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Part 22: The Gorgon Eye

Today involved me climbing up this ridiculously tall tower to help Pearl face her past or something.

Yeah. The tower was very difficult to navigate, and when we finally reached the top, there was some mysterious woman that looked like Pearl. Then a monster appeared, which I easily killed. Then Elazul appeared, and had me take Pearl down to the bottom of the tower. Once I get there, the jewel thief from before tried to attack Pearl by summoning a beast, but I also killed that easily. Then everyone just sort of left.

Yeah, I don't even know what's going on anymore. I'm going to rest for a bit.


I've perfected my sword technique. While I could continue to use it, I would like to give my opponents a fair chance, so perhaps I should practice other weapons. It would be nice to be able to defeat my opponents in any situation, after all.

And what better way to start off my weapon training than by focusing on my own two hands?

Huh, when did I pick this up? No matter, if I'm going to be punching stuff, I might as well add the force of a rock to impact!

And there it is! A bit weaker than the sword I picked up earlier, but these gloves should let me move around quicker in battle.

No reason to stop there!

Since I can't use my shield, and since my armor's pretty tarnished by this point, I might as well forge myself an entire suit of it from this shell material. Not much room to put other things on, but I can fit a couple of my necklaces on there. Plus it gives decent protection.

Now, what to name my gloves...

Well, I think it's funny.

Alright. I think it's Bud's turn to go adventuring. I really don't want to return to that tower, so let's go somewhere new.

This thing's a bit too creepy for me to keep around. I think I'll get rid of it.

Well, this place looks peaceful. Even if I don't run into adventure, perhaps I could sit back and relax.

Looks like something's happening here, at least.


What be the password!?


Aye, very good! Cap'n!! Our comrade has arrived!

But the password was correct!
Aarrr, shut up! Back to the ship before those Faeries find us!

Well, they're certainly a weird bunch.

Onward, I guess.

All sorts of weird creatures here. Nothing too threatening, and still rather unremarkable compared to all the oddities I've seen, but still weird.

I'm already getting accustomed to these things.

This plant is a tricky one. Its screams startle and confuse even me. I have to be cautious around this guy.

Whoa! These statues look lifelike! They also seem rather out-of-place here.

I get the feeling they aren't family mementos of the crew I ran into earlier.

I...what is that!? I don't even know what to make of this creature, or the odd manner in which it hovers itself.

Who, me?

Bud tells me this turtle is one of the Wisdoms, Tote. Don't know how a wisdom gets stuck on his back, but alright.

I have a favor to ask you... Could you stand still right there for me?

You mean like this?

Wow! Nice trick!

They trampled me on the way to look for the "treasure."

Treasure, huh? The way he said it sounds like there is no such thing, but still...

Faeries here do not show themselves to anyone, unless... They think you're harmful. It seems like the Faeries trust you.

I guess the ones I've run into before have said good things about me. It pays to be polite.

I will cast a spell so you will be able to see them.

Alright, I definitely buy this turtle as being a wisdom now. I'm curious to see what things faeries have to say to me, now that they trust me.

Drat. At least I confirmed it before wasting my time exploring this place.

Hmm. I wonder who this master is.

We can do the same by using the Stone Eye. Faeries are the only ones who can use it. Humans can't.

So the statues are really... Oh boy. Better go warn the penguins! Now which way did they...



That's "petrified" and NOT "stoned!" Was that supposed to be a joke!?

Cap'n! That ain't a powerful enough threat!
Say "I'll kill ye all!" for us, Cap'n!!
All of our penguin hearts beat with yours, Cap'n!
But..."kill" is such a harsh word. Me mother said so before, ye know?
All of us penguins came this far because of you!
Say it, Cap'n! Like a REAL pirate!

That was wonderful! Ye are a REAL pirate! Now let's go avenge our stone-ified shipmates!!
We'll not be doin' that now, penguins! Back to the ship!

...Why was I trying to save these guys again?

Ugh. More faeries, though. Maybe they saw where the penguins went to.

Sheesh. Maybe not.

Some help you guys are.

This guy's pretty bulky, but he's not as dangerous as he looks. Then again, that may just be because nothing threatens me anymore.

Probably because I'm quickly mastering hand-to-hand combat.

Wait! The penguins started this!

Oh crud.

Tell me about it.

He must be worth risking your own life for, hmm?

Not really, but then he seems to be the only smart one in that crew, so I might as well save him before the penguins end up trying to sail on land. Guess I'll go save him...



Cap'n!! Get a hold of yerself!!
Humans think the master of this lake hid the treasure. Faeries believe they will die if the master dies. But both are myths.

So this master is pretty much the cause of all these bad events. Looks like a good test to pound my knuckles into!

Shut up, turtle! Do somethin' about our cap'n!
Well then, how about if you penguins become live bait, and...

Uh...... And that "master" is huge or somethin'?
Yes, he is.
Um...... How big is he?

W-Well, I guess yer strategy ain't so b-bad, but...
At least I will start this for you.


I love this turtle.

Will do!


Video: Boss - Gorgon's Eye

This is the master, huh? Not really what I was expecting, but it's still something I can beat up!

Like so!

Swords are nice and all, but nothing beats taking down an enemy with your own hands!

It just keeps getting easier.


Cap'n! We sure be glad yer still alive!
Yeah. Our stone-ified mates must be back to normal now.
Cap'n! Climb our backs to go up!
Could you make the slope a little bit easier on my back?
Shut up, sea beasty! This is all we can do!