, at any rate.

Of course, all the jumping around in Fa'Diel can't save you once you get caught in my blade's reach.

Even those powerful legs won't bring me down.

Piece of cake!

Don't feel too bad, though. You just fell to the best swordsman in all of Fa'Diel!


You shouldn't be when I'm around.

Huh? My core...

Oh crud. Not you again.


I'm sorry... If I try to remember something...

At least he thanked me this time. I guess that's progress.

I feel like I can... Please, help me...


Take Pearl to the bottom of the tower...

Wait, why me?

Uh, I understand the sentiment, even though I doubt you could do much against me.

I'll clean up the little trash. Don't let Pearl get in over her head.

Sigh... At least climbing down will be easier than climbing up.

Looks like a big leap from here, but it certainly beats walking down!

Oh, and thanks for taking care of the trash, Elazul. Great job taking care of these monsters for us. You wimp.

Finally made it to the bottom! I'm finally done with this miserable place!

Video: Boss - Jewel Beast

Sweet, sweet freedom!


The jewel hunter!

Her again?

Your core is mine! Judge the clod who has forgotten its sparkle!

Oh crap! She's out for blood!

No matter! Nothing can survive my blade!

Ack! That's gonna leave a scar...

You'll pay for that!

Nothing...can defeat me!

And with that...

...I have perfected my sword technique.

Your move, thief.


Why...? Why do you hunt us? How terrible!
Listen to your core...

Bah. It's always hard to judge the right pauses in conversation to considerately stab someone.


Elazul is looking for others... And if that Jumi is a guardian, then he'll... And I'll be all alone...

...Now I feel bad about joking around before. The Jumi are a scattered, dwindling people now. She'd be doomed by herself, and though I feel Elazul cares for her enough not to abandon her, I can still understand her fear.

Thank you, Talamond.

As frustrating as it was, it was my pleasure.

She always does carry the oddest items, though.

Between the mysterious figure at the top of the tower and the jewel thief, I'm beginning to wonder if there's something bigger going on here.

I get the feeling this isn't close to my last encounter with Pearl and Elazul. I better prepare for what comes ahead.