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Part 23: Professor Bomb's Lab

Today was an interesting adventure involving penguins, faeries, and turtles. I explored this lake where penguins were searching for treasure. The faeries that lived at the lake didn't like it, though, so they petrified some of the penguins.

Then the faeries petrified the captain. The turtle convinced the other penguins to lure the monster of the lake toward me so I could defeat it. He did so by throwing their petrified captain into the lake. Then I defeated it and everything worked out. Overall, just another ordinary day. I'll talk to you later, as I just remembered I have something else I need to do.

I saw something else earlier, too. It made me think back to a conversation I had a couple weeks ago, back over at the Junkyard...


The junk lying around here is all artifact creatures. They fought in a war a long time ago. Once I made a golem out of this trash, but you know what?

When I think of all the bad things he must be doing out there, it makes me cry...

I named it Pavlov, you see... And if you could find him somehow...

Alright, I'll keep an eye out for him.

I heard there's a fortuneteller in Domina... Maybe it would help to get your fortune told!


That thing I saw certainly looked like a golem, but I was too busy with the penguins to bother with it. Maybe I should fulfill Bomb's promise before I forget again.

While I think that creature was the one Bomb was talking about, I better check with Meimei to make sure.

I know the whole deal by now. Let's skip to the fortune.

A fateful encounter on the lake! Whoa! How romantic!

Well, looks like I was right! Time to deal with this guy!


Still there. This shouldn't be too hard.

Hey, hold up!

Video: Boss - Golem



Luckily his plan didn't seem to work, so let's beat him up!

My fist is stronger than any metal!

That was simple. Now that we've subdued him, let's take him back.


Take over the world!? Fiddlesticks!

I'll redesign you!

Eh.... I'm starting not to trust this guy...