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Part 31: Reach for the Stars

I went to the jungle again to look for a penguin. When I found her, she told me about problems with the faeries, so I went to investigate.

Sadly, I didn't run into any faeries, though I did run into an odd man. He warned me not to start any wars with the faeries and then ran off. I tried to follow him, but got stuck at a dead end. I'm actually heading back to the jungle to investigate further. Hopefully it's nothing too serious...


Maybe there's more information about the long-haired man or the faeries here. Or at least some more monsters to beat up. I'm already getting close to mastering the art of my fists, so a bit more practice wouldn't hurt.

Heh! This guy looks rather adorable for how scary he's supposed to be!

I think I'll catch him!

Where'd you go?

Gotcha! I'll have to worry about making room for the fella later, though.

Doesn't look like there's anything new here. Guess I'll go back home and figure out my next plan.


While I should probably investigate Gato, this whole faerie business is getting to me a bit. I think I'll relax with some exploring, perhaps take Lisa along since she's probably getting bored hanging around the ol' homestead.

Something this delicate shouldn't be resting in my pack. I better do something with it.

Desert, huh? Eh, I've been through worse, I guess.

Wow, there's certainly a lot of students here. I'm assuming a field trip from Geo?

This is too much of a shock!
I can't believe this!

How could he do this to us?
The ancient spell book was stolen!

Doesn't look like any ordinary field trip. Perhaps the basilisk woman can fill me in on what's going on.

Ah, yes. Bud and Lisa were students at Geo before dropping out, so it makes sense she'd recognize her.

So it's you! What did you come here for?

Someone bothering you, ma'am!?
Shall we catch 'em, ma'am!?
Let's get 'em!!


This person's not with Mephianse! Stop clobbering everyone you see!

Hah! You don't have what it takes!

He stole an ancient spell book from the school's library. He gathered his students and came here to try out some of the magic. We went to retrieve the book, but the desert is too large. I don't know what to do...

I guess that's my cue.

I'd be glad to help you get this book back.
Hey, thanks! We'll find him sooner if we cooperate.

So I've noticed.

We'll keep track of each other with the students as the messengers. Oh, and watch out... Mephianse's students will give you false info!

Isn't there a better way to do this...?

Eh, I'm used to things being difficult at this point. Better go along with their idea, I guess.

At least this place doesn't seem that difficult to navigate. A bit large, but not as vast as the jungle. Or as confusing.

Well, other than this whole school war thing.

YOU are the liar! She DID come this way to search!
You know that's not right! She came this way!

You're on Mr. Mephianse's side, aren't you!?
You're talking about yourself!

I don't care.


The way I see it, any way is better than this nonsense.

Makes sense there'd be some undead in a place as unrelenting as a desert. Forunately, this also makes them weak to my flaming gloves.

Where is that sand falling from? I can't seem to make out the source from here. Could it be magic from one of the students?

Mad Mallards aplenty here. Still need to be wary of their...odd explosives.

At least Mephianse's students are easy to spot, as they seem to be the only ones wearing green, as opposed to the blue and brown students under Kathinja's care.

You two think you can stop me?


Hey, that tickles!

...Did they even notice I'm walking right by them? Whatever. I've got a job to do.

Yes, sir!
We made them go this way!
That's the RIGHT way, you dimwits!

Yes, sir!!


That's a rather spooky looking face. It's not a match for Lisa's broom, but then hardly anything is.

Oh boy.

This road is closed!
Take another road!
Turn back already!
I'm going through!

You're in trouble now!!
Let's get 'em!

...Really!? This is what I'm facing?

Whew, I made it!

You'd better check your equipment before you go!

If he's anything like his students, I'm not worried in the least.

I'm always ready.
Alright, let's go!


Stop whatever you're doing, and return the spell book!
Oh, that book... I discarded it.
Quite a useful book, I'd say. I memorized everything in it.

That machinery... You're gonna use it to create a star!?
That's not all. I intend to make the stars move as I wish.
No, you're not going to...?
That's right.

Is this guy mad? How did someone like him become a teacher?

I won't let it happen!
Nothing can stop me now!

Video: Boss - Axebeak (2)

Bah! Gotta get back there!

A trap! Guess I'll take care of these guys first!

While they're not dangerous, they certainly are far sturdier than any monster I've faced before, even the big ones!

All I can do is keep wailing on them!

Luckily, I've picked up quite a few tricks from working with my fists!

Got one of them!

Almost got the other one down! Let's finish him off in style!

I'm becoming so good at this that I might as well focus on style. If I can already fight well, why not look great while doing it?

Almost forgot about you!

He blew me out of the desert! We gotta catch up!

Right! Even if he doesn't blow up the heavens, who knows what'll happen when that machine goes off!


Blast, we're too late!



Is this really the ti-Oh wow! Yeah, this mission was definitely a success!