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Part 27: Niccolo's Business Unusual: Part 3

So today I learned how to speak Dudbear so that I could help a centaur impress a siren by selling her lamps for him. I...don't think I can really give a better explanation than that.

Duda Bub Bubu. Dubababa Bub. ...Gak! Dud! [Me Huh? Dudbear. Very Huh?. ...Displeasure! Goodbye! - I don't understand Dudbears. I really don't understand any of this...Bah! Anyway, goodbye!]


Guess I'll check in on my new pet.

Definitely seems the sturdy type.

Reminds me of a person I used to know. I'll name it Audrey II so I don't get it confused with Audrey I.

I'm starting to run out of room here, so I might as well get rid of some dead weight.

I'll give you a really good deal for your dear pet! Let me take a look.

Only 300 Lucre? I guess that's what happens when you have a monopoly on the monster market. Oh well, I need the extra space.

Alright, it's a deal.
Fabulous! Here's 300 Lucre. Well, call me anytime!

Yeah, sure.

Guess I'll take my new pet out for a spin.

The spores it emits can cause drowsiness. By hanging close to this guy, I could coat my fists in the stuff and use it to further knock an enemy out.

I guess now that I've explored the city, I could see what Niccolo's up to. He must have a reason for hanging around Lumina of all places.

Huh, is that Pokiehl? I certainly didn't expect to see him here.

Dada Dadda? [Please Lamp? - Would you like to buy a lamp, please?]

[You Greet Night? Little Displeasure Friends Yes! You Yes! - Do you welcome the night? A little misfortune greets friends! You will see!]

...I think he was speaking in a different dialect than what I'm used to.

Right. Niccolo.

I heard a rumor about a psychokinetic Flowerling in the ruins. I have to go see him! Let's go together!
Uh, sure. You really believe this?
Of course it's not real! We have to go prove that!

Somehow I doubt he's being honest.

To the ruins, then!

Don't think I've explored this area yet.

An ancient tower!

It looks remarkable. A shame I don't have the luxury to explore it right now.

Despite this one stating he knows psychokinesis, Niccolo doesn't seem interested in this fella. Perhaps he's searching for a Flowerling with a bit more power.

Oh, gates. How I loathe your very presence.



Just got to find out which way is out of here...

...Nope. That's not it.

Ah, this is the exit!

Hey, I see familiar ground! Just a bit more to go, and...

That Flowerling couldn't use psychokinesis, so he ran away! What a fake!

Yeah, but how did he get away? It looks like he used-

Hey, hold on a minute? Aren't you going to pay me?