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Part 29: The Murmuring Forest

Today's adventure involved exploring a vast jungle, helping a couple of oddballs hunt down a massive gorilla-type beast.

Not really, thanks to this Lilipea guide we had. I ended up stumbling upon one of the Seven Wisdoms, too! He was a massive red beast. And then I worked together with a skinny speedy guy and a massive brute to subdue the beast. Unfortunately, we couldn't get the full reward, but it was still pretty fun. Hopefully the next story I tell you will be just as exciting!


Now that I don't have a hunt distracting me, perhaps I could give the Jungle a bit more exploration. I think there's a few places I haven't checked out yet. For instance, that penguin with Rosiotti said something about her sister. Maybe I should keep an eye out for her.

How convenient!

Didn't the penguin mention the Courtyard of Rain? I haven't been there yet...

The Courtyard of Rain, please.

Wow, that was quick!

Haven't seen that insect before. Has some funky spores, so I better stay clear of it.

You again?

Didn't we do this already?

I guess this is the penguin the other one was looking for. Better report back to her.


Oh, they're both here! I guess I'll see what the other one's deal is.

Do you wanna get rid of, like, the evil spell cast on you?
Will you do me a favor?
I...guess so?
Yaaaay! Okay, like, here's the de-evil-spellifying spell!

I feel less evil...I guess? I don't even know anymore.

The Faeries in this forest have been acting really weird. So, could you try finding out why they're like that?


Yeah, the last couple haven't been that wonderful for either side.

For a Wisdom, he's rather stationary. Then again, so is Gaeus, I guess, but at least he has a good excuse.

Hopefully this "spell" the penguin cast on me will do the trick against these faeries.


We need one with stronger powers to become our queen. Bring the priestess of Gato's temple!

No, Lord Irwin said the priestess is 26.
Has not our lord mistaken her age? That is too young. Our last queen was 28,732 years old.
The new queen is a human. They only live for about 500 years.
Their lifespan is that short?
I hear it is even shorter.

Looks like something's going on over here! What's a nun from Gato doing all the way out here?

Rosiotti should be over to the east of here. He will be able to help her. He is one of the Wisdoms.

Well, I guess she's fine, at least. I wonder who this guy is, though.

When did they become Irwin's henchmen?

Are you talking to me? Because I don't know what you're talking about.

We must not start any wars between humans and Faeries. Avoid any battles, if you can.

Wait a minute! Why are you going further into the forest, then?

I better follow that guy. Something seems a bit fishy with him.

Luckily, the path is pretty straight, and the monsters weak as ever. And I think there's a clearing up ahead.

Looks like a dead end. I wonder what this guy's deal is.

What's going on here?
Just like you, a man came to ask about Lord Irwin a while ago. Lord Irwin has lived in the land of Faeries for the last 10 years. He has the blood of a demon in him, and he possesses absolute power. He will become the king of both world. That is all I will tell you.

Wow, I'm glad someone around here is willing to tell me what's going on!

Unfortunately, I cannot do that. Because...well...

Why am I following this guy, anyway? Oh well, I'll just beat this guy up and figure that out later.

Video: Boss - Punkmaster

Oh, Audrey II, you never cease to amaze me.

Of course, that's nothing compared to my grappling skills.

This guy's a bit tricky, but he's still pretty soft.

And bloody, it seems like.

Right. Better go talk to Rosiotti and Selkie to see what should be done about this demon problem.


So I've noticed.


I...think I'm going to need outside help from this one. Considering I saw a Gato nun earlier, perhaps I should go there soon.

This definitely looks to be a far bigger problem than any I've encountered so far, that's for sure.