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Part 26: Faeries' Light

So I learned how to create my own golems today.

Professor Bomb built me a laboratory with which I can build my own golems. It's rather expensive in that it requires a lot of equipment to build and fine-tune them, but once I can afford it I'll definitely be building one to help me out in battle. I guess I should set out to make some money, then. See you later, buddy!


I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to really explore this lake on my own time. Who knows, maybe I can raise some money here.


Bah, nothing but monsters and...wait, what's that?

Oh, hey! I'm always down for another traveling companion!

I've got this down by now. Sneak behind them...

...and catch them! I wonder what kind of plant this fella will be. Guess I'll find out later.


Bah...found nothing besides the egg at the lake. Might as well explore new places.

I'm a bit nervous carrying this lamp around. Maybe I should see what the deal is with this thing.

Wow! It's been awhile since I've seen a new town! And this place looks amazing from a distance. Seems like a nice place to unwind after all the adventuring I've been doing lately.


I've been to many places, but this may be the most beautiful yet.

I notice a lot of Dudbears living here. I wonder if the constant twilight appeals to them.

Sproutlings are everywhere where there's civilization, so this guy isn't so surprising.

Oh, great. It's him again. I don't want to deal with that rabbit right now when I've got a city to explore.

This shop certainly has an interesting catalogue. I think I'll pass for now, though.

What's that I see up there?

You slide away from my arms like mist on a spring morning!

...Yeah. Moving on.

Wow! I've never seen so many kinds of lamps like this. I'm tempted to get one for my home.

My lamps aren't selling too well... I only need to sell six more. Maybe I should close this shop and go to another town?

Him again?

Are you saying that you're leaving your poet of love, Gilbert? I can't live without looking up at the starry sky with you by my side!
But I will starve to death if I don't sell my lamps.

Well! That is very nice of you!
Wait for me right there, my darling! Here begins our beautiful love story!

Well, that was interesting. At least I don't have to get involved in others' affairs for once.

So I've noticed.

Guess I'll go explore the other side of the ci-

Wait a mi-

You can't leave Monique in distress like that, can you? Let's go sell those six lamps for her! I'll buy my share of lamps, but you should go sell them.

1000 Lucre!? I said I wanted one, but that's a bit steep for me. Still, despite this guy's skeevy intentions, Monique does seem to be a perfectly nice and skilled craftsman who's in a bind...

...Why do I always get roped into these things?

Fine. I'll sell the lamps for you.
What a good sport! Willing to help out with my love!

Shut up.

Guess I should start looking for buyers. Shame there's nobody but Dudbears around here.

Maybe over here...

Hey, it's Capella and Diddle! Guess they're performing here now.

Never change.

Looks like this guy's the only non-Dudbear here. Maybe I can start off with him.

Would you like to learn the Dudbear language, too?

You know, if I learned their language, I could try selling lamps to the Dudbears. There's enough around here that I could find some easy buyers for the lamps.

I'd love if it you could teach it to me.

"Dud" means "no" and is also used as "goodbye." "Duba" is "you," "Duda" is "me." "Dubba" means "friends." "Bubu" means "Dudbear," and "Gugu" is for all other creatures. "Da" means "light" and "stars," and "Ba" means "night." "Dadda" is "lamp." "Dubababa" means "many" or "very," and "Du" stands for "little." "Baba" means "music." They sure do love music. "Dada" means "please" and "Gak" is used to show displeasure. Use "Bub?" when you don't understand. If you are trying to sell lamps, say "Dada Dadda?"

[You Yes - Do you understand?]

Dub! [Yes!]
Ha ha! That sounds pretty good!

That's a lot to process, but I think I picked it up. This guy is a lifesaver!

Let's try out what I've learned to see if I can strike up a conversation with this guy.

[Night Music! Light Music! - Music at night! Music at light!]

Dub! [Hello!]
Duba Dub Ba? [You Yes Night? - Do you like the night?]
Dub! [Yes!]
Duba Dubba? [You Friend?]
Dub! [Yes!]
Duba Duda Dubba, Dub! [You Me Friends, Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]

Dada Dadda? [Please Lamp? - Would you like to buy a lamp, please?]

That was a pleasant conversation, and I sold my first lamp! Just two to go!

Haven't I seen this guy before?

The silver material seems as strong as the rock I used to make my gloves. No need to spend any more money on a new pair, then.

All sorts of passages in this back area.

Some interesting materials here. Maybe once I get more money.

Speaking of which...

[Me Dudbear, You Dudbear?]
Dud! [No!]
Duda Dub Ba! Duba Dub Ba? [I Yes Night! You Yes Night? - I like the night! Do you like the night?]
Dub! [Yes!]
Duba Dubababa Ba Da! Dub? [You Very Night Stars! Yes? - You really love the light of the stars of the night! Am I right?]
Dub! [Yes!]
Duba Duda Dubba, Dub! [You Me Friends, Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]
Dada Dadda? [Please Lamp? - Would you like to buy a lamp, please?]

Two down, one to go!

[Me Displeasure You - I dislike you.]
Dud! [No!]
Duba Gak Bubu! [You Displeasure Dudbear! - You hate Dudbears!]
Dud! [No!]
Bubu? [Dudbear? - You like Dudbears?]
Dub! [Yes!]
Duba Duda Dubba, Dub! [You Me Friends, Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]
Dub! [Yes!]
Dada Dadda? [Please Lamp? - Would you like to buy a lamp, please?]

Fixing racism one Dudbear at a time.

Alright, now that I've sold the lamps, I might as well get the centaur off my back.

It's now time to open your heart to me, sweet Monique! Come with me... I'll show you what true love is!

Oh boy.

Oh my! That is wonderful!
You put your heart into making them, baby! Of course they sold!
Then I shall stay here longer as the lamp maker.
Oh, darling... Not as a lamp maker!

Come on, my love! Let's go out to feel the shower of stars above us! The world was created just for today to happen!
I was thinking about going out there, too. I've been inside six full days working on those lamps!

So I've learned a new language, found a new skill as a salesman, improved race relations with the Dudbears, and helped two people find true love. This may have been my most successful adventure yet.

You know what, I think I'll go out too. I've done enough for one day.


Monique... I have a dream I wish to tell you.
Sure, Gilbert. Let's talk about our dreams.


...... Every day is like a dream-come-true to me. You make me feel as if I'm denying who I am.
Come, my princess! Let's go out and see the world!

My dreams? Nightly dreams? Hopeful dreams?
...... Monique, our dreams don't seem to play in perfect harmony.

Oh my, Gilbert. You came to that conclusion quickly.

Goodbye, Gilbert. Goodbye.

...I can't believe I just witnessed...that.

Guess I'll check in with Monique.

He wants a much bigger lamp than the little ones I have.

To be honest, I am just a little bit depressed.


[You Lamp Yes!! Very Yes! - You make great lamps! Very great lamps!]
Oh, my!
Da Bab Dabbu! Dub! Dub! Dubab! Dubabababa Dub!! [Light ?Music? ???! Yes! Yes! Very! Very Yes!! - You make such beautiful lamps! They are incredible!]
Really? You think so?
Dada! [Please! - Thank you for creating such wonderful lamps!]
Oh no, I'm the one who should thank you!

This is so great! Here, take this!

Well, maybe love didn't happen, but at least Monique has found something that makes her happy. I'm glad to see my efforts bringing happiness to others deserving of such happiness.

This is why I help others.